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  1. Genaro

    What did you do to your truck today?

    Hi guys/girls! I was having issues with the temp indicator, checked the gauge, the cable, the connector, fuse box...but the only problem was bad contact to ground, so if happens to you check it first. Sender its original 1980, and works great... Window handle got broken by a friend, and i was lucky enough to get the last original one in the Nissan store i buy from... Yesterday i installed new shock absorbers, it drives much better now... Strange how one doesnt perceive how tired shocks are until installing new ones... Cheers..!
  2. Genaro

    720 LED headlights Osram 6x4

    I could do a parallel installation and leave the original as it is now... but yes, it will take time ... i will keep searching for something like Charlie said... plug & play. I want to say that another objective is to save the original sealed beams from rocks , where i live most of the roads are of gravel and dirt. And those lights are completely unobtainable. Thanks for all replies.!
  3. Genaro

    720 LED headlights Osram 6x4

    I didnt considered that option... Thing is that a colleague will bring them from the Us to Mexico where we are working now, and im trying to get the lights in one closed package with one purchase bill for him to have it easier to get in the minesite and for me to take it out of the camp through security check. And also trying to shave some wattage on the system... Back in my country Argentina i couldn't find 4x6 housings that fit the lights frame and i dont have too much time these days to DIY something... i though that this kit couldnt be worse in performance than the original sealed ones. Actually i dont use the truck lights, in town i use two 10 watt leds and a 6" single row Rigid hyperspot as high beam. Bad thing about the 10w leds is that they are Fog pattern... Thanks for all the replies!
  4. Genaro

    720 LED headlights Osram 6x4

    Hello guys ! Is there anybody here that installed these LED "osram" headlights on a 720 Datsun ? https://www.amazon.com/COWONE-Rectangular-Headlights-Replacement-Freightinger/dp/B0748DDYRN/ref=sr_1_2?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1517264231&sr=1-2&keywords=4x6+led+osram My concern it that they say 4.25 x 6.62 inches. I did a search but couldnt find results... Thanks in advance !
  5. Genaro

    What did you do to your truck today?

    A little present for my minitruck... Rising sun vinyl...
  6. More firewood from a damaged tree, wind storms are getting worse year after year... And a little one hand or trimming chainsaw that works really good and costs almost 200 bucks Cheers guys!
  7. Genaro

    What did you do to your truck today?

    Hi, Removed the alien electric fuel pump and installed an ALT but mechanical one. Electric one was flooding my carburator's little tank. Now i will have to use another anti-thieves system, since i was using one of the led lights relay to energize the pump..
  8. A terrible wind storm splitted one of our oldest pines in two... The little Datsun keeps being helpful to me, i was a good purchase..!
  9. Thanks Charlie! The bumper came from factory, i've seen them in other southamerican countries...maybe it is a regional market's stuff..? But to me they should have installed the front bumper chromed corners also, they are made of plastic. I guess these particular batches were made of whatever parts they have available at that time...hahaha..! Sorry for the dog's crap behind..!
  10. Thanks Crash..! Im using a Windowsphone now and it doesnt make it any easy to post pics...hahaha..!
  11. https://s4.postimg.org/4lu7gj0fx/WP_20170628_006.jpg
  12. Genaro

    1979 Datsun Bluebird 180B INFO request

    Thanks guys..! i was a little confused because i did not find pictures of cars with the exact front grill/bumpers as the one that i posted... Looks like it did not came with the L18 engine there in N.America. I will keep searching for info to see if it could be a good purchase, my main concern is that spare parts are hard to find here in Argentina. Cheers ! This is the seller's publication: http://auto.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-659538942-datsun-nissan-para-coleccionista-impecable-_JM
  13. Hi, i'm researching about this Datsun because i might buy it, but i cant find how its named there in N.America... because there is not much info about these cars here in my country and i use this site and others for info. This particular one haves an L18 engine (same as my 720 truck) & auto tranny... i would like to know what differential it may have and any other relevent info about it. Owner says it have 25.000 miles, price is around 8k. Thanks in advance! =http://postimage.org/][/url] imagenes gratis subir fotos a internet
  14. Genaro

    What did you do to your truck today?

    I haven't installed it yet... Like if it was in a time capsule for many years, i've found this glovebox lid on a sales site... price? u$17 ...hahahaha...! It could be the last brand new one here in Argentina. Really happy with the purchase..! subir imagen Please correct me if my english is not good, it will be highly appreciated.
  15. Genaro

    85 720 Coolant

    Thanks for your answer..! I will keep using the organic 50/50 mixture then... PS: Walmart here is named Walmart... they reached this remote area of the globe too..! Hahaha...!

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