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  1. I think I'd also check Row52.com. There are a couple of Datsun 4x4 720's out there. Couple in WA. You might be able to guy someone nearby to see if the part is still on the truck. Row52 also seems to have a 'puller notification' service. Maybe by putting out a request, someone might do it for ya.
  2. Great point! Thankfully mine has been passing, I'm sure there's always room for improvement.
  3. Which Cat did you buy/use? Those numbers seem to be insanely low!
  4. I believe I bought one of these a few years ago, and worked out just fine. Can't recall the part number. Do recall, it was a lx555 or lx556. Some of them are repackaged Hitachi's, which is what came with Nissan's back in '85. Googling the part number, the pics I found were 4 wire for the lx555 I'd definitely buy it. You can go to the junkyard, don't know the situation near Seattle, here in SoCal, that kind of stuff is never on the truck by the time one gets to the junkyard, unless you are one of the 1st there. Here in SoCal, there has been very few 720's in the
  5. This truck is totally stock. It must pass visual and does since its all stock. A few years ago, replaced spark plug wires. This time did cap/rotor,plugs. Oil was changed around 1k miles ago. Since it sat for such a long time, maybe 3 months due to Covid conditions, it sputtered a bit when driving. Some SeaFoam and a few tanks of premium along with mostly highway driving. I'm in California, so every two years 😞
  6. Adding my last two reports. Results are very similar, so pleased about that. For the 2019 test, I did absolutely nothing. Just drove it in and tested. This year, changed cap/rotor/plugs, it was about time and nearly identical reports 🙂
  7. MGTS, if you can, post a copy of your emissions test. Interesting to see how it actually tested out.
  8. I think what you have in the picture with the cable that has two connectors coming from it, is the cable that plugs into the Oil/Battery gauges. Here is a pic:
  9. 720_Jeff

    more carbs

    Charlie, that is exactly what I've seen as well. Seen a large number of trucks, either junkyard or classified ads, and that is the way it seems to play out. I have yet to see a non 4x4 with a throttle body. Not saying it never happened, just saying, haven't seen it. Could be, that those throttle bodies were prone to needing repairs, so they just got junked instead?
  10. Rodeo seats are nearly 100% bolt in. 1st, put the bolts into the rear holes, can't recall, you may need washers if using original bolts. On the front, you will need washers, otherwise the original bolt head in my opinion doesn't have enough meat to hold onto. Put the bolt in, and you can bend the overhanging track back to the 'hump' as you tighten the front bolts. That's it, nearly plug/play, an ever so slight bending of that front overhanging track.
  11. Looks like dealer retail pricing, if actually available is 235. Can be had on NissanPartsDeal for 173 plus shipping.
  12. I haven't bought anything from nengun, but have purchased plenty from some of the others. What you will find, the parts are listed as available on their website, you commit to purchasing and will be told it is NLA. You will find, even the domestic dealers, such as NissanPartsDeal do exactly the same. Purchase 10 different parts, you'll be told 8 are NLA and only two are available.
  13. 720_Jeff

    720 World.com

    Perhaps. According to Cory, think he posted on FB, Ning his service provider no longer has a backup/export function. I looked around and didn't find anything promising. Seems, Ning is holding its customers/communities hostage 😞
  14. 720_Jeff

    720 World.com

    The site was supposed to be turned down at EOY, 2020. It got extended to EOM of January 2021. The cost didn't bother me, $5/yr, very cheap. It was more the lack of an instant way of obtaining a subscription. He somehow had a beef with PayPal, and stopped accepting PayPal for payment. Ning is a fairly expensive provider. Sounded like around $500/yr. Too bad the site couldn't be ported to something more econimical.
  15. I think the online junkyard search that datzenmike is speaking of https://row52.com/Search/?YMMorVin=YMM&Year=&V1=&V2=&V3=&V4=&V5=&V6=&V7=&V8=&V9=&V10=&V11=&V12=&V13=&V14=&V15=&V16=&V17=&ZipCode=&Page=1&ModelId=1580&MakeId=113&LocationId=&IsVin=false&Distance=50
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