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85 Nissan 720 4x4 Coolant Temperatur Gauge Removal and Check.

Thomas Perkins

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Hi Ya'll,Happy Friday.Great weather here in Georgia,Ian didn't come here.Got some wind.We'll I got 2 speedometers took apart,one was in my truck,I took the speedo out and put it in another one with a clock not long ago.I was checking out the temperature gauges in both,the one that was in mine has a burnt wire and the other one does not.Mine,the burnt wire one was showing the temperature on the low side compared to what it use to keep.The other one in it now shows it low too.Here are some pictures of the 2 I have apart.I don't know what the one in the truck looks like but the temperature gauge is still on the low side and everything has been replaced.Has any one ever took a temperature gauge out and put another one in it.The two white wires is what I am talking about, one is burnt, that's the one that was in my truck.And they were touching.The white coating burnt off the wire,must of got hot.They were touching.Could this cause the temperature gauge to not work properly.I am going to take my speedometer out of my truck in the morning to check out the temperature gauge wire in that one.I got to find out why it doesn't read like it use too.So if the wire burnt and was touching the other wire,it probably burnt that wire where it was touching causing the gauge not to work properly.Does this sound right.I am going to go look at both wires now and see .I believe that white stuff on the gauge plate is from the wiring burning of the white coating.Where else would it come from.The other speedometer had a  dead bug and debri in it.See how dirty it is.Mine is clean.





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The verdict is in.Long time ago,after I got my truck.My speedometer would go to 35 mph,then drop down.Then one day I hit a deer and my speedometer dial came off.So After I got my truck back from the body shop in 97.I removed the lens and looked at the dial and the round part that connects to the speedometer was cracked and not holding tight causing it to go down after the weight of it brought it down.I never could get it back on so I just drove it that way.Then I started getting yellow oil on my driver side floor mat,it was all under my speedometer and stuff there.It was coming out of the speedometer cable.Then finally it quit coming out.I did end up buying another speedometer off of 720 World but never put it in.I thought if I put it in,then my actual mileage would be gone.So I chose to keep my actual mileage than put it in.The guy sent me 2 partial speedometer's and a cable to something else.We'll he ripped me off,neither speedometer was complete.I did give the odometer to someone on this site for free.Mine does not work.So not long ago,I got them out and decided to take my speedo out and put it in the one with the clock.That is when I found out that I was ripped off.So I just looked at my old speedometer with the burnt wire and it has oil in there.So what happened was the oil got on the wire and what it was connected to and caused it to burn.There is white stuff splattered everywhere from where it was burning the white coating off the wire.,guess it got hot in their,it's all over the gauge plate too.So now the wire won't let enough current go thru it to make the gauge work.It look's like it will be a job to replace.But I will take the speedometer out of the one in the truck to see what them 2 white wires look like.A problem that no one has had or thought it would be.

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I just figured out how to take the temperature gauge out.So easy.The 2 white wires go to a blue one and the other goes to a yellow one.The other ends of the blue and yellow wire goes to a clip that connects to the holder.Just push the end on each side of the clip and it comes out.Then there's a screw you remove and the gauge comes out.So in the morning I will take my speedometer out and install the spare temperature gauge I have.I hope this works.There's nothing else to replace.I will take picture's so if anyone ever needs to replace they can look at these pictures.You can see the clip and the screw in the picture.All that white stuff on the gauge plate is from the coating of the white wire being burnt,the other plate has no white stuff on it.It is on the other wires too. Check out the blue wire.This was caused by oil getting on the blue wire end.When I took the speedometer out that has the burnt wire,there was so much oil behind it and in it.It stained it back there.It was a mess.

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Good eyes Mike.I have the other temperature gauge in.The one I took out look's good.I have not been able to test drive it.I will see on the way to work in the morning.But any way my clear plastic lens is cracked in a few places and some light scratches.I went to a Nissan site and it shows two with different part numbers.I found another site that tells you which is which.Part number 25033-W25510 is for the one's without the clock and only has one hole in it for the odometer.Part number 25033-25W11 is for the one with the clock hole for adjustment.I just recently put my other speedometer in and I had to drill a hole for the clock stem.I looked around for another lens and they are discontinued.So I found a site online that sells Nissan parts in Japan,and they are showing both and which one is for the clock.So I had to send a inquiry on the part I want and they will send me a email in a couple of days if they have it.The price is good at 19.48 compared to our price here for 22.66.The site here says the one for the clock is not made for my 85,I guess clocks didn't come in them.They asked for the chassis number but I didn't give it to them cause of this.But if they only have the one for no clock,then I will take it and drill a hole.But shipping is probably a arm and a leg and I will still get it.

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Never give up.We'll my temperature gauges is reading right now.On the way to work it went above half way up,and thermostat opened up and temperature went to half way and stayed there.So it was a bad temperature gauge.Here is a picture of it after I got into my parking place this morning at work.Hopefully they will have a lens for the speedometer.


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The place that I tried to get the lens from told me that they can not get them.They are discontinued.Here is the reply.

Dear Tommy Perkins,
Thank you for your inquiry.
Unfortunately, 25033-25W11 is discontinued. 
The manufacturer won't produce it anymore. 
We can not find used parts, either.
We truly apologize for the inconvenience. 
If you are interested in any other Japanese auto parts, please feel free to contact us anytime.
We hope to see you again shortly. 


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Check out this guys 85.he just sold it on Ebay.He got 10 grand for it in one day,same color as mine.Check his speedometer out,he has a lot of white specs on his temperature gauge and gas gauge,I did send him a reply on how good it looked and pics of mine.He replied and said mine was cool.Look where is tac is.Love to have them seats.Said he had the truck for only a year.The odometer numbers looks like they were blackened.It has too much work for the little mileage,might have been totaled and rebuilt.

s-l1600 (14).jpg

s-l1600 (13).jpg

s-l1600 (15).jpg

s-l1600 (16).jpg

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15 hours ago, 720_Jeff said:

Which supplier did you try?  Not thinking any other will have a different outcome, just curious.


I've used a few, MegaZip and others.  Usually not so polite.

I used JP-CARPARTS.COM.....never bought anything from them,but reviews are good.They were honest,plus they use pay pal.https://jp-carparts.com/

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3 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:



Searched for 1985, Nissan, Truck, Instrument Cluster

I was just wanting a new lens.The last speedo I bought from 720 World didn't come with a lens and the speedo didn't work.Someone took parts off of it.I was ripped off.But I was able to use the temperature gauge and clock one,so I am good.My lens is okay,but I want a new one.

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Judging by the gauge cluster, that was the absolute base model truck. Probably rare, because it has no options. No trip odometer and that dash looks modified, it’s not like any ‘85 dash I’ve ever seen. Not a bad looking truck, but yours is nicer.

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Thanks.His didn't have a A.C.Here is a picture of his engine.It look's to be missing some stuff.The light that is suppose to be by the clutch master cylinder is gone.Mine works.The coolant tank is real dark.I am on my second one.His fusible link doesn't look like a Nissan one.Mine is oem but not the original.I do have a brand new Nissan spare.He is missing the battery tie down.I think the truck was pieced back together.Mileage don't match the truck.Got mine in 94,and it had 108,000 miles on it and everything was original except the rims,stereo and antenna.The guy I bought if from was the manager of radio shack and he put a radio shack cassette player and a alarm in it.I took it out.That was back when alarms were popular.He also did some rewiring in the fuse box.I have to run a 30 amp fuse in the second fuse spot or it won't run.That is the way he had it.I put the 10 amp fuse in it and it wouldn't stay running.Never could figure that out.Even took it to a foreign shop and they couldn't figure it out.He also was pulling something with it and wired it for that.It had the ball on the rear bumper.I took it off when I got the truck painted.I still have the license plate.Mine is personalized now.I am going to take the black bracket that the coils are connected to with the gold bracket and paint them now.Going to look so good.I will do the before and after pics.

s-l1600 (17).jpg

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w3oB604.jpgI have only seen one 720 in the junk yard here and it was completely stripped.I don't know anything about what types of different parts 720's have.But I do have a extra light with the green wire to it.He got rid of all his vacuum lines.It still has a lot of the stock hose clamps.Do 720's run good with all the vacuum lines gone and no egr.I have a new egr.See that little black box next to washer fluid tank.I keep tools in it.srH4CnN.jpgYr67w5E.jpg


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Most of the hoses are to tailor the engine operation to not produce emissions. It will run the same without them.


EGR is only used above idle, when engine is warmed up and is not active at full throttle so. It modifies cylinder temperatures that create oxides of nitrogen during part throttle use....  has no effect on performance.


Some emissions equipment like the fuel shut off actually saves gas. Under certain conditions when slowing down the throttle is closed but idle fuel is still being sucked into the engine, poorly burned and blown out the exhaust and not used. The fuel shut off system turns the idle cut solenoid off shutting off this fuel. Be careful what you disconnect.


Charcoal canister stores gas fumes from the gas tank and California models also collect fumes from the float chamber and stores them till the engine is running and burns them. Has absolutely NO effect on running.


The PCV valve is also an emissions device that's been around since '62. Keeps the air and roads cleaner and extends oil changes, keeps engine cleaner but has NO effect on running. Engines before PCV lasted about 100k with luck.



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Basic truck no options. For $10k should have option over load with tach and clock, trip odometer, variable wipers, electric windows, wood grain trim on dash. Door cards, shifter boot, 4x4 console, carpet and seats are blah blah. I would pay for original rather than someone else's ideal custom look... lose those speaker in the door too. They are the first thing that gets kicked to shit getting out.  Otherwise exterior 'look' great!


Do a VIN search for vehicle damage history.

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