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cali legal cat

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Hello Gents / Gals , x-mas is over and this weekend my catalytic conferter started playing jingle bells ! I want to buy one to "bolt-up" to my stock exhaust system . i saw some but they say they are not carb compliant and don't ship to California . where can i buy one for my truck ? the  rattling is driving me nuts ! Butter Fingers 

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Hi Butter Fingers,my cat got clogged up and it restricted the air flow and cause caused my head gasket to blow.So here we don't have to have one so mine is gone.Read this before you buy that Rock Auto one.Cali  will check the numbers to see if it is the right one.Rock Auto cats are not made for Cali.

What is the difference between California and federal catalytic converters?
CA for instance does not distinguish between federal and CARB standard vehicles. If the vehicle is registered in CA, it requires a CARB certified converter. These converters are labeled with an Executive Order (EO) number that verifies it has been approved for sale and/or installation in CA.
Why are California catalytic converters so expensive?
Your catalytic converter is expensive because it needs rhodium to reduce smog levels. Rhodium, at its current value, is extremely expensive which makes using it in a catalytic converter expensive. To make up for their cost, manufacturers have to increase the price of the catalytic converter.https://www.smogtips.com/cat.cfm. You may have to go to a muffler shop.
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Check this out.

California Approved Converters



Beginning January 1, 2009 California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) changed the law pertaining to all aftermarket catalytic converters for the California market.


This new law firmly states that the California EO Number (Executive Order) must physically appear directly on the converter.  The basis of the new law is explained below.  We at Discount Converter are updating our database almost on a daily basis to bring online these new numbers.  Even though you may not find your vehicle in our database...WE CAN STILL HELP YOU!  Following is the procedure to find a California approved Catalytic Converter for your vehicle:

  1. Follow this link to our database to look up your vehicle and find the cat for your car.  If we have an California application in stock it will be listed in RED!
  2. If no listing is found for your vehicle it still may not mean there is no listing for your car.
  3. Give our sales department a call and we will make every attempt to find you a California approved unit at a discount price. 
  4. We have a strong technical department and they can help you in figuring out any problems with the vehicle.



New C.A.R.B. requirements for Aftermarket Catalytic Converters in California.

New C.A.R.B. regulations (effective 1-1-09) change the requirements of aftermarket catalytic converters sold in CA. The new regulations require that catalytic converters meet low emission vehicle (LEV) standards, a significant improvement in performance over the current generation catalysts.

These new regulations are limited to catalysts sold in CA, and do not effect catalysts sold in the other 49 states.

In addition all aftermarket converters sold or installed in the state of California must bear an Executive Order (EO Tag) stamp issues by CARB (California Air Resources Board).

Discount Converter, Ltd. will be able to provide CA legal catalysts for the California market that meet all C.A.R.B requirements as they are approved by the California Air Resources Board.


Q: Under the new regulation will my old pre-OBD II converters pass smog?
A: Yes, as long as it was installed before 1/1/09 and the vehicle meets the applicable emissions standards.

Q: I assume with a higher performance converter comes a higher price, what is the benefit of this additional cost?
A: C.A.R.B. studies have shown that by 2012, they expect to realize a decrease in emission levels of HC by 10,600lbs per day*, and NOx by 62,600lbs per day*. In addition, a potential reduction of CO by 102,600lbs per day is expected to be realized.

California has been through new C.A.R.B. regulations before, and the end result will be short term inconvenience and long term air quality improvements.


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The question is... can running without one cause the emission numbers to be bad enough for a fail. If it runs clean enough the converter weather working or not does not matter. All that really matters is that the shell is the correct one for the visual inspection. I doubt very much that they take it off and look inside. Take a chance and run it through with the old one. If it passes...... it passes.


Get the EO number off another 720 and stamp it on yours.

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i appreciate your guys humor . last month i passed smog finally ! to give you an update , i had replaced almost all the tune-up parts on the truck  except the little filter in the electric fuel pump . i had read so many horror stories on Ratsun about such a simple job that it was the  last part changed , i sprayed on some WD 40 and got some courage . (its my only form of transportation at the moment )i put the socket on the bottom and spun it off easily . the filter and magnet didn't look bad but i installed a new filter and rubber seals . Bingo , the truck ran better ! so much better that i started advancing my timing that i had retarded to stop the pinging and laboring at low RPM 's while up-shifting .(with premium gas )the result is amazing ! my truck is flying on the freeway and has picked up some serious attitude for a tired , hi mileage mini-truck . moral of the story , don't  ever give up ! Butter Fingers 

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CA smog laws are more about part numbers than actually passing the sniff test. But there are ways around the laws, or loop holes really. There is a bylaw that states something about the cost of repairs exceeding $1500 or some number like that. You can get a waiver for that. Also, if parts are obsolete, ie - unavailable, you can get a waiver for that too.


Call the CA BAR Referee hotline and ask them if you qualify.

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Great job...Nissan's run forever...I did the same thing in 2018.I also have a extra fuel pump.I also changed all the fuel lines their and clamps.Also check distributor cap and rotor.Get them from Auto Zone,lifetime warranty means you can replace every year for free.I do...Most of the stuff under my hood has lifetime warranty.Check your fuel line at the passenger side coming up to carb.I replaced mine not long ago,was leaking.




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Have you been re torquing the head bolts every year????


Setting the timing to it's proper advance will increase efficiency and power. I guess the gasket was on the edge of blowing and this just pushed it over.

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I always send my head to the machine shop.They also check and adjust the valves,They also clean the outside of the  head.I always,change the oil and filter,install new spark plugs,install new thermostat and gasket and install new antifreeze.Check the timing.Install new valve cover gasket and end pieces.Wow Butter fingers,when my cat got clogged it caused my head gasket to blow too,It blew between cylinder 3 and 4,my plugs there were bad.The back pressure caused it.Jack put it all back together and realized something was wrong and tracked it to the cat coming apart and clogging it up,so he removed it and no more cat again,When I bought it,the cat was gone,my dumb ass put one on it and it was costly since my head gasket blew.

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Thanks for everyone's input . my motor was living on borrowed time with over 300,000 miles ! i was able to make it run better than it had since i bought it 2 years ago . i got all the bullshit figured out (smog) so a fresh engine will be very enjoyable to drive . Then Mike I will go on your once a year re-torque plan , I promise . Butter Fingers 

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