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  1. edakotaford

    Silvermine Motors Z car brake upgrades

    sorry for bringing this old thread back, but i wanted to know what size wheels you are running? I am planning to buy brake upgrades for my 510 soon, and have been considering these same kits from SMM. But i am running 14x7 Enkei 92 mesh wheels, and i want ot make sure that they're going to fit prior to buying.
  2. sorry, this is a pretty N00b-like topic... I just acquired a load of A-series stuff, in hopes of saving a few items for myself and planning to sell the rest. I don't own a 1200 yet, but i am hoping to pick one up this year at some point and wanted to collect the pieces to build a good motor. here is the link to my ad: http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/item/8161-truckload-of-a-series-engines-transmissions-and-parts/ bought all of the stuff from Dave Carroll in seattle, many of you may know him. anyways, like i said, i am new to A-series and to 1200's (i've been an L-series 510 guy for the past decade), just looking for some insight and advice on what to ask for each of the pieces. I have sifted through the Datsun1200.com wiki pages a little bit to try and figure some of it out, but some of it can be confusing. also if anyone has any interest, go ahead and contact me! roast away...
  3. edakotaford

    i want to purchase a 1200 coupe... any leads?

    he sold it :/
  4. edakotaford

    i want to purchase a 1200 coupe... any leads?

    i think i may have found one.... had a guy contact me from canadia. i just gotta sell a few more things and do a couple more side jobs :0) looks really nice!
  5. edakotaford

    i want to purchase a 1200 coupe... any leads?

    cool thanks! ill send him a message
  6. looking around for one, i remember seeing a BRE painted one in my area(seattle) a few weeks back but now the posting is gone. Does anyone know the seller? or Does anyone else have one or know of someone that might be interested in selling? testing the waters right now, i already posted a wanted add here and on craigslist, just looking to see whats out there. free beer to cool guys that can get me good leads! My wife works at a brewery in Lynnwood :0) Thanks.
  7. edakotaford

    Feeler: 89MM L20B Headgaskets

    wish i had seen this a few weeks ago, i was looking for an MLS gasket... obviously no one really makes them. I went ahead and bought a NISMO gasket. I am not sure why people are saying that Nismo doesnt make them anymore... i just went to the dealer and had my parts guy order one directly from nismo. it was like $92 after tax and shipping from midwest.
  8. absolutely, i am going to look into that.
  9. datzenmike can probably shed more light on it than I, but essentially it helps make a better seal by more pressure crushed around each of the cylinders. used a lot in high compression N/A engines and turbo/supercharged applications. I am working on a turbo/efi L20b right now.
  10. yeah, i am going to ask around. ive seen that a lot of bmw guys are into the Isky tool though? with good results too. http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1532029-ORings-The-consolidated-thread looks pretty good? the tool is about $300-340 depending on where you buy from.
  11. i know where to buy them, just curious if anyone has done it, how they liked the results, and if they would rent it out?
  12. in seattle area, just finished paying off wolfman for all his L-series turbo stuff! now i need something i can rebuild to throw it all on:0) have a lot of random stuff and a little bit of monies, call text or pm me plz. 425-366-6387
  13. edakotaford

    set of 5-star wheels for cheapo

    make me an offer.

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