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  1. I'll have to see what I ca do. The Datto is broken right now. Waiting on a few parts and gotta diagnose an electrical problem. Hopefully it's going to be all sorted out by then so I can get her out. I'm in Marietta. I live right in the middle of all the flooding that we had a few months back. Thanks! I got the bike for free from a friend. Just got lucky I guess. I've spent a total of about $300 on parts getting her where she is now. $200 for 2 CB's is an excellent deal. You might want something a little bit bigger though. Old Suzuki's make great starter bikes, or even a CB450.
  2. With the tibby :) Brothers project. Then; The 73 Honda project with the Datto.
  3. First off, I'd like to congratulate you on your well formed paragraph. Yes my contribution to the forum is minimal, but as I said I am new and I've said you don't have to listen to shit I've said. Either way, I don't think anything you and I say will have any effect so I don't quite understand your hostility.
  4. My grandma wears pants like that. haha Left not the right....... that would be odd. lol
  5. Now, I don't know either of you so I don't know what this whole "love hate" relationship is about, but doesn't it seem pretty harsh? I mean some of the stuff your saying is totally immature and I don't quite understand your need to type certain words in ALL caps. I'm assuming It's to emphasize. Am I correct? And please, don't take anything I'm saying as offensive. I'm trying to keep a middle ground here.
  6. They seem to be reasonably sized engines. Plus, theres a great market for aftermarket parts.
  7. nice score!! she cleans up realllll nice.
  8. Ahh well I din't think of that one... How bout a GM 4.3L V6?
  9. How about a nice healthy V8?? Can't go wrong with a VH45 :)
  10. Where did you get the ignition parts??????? I'm in desperate need for some new parts!
  11. Sweet! I've been looking for an old school meet in Georgia! I've got that list bookmarked and I'm gonna try and make it to each one of those meets. Thanks for opening me up to that!
  12. You may have seen it around before I owned the car. Do you mean the Starbucks meets? Or the Varsity?
  13. Its looking VERY nice so far!!
  14. Yeah I'm siding with you guys on the BS factor here. lol
  15. Congrats on the buy! Hope it turns out easier then you thought.
  16. lol that's exactly where they came from. I got them for $50 a piece from a salvage yard.
  17. haha well that makes me feel loads better! This seems like an excellent forum so I may make this and Datsun1200.com my primaries.
  18. Mine broke yesterday :( Can't seem to find another anywhere. Anyone have an extra one laying around??
  19. Much appreciated! I'm going to try and make lots o' progress for you guys. I'm on too many Datsun/Nissan forums so it will be hard to keep track.
  20. Hell, why not just put an LS9 in the little thing :P
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