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  1. haha pwnage!! Thanks for the opinions guys!!
  2. Your welcome :) And totally understandable as long as we get pictures. Just so you know, car porn is a Ratsun.net requirement so you must have sexy pics of your Z ;)
  3. So, I LOVE the look of fender mounted mirrors, and I want them on my Sunny! But, I can't find a reasonable price on a good set. My question to you is, should I move the factory mirrors up to the fenders or not?
  4. NOOOO not a Ford!! haha jkjk Nice score! I've always wanted one of these things :)
  5. Welcome to Ratsun :) I'm new as well, just joined a week or so ago and I promise you you will be very happy with it. Now... PICS of the car please!!
  6. ok :) Thank you very much!! I LOVE RATSUN!
  7. I'll have to go measure it in a few hours. Parents would MURDER me if I went out at this time to "work" on the datto
  8. ahhhh total creamer!! That's exactly why I HAVE to have them!!! The Z car flares fit without mods? Same size and everything?? This seems too perfect...
  9. Anyone know of anybody that makes them? Or even any that may fit? I love the fit, but I can't find any! And I'd hate to have to fab some myself. (not too good with that stuff) Thanks!!
  10. Cool car :) I almost got one of those when I was in the market, but I descided upon the sunny :)
  12. Helped a friend pull the brakes off his today :) Painting tomorrow!
  13. To an extent that is true. The phrase is more "rice" then the thing itself. I see more kids running around saying "I GOT JDM" or "I ORDERED JDM." Who cares if it's JDM? Buy it and put it on your damn car. If it looks good, it looks good. No need to run around yelling about it. For that matter, I'd rather see a fast car that looks stock then a slow car that looks gay.
  14. easy!! thats bin laden after catching his momma in bed!
  15. Nice! I love cafe racers Got my own cafe project myself. :P
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