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datsun garage sale

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so i'm looking for a new place to buy, and i don't think i'll end up with enough space so i'm trying to down size a bit. would there be any interest in such an event? things will be fairly cheap, probably some time in august/ September.


everything from unmarked wiring harness's, carb's, 521, 620, 320, 710, 510, and 520 stuff. mostly j series and L series engines. glass, doors, fenders, beds,interiors, whole vehicles.

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I would attend your datto yard sale for sure!! I will bring PBJ again :D



I got first dibs on the free stuff I want. Nyah! Nyah! Beat ya, Jeff.


Dam I've been working to much to keep up on everything... :D

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I got money, one.


two, I'm all about stock items for my 75, so if you got some gems, let me know. Looking for matchbox dizzy, good stock rims, so let me know what you have. I'm in Redmond.

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Guest DatsuNoob

I'll be there most likely. I gotta check, but I think it might be the same weekend as the Morton Logger's Jubillee. Sorta my annual tradition, but I need a fender and some other stuff. Will definitely try to make it.

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ok i've been getting things ready, i'll have steel and aluminum wheels, 4 and 6 lug, 521, 520 hoods, doors , beds, lots of misc parts for both, one decent windshield 521, lots of different 620 stuff, sheet metal, 510 hub caps, z hubcaps, z turbo exhaust mani, 40mm side drafts, 32/36 webers, glass, wiring, free junk. will have a 620 k/c for sale with title, 2 521's with titles, possibly 3, dogleg 5spd, lots of 4spds, axles, bumpers, engines, dashes, gauges, cabs,tailgates, tail lights, tail gate chains, center consoles, and much more.

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This is my list......although im far from you guys.


Pair of 510 '69 tailights

Starter switch

Light switch knob for 1972 510

Rear bumper for 510 '69

Radiator propeller housing (did I explained myself right?)


thats all for the moment...........dogleg 5spd is my biggest wish, but too expensive to ship it.

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