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Distributor Crossover


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I have a 69 521, HOWEVER it has an L18 engine. I have been looking for a rebuilt distributor as mine is really shot. I ran across one on ebay and their fit chart says it fits a 1974 620 L18 which I believe is my engine. The chart says the same distributor fits the L20 as well. How do I figure out which engines distributors will fit my engine and what are the differences other than obviously a 4 and 6 cylinder dont cross




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I think all L series dizzys will physically interchange but for the wiring. There are earlier dizzys with one or two sets of points. Even early L20Bs had points. Starting in '76, California trucks used a pointless EI (electronic ignition) dizzy featuring a 'remote igniter box' under the dash. I think the EI dizzys use a larger cap than the point ones. In '78 all trucks used them, and in '79 the dizzy was further refined by having the igniter box miniaturized and mounted on the distributor's side. It was known as a 'matchbox dizzy'. It features a much higher output voltage and you never have to change points. I had one on my L20B and never have touched it except to replace the cap and rotor.


The matchbox dizzy in the 280Z car is identical to the 4 cylinder but for the number of cylinders. Say what you will, but it will reliably fire six cylinders to 6,500-7,000 RPM all day. In a 4cyl that's the equivalent of revving to 9,575 to 10,500 RPMs.


A matchbox EI dizzy is an excellent up-grade for any L16 or L18 engine. As far as points dizzys go, one is much the same as another.



Keep the old one for the tests. For a good used one hunt through the wrecking yards looking for


'79 200sx

79 620

'80 720

'79 HLA10 (newer 510)


All will have L20B motors and the distributor you are looking for is this:




Be sure to get the matching EI coil that goes with it. Re gap your plugs to about 0.040" to take full advantage of the hotter spark.

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all L series distributor fit other L series motors. But when you grab one you grab it from the timming cover. That mean you take the dizzy the timming plate and the mount as one set.


The later electronic ignitions meaning the Matchbox type you want to grab the coil that it came from the car/truck so you get the full spark.


However you can use a matcbox with the you point coil and ballaslat resisitor. but you wont get the bigger spark. more or less just a eletronic trigger.


thai is all awnsered

go to olddatsuns.com Jason grays write up on electronic ignitions

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in the reno area a 69 has to pass smog in california 75 or older are exempt and yes in california you have to pass a visual but they dont look at the dizzy at all they just check to see if all the emmisons crap is there

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in the reno area a 69 has to pass smog in california 75 or older are exempt and yes in california you have to pass a visual but they dont look at the dizzy at all they just check to see if all the emmisons crap is there


They do look, just to verify correct operation of the vacuum advance. With that, they can be positive the correct distributor is on the correct model.

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Pertronix conversions is CARB certified.
Pertronix fittings do not change the emission parts (the distributor, the mechanical advance or vacuum advance). Swapping distributors does ... in most (if not all) cases it won't cause the emissions test to fail, except a visual numbers test. I've only heard of California checking that closely.
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I dont see how its that big of a deal.

The vacuum advance?? I guess pop the dizzy to see it works .well really see if its not locked up.


But I had 44 Mikunis on my 510 and it passed emissions. Of coarse if this was a visual I would fail but the old cars have suck a high limiti I just turned the dizzy till it passed. No we dont need to worry about it anyways here in washington for the older cars

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