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Electric power steering


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On 11/22/2020 at 11:02 AM, ]2eDeYe said:


Pics of your score?

If you still want pics of my parts. I will find and photo the unit. Below is the information I used to determine  parts needed. I prefer to have more information than less and read most of the posts in the provided links. (There is much duplicated information, but each link contains, a post or two, with new insight.  A positive result of the information overload, was learning about  the $35 dollar- no ebay module setups. There are more EPS vehicle donors (besides the correct year Prius) listed in the provided links, I searched around for the Prius EPS as it has been proven and tested. However, some of the other listed donor EPS vehicles have good qualities, I am thinking of the Toyota Yaris EPS, with bigger gears, it looks stronger.

A final note: I found a "mom and pop" salvage yard for the good deal. Corporate salvage yards, even in Idaho, are  wise to this swap and charge $100+ for the required parts.(which still isn't a "bad" deal. The businesses that offer an electric power steering conversions, charge thousands.








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I missed one,


(I can't get it to link, but I checked the address and it worked)

This link includes 4 youtube videos about the conversion that I found helpful.


After recon of the local salvage yards and identifying vehicles that appeared to have, what was sought, I Googled the repair manuals for the year and make of the vehicles and put the diagrams of part location on my phone.

Even with the prep work it required 3.5 hours to get the items. Working munched under the dash is not fast work. One nice thing about the Prius, I was able to remove the steering wheel without a special puller


Here is a low quality home video, showing the location and steps to remove the control module needed for  the conversion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm4p2rKToK8





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