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DGRfab 521 SR20DET

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UPDATE PAGE 11! ***video***


UPDATE PAGE 14! Brakes plumbed!


Take one slightly warmed over daily driven 521:




Find a bad-ass fab shop:




Shake things up a bit:








Fitment issues:


1. stock exhaust manifold and T25 fit, but to clear the steering column the wastegate has to be clocked down slightly and the wastegate rod lenghtened about 2.25" to reach.


2. smaller alternator has to be fitted to clear the steering "idler" arm.


3. new tranny tunnel in cab has to fabbed to cover the new hole to fit the tranny.


4. a custom driveshaft with SR20DET slip welded to the 521 driveshaft.


5. custom steering link to clear oil pan (final piece will be done soon so no pics of it yet)


6. stock turbine elbow won't fit as the flange contacts the upper control arm (Dan's making a custom turbine back 3" downpipe to clear which will fit my power goals nicely). Even if the elbow doesn't hit the UCA, the downpipe would run right through the frame judging by the angle the elbow outlet would sit bolted up.


7. battery has to be moved as the the tray/battery contacts the intake manifold (I'm using a dry cell mounted in the bed under the fuel evap cover).


Pics of mounts:


***temporary steering link until GReddy oil pan is installed and a custom link can be fabbed to clear***









Driveshaft with SR20DET slip on 521 shaft:





Megan Racing Intercooler (could of used a smaller one just to fit behind the grill, but that would've been too easy :D)






Dan working his magic with the charge pipes:




Dan burning some wholesome goodness into my cold pipe:




new oil pump installed:




new clutch and pp:




DGR custom wiring harness (immaculate!):





Parts be fitted next:


Griffin 24"wide (edge of end tank to edge of endtank) x 15.5" tall radiator





Truck should be fired up tomorrow!!!!!!!


*Big THANK YOU to Dan and Daniel at DGRfab! Originally, I was just getting them to do the mounts and driveshaft, but a crazy work schedule, lack of a spare car, and cancer in the family made it hard for me to do all this on my own. DGR are just as excited as me and used up their spare hours from their other projects to finish up the swap.


*THANKS to Roy for letting me borrow his car else I wouldn't been able to go to work, lose my job, and not be able to pay Dan :)

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Some fun shop project pics until I visit tomorrow to get more updates. As you can see these guys are a top notch shop and put out some amazing quality work. They like to do it right the first time around...:




510 getting a SR20DET, cage, and bay shave:




510 wagon getting Dan's "old" KA ITBs:




510 wagon with SR20DE:





Daniel's 510 4 door. Something looks suspicious behind that grill ;):




freshly powdercoated Bluebird tailights going on Daniel's ride:



Powdercoated or gold cad plated parts they use on customter's projects:



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That is some sweet fab work thats for sure. I'm amazed at how much factory stuff cleared. With the factory manifold and all, wow. Your going to need some disk brakes on that for sure :D Nice wiring to :)

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2eDeYe;11107'']Any more info on fitting that brake booster setup?


After driving Brandon's rig, I really wanted to recreate the same pedal feel of a boosted set-up. That and I'm a total brake whore. :o


After some measurements, there really didn't seem a way to fit a decent sized booster (521 engine bay is soooo much narrower than the 620's). I also like to "tuck" things too :D.


The Kugel Komponents pedal assembly fits just right behind the gauges with the same as stock pedal length and clears everything, BUT the following looks like they will have to be removed:


1. heater core (I'm going with a Vintage Air mini gen II evaporator a/c kit fitted where the parcel shelf once was; San Jose summers own me :().


2. parking brake handle (I'm going to do a floor mount on the tranny tunnel).


HOWEVER, these are just what I got from measuring. I'll post pics when I do the actual install as soon as I get my truck back from DGR (I find that measuring always ends up differing from actual fitment :P ).


I'm also debating on having remote reservoirs mounted in the engine bay or keep it all under the dash. Maybe do a "quick release" for the dash top for easy maintenance of the whole assembly...


I got the assembly from here:



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Charge pipes about done (just need to weld BOV flange and a couple minor tweaks). Radiator and intercooler mounted:







521 fuel tank with Walbro 255 lph (don't mind the fuel lines; they were just there so they wouldn't get misplaced):




some more shop project fun:




Daniel's shaved and polished valve cover in progress:




The back lot. The boat may get a Skyline motor (YES, THESE GUYS ARE CRAZY :D )




It's getting very very close. :cool:

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Should smoke the tires till 3rd.. what alternator is being used Subaru? and can you take a pic of the bracket adjuster


Yes, lotsa smoke. We all need to get together and have some company do a run of LSDs for a decent price (cheaper than switching to a narrowed Ford/Toyota/RX-7 rear end anyway).


Probably going to use a Subaru alternator or a small tractor one. Hasn't been mounted yet so no pics so far. Dan's done 'em on a bunch of other projects so I'll see if I can snaps some pics of those tomorrow. If not, my truck will be done this week so I'll take pics of my set-up...

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Im just amazed at the fact that the manifold and turbo cleared the steering column..


When I first brought the truck, Dan went and ordered a JGS manifold thinking we had to do a custom topmount to clear. When the motor was mounted, Dan was like "Hey! The stock mani fits!" so we decided to stick with it...

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no shit id never think it would clear i think the 620 will be alot easier to accomadate the stock SR mani and turbo and wastegate


I think it'll fit in a 620 no problem (probably with no mods to the wastegate). You might even be able to use the stock Silvia/240sx alternator. When Brandon and I had our two trucks sitting next to each other, we were amazed at how much wider the 620 bay was...

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Looks good man. i do not like the way the air meter is though. cant you face that downwards at all or place it in the fender well? also are you going stock rom or modded rom for the ecu. I recommend going BadBiki Rom. its excelent for tuning and rom files are everywhere on the net. It also have a usb interface for direct tuning of the ecu. Also on the LSD seems like the Thread i started in the truck section located new lsds for our rear ends for 400-500 range....

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Looks good man. i do not like the way the air meter is though. cant you face that downwards at all or place it in the fender well?


Yeah, we're still tweaking the intake pipe. It's so tight to find a spot and still keep the location (going down hits the steering box) of the MAF and filter practical for maintenance and wet weather driving since this is my one and only car. Hmmm.. might be an excuse to drop the MAF, pop the filter directly on the compressor, and go tune by a custom MAP sensor :) Or buy a beater! :D If only weddings didn't cost so much... :(


I recommend going BadBiki Rom. its excelent for tuning and rom files are everywhere on the net. It also have a usb interface for direct tuning of the ecu


Going to run the stock ECU for a little bit as I work out any bugs (& pop in some other parts like disc brakes, a/c, anti-theft, steering, etc.). I have an S-AFC that I'm going to wire up (if I keep the BOV vented open) and just up the boost to maybe 11-12psi. Can't really go too crazy yet as the rear end can supposedly only handle about 200whp. Thanks for recommendation about BadBiki; can you tune in realtime with it?

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