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New 720 inspired Nissan truck

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The basic bones of this truck is already on the lot at your local Nissan dealer (well it was just before I quit that job). The PRO 4X had a sticker price at about 45Kand a base model came in at about 35K (IIRC).


I agree with angliagt's statement above.

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On 2/12/2022 at 2:13 PM, bilzbobaggins said:

Id guess no.


Imagine if a company still made a small truck.  A vehicle that could still do truck things but get decent mpg.


Here in my region (SouthAmerica) that type of trucks you described is the vast majority on the roads. 

Fuel is too expensive and bigger trucks means bigger maintenance costs...

Very few "full size" trucks are sold. (I.e. Ram, Tundra, Titan, etc) 

We even have what you call "mini trucks".

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                             Could you send some our way?

 I saw a newer Ford Ranger the other day.Bigger than

my '95 Dakota.About the same size as an older F100/F150.

       A guy I work with bought a new Chevy truck.I had to

kook on the tailgate to see if it was a Silverado,or a Colorado.

It was a Silverado.They're both almost the same size.

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