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Z car bumper questions


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I believe it was an option but dealer not factory, like the a/c. The euro bumpers were dif too, they didn't have the vertical bumpers. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure.


The wheel is wood lol, z's are classy like that!!! haha

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i have a z wheel in my truck and it is plastic...so i was told


There have been debates on it in other forums about weather its wood or plastic. It's faux wood impregnated with resin.

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They're called bumper over-riders, and I'm pretty sure they were a dealer option (like 74240z said). They had a slightly different style each year. For instance the bar on the front can vee vertically too.


Those rubber bumper pieces came on all Z's in the U.S. but the Eurospec ones didn't. Lots of guys shave those off and get the holes filled for an even cleaner look.


About the wooden steering wheels, if you can find one from a "Series 1" 240, it doesn't have the cutouts punched in the metal spokes. They are worth a lot to some, kind of like the Elephant oil cap and the "Nissan 2400" cam cover.

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I forgot to add, another rare part to find these days are the original window wipers.


Modern ones are "solid looking" but the OEM's were made of two wires...you guys know which ones I'm talking about? :P

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Hmmmm.... I will have to look and see about the Nissan 2400 cover.


lol I think the last one I saw for sale went for a pretty penny, but if you really really want one I know someone who had one stashed away, wether its for sale or not is another question lol

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lol I think the last one I saw for sale went for a pretty penny, but if you really really want one I know someone who had one stashed away, wether its for sale or not is another question lol


Hahaha..that's ok. I will take my yellow one and play with the L24 valve cover...I am going to try and polish it up like yours. :D

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The 2400 vc isn't THAT much money I mean it just has the same series one mark up as anything else, they did come on every one.


The valve cover with the big "nissan" on it sells for more in my exp, which was never imported. It's my fav as well.

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Oh yeah, if you can also find more "Series 1" 240 parts, here are some more rare stuffs:


  • Center console that has two cutouts for the chokes, has the cigarette lighter next to the fuses
  • A right hand side choke lever that is a mirror image of the LHS one
  • Rear hatch has vertical defrost strips instead of horizontal and has vents below the window
  • Gas filler door has a knob
  • Bumper mounting brackets that "suck in" the bumpers closer to the body


I can add more once I think of them...now I have to get busy for Canby!! :mellow:

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they are extra guard rails for the bumper, notice the back one if you back into something, or someone hits you... at a low speed that bar is over the lights so they wont shatter. the front one is so you dont ding the hood. the 240 bumpers are almost lined up with the hood and depending on how far you pinch the hood right there, opening the hood is a bitch. I learned that the hard way lol... They are a factory option, a mustache bar is different.


The steering wheel is probably impregnated wood... I have one, just got in the car cause it needs a restoration. The ones that look like wood, so the 240 wheels, can't be just plastic, the way mine is worn there is no way, but I couldn't see someone actually thinking a wood one was the safe way to go. I've never seen a broken one lol...

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Are they called mustache bars? Yeah I always thought they were a dealer option.


Mustache bar is what the rear diff mounts to. Just FYI


A lot of those series 1 parts crossed over to 1972 series 2 240's also. I've seen a 72 with the vertical defroster, and another with the gas door knob and earlier center console.


The big thing to look for is the early center console with the throttle lock/fake cruise control.



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