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    I'm not sure if anybody would want this, but wanted to check before I tossed it. It's the power steering gear and linkage out of a 1981 280zx gl. It worked fine when I took it out, I was just upgrading to the power rack and pinion. If anybody wants this, let me know. It's at my folk's place in Mabton Washington and I can arrange for you to pick it up.


    Mabton, Washington - US

  2. Looking for a turbo out of a 280zx that is in functional condition, or an easy rebuild (ie not destroyed). Would take one out of a 300zx too. If anybody has one they want to get rid of, let me know how much you want for it. Thanks!
  3. Yeah maybe I will just take it to that Alamo place. I tried rebuilding the thing myself once, but that didn't fix the oil leaking problem. Pretty sure I didn't know what I was doing. I wanted to just replace it with a new GT series Garrett turbo, but they are alot of money! I just don't think I can spend that kinda dough right now. Especially considering the fact that it would need a little bit of fabrication to make it mate up to my exhaust and whatnot.
  4. I need to get my 280zx turbocharger rebuilt. Does anybody know of a place near Seattle that does quality turbo rebuilds? I found a place down in Kent (i think) called Alamo Turbochargers. They quoted me $350 bucks. I guess that is reasonable, but seems a little high. My turbo isn't it that bad of shap, just oozes oil out while its sitting so I have a nice huge cloud of smoke when i start her up!
  5. Are you guys serious? How do you know they aren't just contrails? Are you an atmospheric scientist? How high were the planes flying? I wouldn't lose alot of sleep over "chemtrails." http://contrailscience.com/contrail-or-chemtrail/
  6. Yeah, anybody who thinks it would be a good idea to kill a cop probably has a few things wrong with their head.
  7. Yeah. I would hate to be a 210 driver right now. It is possible that the 210 had nothing to do with it and was just driving around that neighborhood alot. Weird though. I don't imagine they would have went public with it if they weren't pretty sure. Shouldn't be hard to pull every 210 licensed in the state and check them all out.
  8. i think it is the manifold. Found a very loose nut and tightened it. Doens't seem to do it anymore!! Ha! I was worried.
  9. It's definately not the fan belts. It's some bizarre noise, sounds like air rushing by a small orifice rapidly. It goes away completely when the lifter noise goes away. Oh and I was saying that this new phenomenon has occured since my last oil change was with regular oil. I usually use synthetic mobil 1 and thought I would try something different. Pretty sure I will go back to mobil 1 despite your advice. The type of oil could have nothign to do with it. I was also thinking I could have two entirely different problems. I could have a slight exhaust manifold leak, but I don't know why the noise from something like that would go away. We'll see.
  10. Yes I have the p90a head. It has hydraulic lifters. The weirdest thing is the strange noise under boost! I can't wrap my head around it. Hmmm. Hey Adam, what do you recommend for flushing the engine? Is this what people use seafoam for? I've never had to do anything like that.
  11. Ok I am not super familiar with valve train issues. Ever since I have had my turbo engine in my Z it has made lifter noise (loud and obvious ticking) sometimes right after starting if it has been sitting for a long while. It used to go away and was no big deal. Well now it is making a less obvious ticking noise while driving, usually for only the first 10 minutes or so of driving, and is only really audible under load. If I gun it and get on boost, it makes a terrible squeeling noise, as if air from the turbo is leaking out somewhere or something. As soon as the ticking noise goes away, everything is back to normal. No squeeling noise, just normal boost noises. Of course this is all after trying non synthetic oil for the first time in the engine (since I have owned it anyhow) not sure if the two are related. Any ideas?
  12. Why don't you just get one of those radiators for sale now on ebay? They are about 230 bucks or something. I might get one soon. They are spendy, but look like they might fit quite well. We'll see.
  13. Yeah I really don't like this program too much. I know alot of good old rigs will be crushed. Lots of vg33e's and vg30's will be killed!! It's too bad. But saying that, you might as well take advantage of it if you can while it lasts. I just hope they don't extend it forever. I don't want to be like Japan where there are no old cars around.
  14. I use "nature's cup holder," which is your crotch! Also on my zx, a cup fits ok (depending on the cup) btw the center console and the passenger seat. If you flip down a zx's glove box door, there are two little "cup holders" but only if the car is sitting still and level.
  15. I stopped at the Mexican restaurant by the outlet mall in North Bend a while back and noticed a sign for a z-car meet that would happen there on the 15th of August. Anybody know anything? Anybody going? .....oh wait, I found the info. Its a ZCCW event: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Z-Car-Club-of-Washington/79911002910?v=app_2344061033
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