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  1. Pacerace

    A Datsun named Baby

    Amazing story!
  2. Pacerace

    1969 Toyota Crown

    I love the big steelies! Are they from a different manufacturer or are they aftermarket?
  3. Pacerace

    Wangan Midnight (movie)

    I have never seen the anime, but the movie was pretty interesting. Anybody have the subbed anime they would be willing to zip and send to me?
  4. Pacerace

    Lets talk paint

    1966 Chevrolet Aztec Bronze might look good on a 510. It changes color in different lighting, and I personally like metallic bronze colors, and have seen a 510 in a similar color and liked it.
  5. Pacerace

    Old mans 521

    Nice truck! I like the fireworks picture idea. I really like the 2nd and 3rd ones.
  6. Pacerace

    620 rocket ship

    LOL, I'm pretty sure that vibration sound is NOT good.
  7. Pacerace

    1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza

    Yeah I plan on adding a head temp gauge, becuase its just good to have in an air cooled car. The only gauge I could find with the high enough rage is a VDO, that reads to 600. I'm thinking I can mount it under the center of the dash. Speaking of the dash, my Retrosound radio has not come yet...hmmm...wonder when my dad ordered it.
  8. Pacerace

    Scored a Z!!!!

    Ooooohh found another Atlanta guy lol. The Z looks to be in decent condition and will be a fun build! I don't know Z's that well and even I knew that carb looked funny on there O.o When you get it finished you should drive over to East Cobb and let me see it! Good luck and have fun with it.
  9. Pacerace

    Rat Rod Project

    Going to be awesome when finished! and do I spy a Pontiac Rally II? With a little spray paint that can be looking good! Before After But then again, it's a ratrod so they probably wouldn't fit if they looked that good!
  10. Pacerace

    1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza

    So today we got the Pontiac Rally II's mounted, but when I went to go test out the new tires the fuel pump gave out..we have a replacement pump, but now it needs an oil change too. Its okay, it probably needed one anyway lol.
  11. Pacerace

    SR520 Total'd Dam ******! PIC'S!

    I didn't know which 520 was yours, but now that I see its that one even I'm devastated. That was my favorite 520/521 of them all, and to see its been hit is just :o . Glad to see you made it though. Did the engine live?
  12. Pacerace

    1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza

    I have seen a LM on the forum I frequent with Camaro tails, but thats the first I've heard that story. Hmmm
  13. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Never good to lose a good guy that shares our love for Datsun's/other hobby's. I'm very curious about the Corvair parts. If you can let me know what you have or give pics of it if you can it would be appreciated. If I can't use it I know a forum full of guys that probably can!
  14. Pacerace

    Oil pan piggy bank

    Someone probably dropped it in there so they wouldn't have to carry it, then forgot to take it out before it was installed. Pretty cool though, I would have been scratching my head.
  15. Pacerace

    1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza

    Cylinder #1 has a blown compression ring or a hole in the piston....It was running so strong! :angry:

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