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  1. If you can calculate shipping for me, I could probably do that,
  2. I'm down in Ptown! (Powder Springs) Just up near the Regal 22 I wish I saw that the other day, I probably coulda made it.
  3. Holy CRAP! That's one cool little truck!
  4. Holy crap!! That's the definition of perfection right there!
  5. Ahh well, if you don't like him or think he's reliable, chances are I wouldn't want to buy from him :P I just need more power and fun from my 210.
  6. I got a chick that loves Datsun's :P Shes washes it for me all the time. haha
  7. I'm looking for a nice L series engine for my 210. Anyone got one around the Atlanta area that they want gone for cheap? Doesn't have to be a beauty, just needs to be complete.
  8. Welcome and sorry to hear about your Z. Hope it all gets sorted out. You got one good lookin car.
  9. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but theres a little product called "motor flush" that I use ever few oil changes. It's a nice little thing that you add before an oil change. Just run the engine for a few minuets after adding the motor flush and when you drain the oil, you take a lot of the gunk with it. It's done a nice job of cleaning up my valvetrain on my A15 that was sludged up. It's all nice and shiny now.
  10. haha i can't wait to see the outcome of this..
  11. Deicide is wicked! Gotta love the death metal.
  12. Gorgeous car! Very nice. Although, the rainy season's coming, and I have a feeling were in for another flood, so keel her on high ground!
  13. I see this thread is going down hill fast. to the OP: Hope you get your stuff recovered. Hopefully the idiots don't get away with it.
  14. Be a pain in there ass. They just want to get rid of you, so if you lay down and accept crap they win. Just keep at it until you get what your car is worth.
  15. I'll have to visit a Nissan dealership and see what they can do then =/ I hate buying from Nissan.
  16. Not a problem! I don't need to be spending money anyways. haha
  17. Short and simple: My window seals are leaking and need to be replaced..Everything BUT the front and rear windows. Anyone know where I can get the seals??
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