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  1. what was wrong with the original ? butter fingers
  2. i may have one for you . i need more information . length , etc . butter fingers
  3. hi , send me a length measurement of the shaft , measure center to center on the shaft u-joint please . butter fingers
  4. i know Madkaw knows his way around a 4x4 . what ball joints do i buy for my 86 4x4 ? i see some cheap ones out there but i want quality . thanks , butter fingers
  5. that's cool guys , i snagged an antennae last week . its the pillar mounted kind . funny thing was it came off a 4x4 and was on the passenger side . mine is on the drivers side ! keep the picking stories coming please . its fun to hear of the treasures we find and the prices we pay sometimes . lol /butter fingers
  6. hello fellow junk yard dogs , i have been very lucky the last 2 years finding and picking parts off 720's . even though recently a very clean 6 wire carb was misplaced at a yard and missing (bum luck) . i want to hear of your guys best picks and the prices you paid . all parts large and small are welcome ! keep on picking , butter fingers
  7. in 1983 i started working in the warehouse of a janitorial company . Gary the owner joined dick barber and purchased performance datsun in san diego . we had a fleet of ragged 620's for our floor crews . we were buying the first 720's for our managers to drive . Gary was a co- sponsor with the infamous JDavid and together with John Fitzpatrick racing team raced a Porsche 935 and 956 then 962 cars to many wins and championships . i was in the right place at the right time and got to pick up the new 720's and drive them brand new !! i went to my fair share of endurance races too . i even went with Gary to indy in 1989 . lucky me , butter fingers
  8. Boy , you are killing it Mike . did the california 84 truck have the 6 wire carb or just 85 and 86 ?
  9. good point Mike . i was wondering about the placement of rear shocks . my 80 4x4 which was stolen had the rear shocks mounted on the back side of the rear axle . my '86 has one in front and one in back . what can someone teach me about that .
  10. hey , there is an '84 here in san diego . i will look for you . butter fingers
  11. you guys are clearing the air , thanks . can i remove the dash pot thinga ma jig from the carb ? i keep crude notes but i have documented the 4x4 runs a #111 primary jet and a #170 secondary jet , i also have in my notes that the 2 wheel drive runs a smaller jet. any knowledge on that ? appreciate your help !
  12. my real question is ..... can i run the carb on my manual trans from the auto trans ? silly to think there is much difference other than the dash pot . can that be removed or disconnected ? another thing is my truck is a 4x4 and the carb is off a 2 wheel drive . i remember reading of a jet size difference between the two . thanks
  13. okay , i need to be better in the future . my build date is august of '85 . sorry for the confusion . this dash pot thing is new to me . can you elaborate on it and can i run the carb on my truck without any problems ? thanks again !
  14. butter fingers

    more carbs

    i had a long story and some how erased it . the important question is : on a 85 or 86 california truck with the 6 wire carb is there any difference in the carb between a manual and auto trans ? silly question i thought , but i had to run it by you guys first . the man in the wrecking yard said the the buyer of the motor/carb package could not use the carb because it came out of an auto and he had a manual . i giggled and said ... okay . carb is clean and oem for $100, Butter Fingers
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