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  1. That's why it looks familiar!! You're just a few minuets from me. haha I thought I recognized the tranny shop sign :P
  2. I got the same damn problem! They promptly moved when my friends came over in the 73 Challenger, 89 T/A GTA, and the 68 Mustang. It got loud QUICK. hahahaha
  3. So I did some soldering and the unit worked for about 10 min, then it went out again. I guess I'll just have to replace it.
  4. Correct! It's a Kawasaki with turbo and nitrous that's owned by a friend of my dad's.
  5. That's what I was thinking, just needed to confirm. I didn't want to replace the sending unit if I didn't have to, because I can't find one that uses the same resistance as the one I have and It's going to throw off my gauge. Thanks!! --Matt
  6. I pulled my fuel level sender unit on my B310 because my gauge wasn't working, to find that the small wire was broken. (PIC ATTACHED) My question is, can I replace this small length of wire with any size wire, or does it have to be the exact size wire? I don't wanna risk blowing anything up.
  7. Sweet! I like the way you think!
  8. Good idea! Can't go wrong with a few random pics :P
  9. Measures up to 25 1/2 side to side, and the radius from the top is 9 1/4.
  10. Ya know, I kind like that idea! It look's great on the car.
  11. I've pulled everything possible. All fuses disconnected and such. I had the alternator tested and when I pulled it I found a sticker indicating it had been replaced prior to me buying the car. Autozone ran it on their machine and the diode test came back OK, which is what I thought it might be in the first place. The drain is approximately 8.8ma
  12. So I've been chasing this phantom electrical drain in my B310. To start, I pulled all the fuses and still had the drain. I disconnected the signal wire from the back of the alternator and the drain ceased. I pulled the alternator and too it to autozone to have it tested and it came back 100%. I didn't find any short on the harness anywhere. If it stays hooked up, I come back out in the morning and the batteries dead. Any ideas?
  13. Sorry it's takin so long to get back to ya. It's a little rainy and I've been sick. Should be clear tomorrow.
  14. I suppose it's the effort that counts :P
  15. http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Category:Drivetrain_Modifications :)
  16. Measuring about the same point as you there. I'll go remeasure and double check in a few minuets just to make sure.
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