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  1. Ok,I need some help on this one. Who is she looking at? Is there a new app that allows individual eye movement, like a lizard? What's with the charcoal ring around her lips? Has she been huffing black paint? I feel bad for her, because being deployed sucks, and it must suck triple without friends. Even a "sorta" friend would have stopped that picture. "Don't post that picture girl, if you turn it sideways, then your lips look like a puffy butt hole..."
  2. Dammit! Did Manson do that? Guess it just goes to show, there are no more heroes.
  3. I was responding to the post about the shooting of the man in Idaho Falls. We are in agreement about the gentleman continuing to fight, while restrained. I lack sympathy for adults, who lack the skill or mental acuity to realize there is a time to fight and a time to surrender. I do not want those who enforce law, to have "bad ass guns". I do not want to be subject of an "occupying force" masquerading as police. I would prefer police return to revolvers. It is sickening when a police shoot out occurs and dozen of rounds are fired, with no or few causalities, which equals dozens of opportuniti
  4. It made news here locally. A weird thing is happening in Idaho (likely other places, but I do not have experience anywhere else) While there has not been a dramatic increase in crime (with the population boom, I am sure that will change), local police are getting "hand me down" equipment and soldiers, from the overseas conflicts. The reality is that being a police officer is not more dangerous, statically, it is much safer. But, the media, both "news" and entertainment, hype violence. The police have been handed a bucket of hammers and every situation looks like a nail. Then again, the build u
  5. So, how bad is it? Bad enough, that me and this guy are on same side. Hell, his rhymes are clever, he probably has a quick wit, I could like this guy. The Manson "X" is too high, maybe it conflicted with the nose bridge piercing.
  6. What am I watching here? Are these guy's queuing up and hitting a choice spot like rock crawlers? At first, I was bummed; I thought there are so many people moving to Idaho that there are lines on the Salmon River. I haven't been to Salmon in the spring/summer (tourist season) for a really long time.
  7. I built one in the late 80's, that was a 10ft decagon, upholstered in black velvet. Missionary sex on it was like playing handball against thick window drapes, but it matched my frame less Department store, Nagel prints and missionary is boring.
  8. I love it. Back in the day, Idaho would have championed this type of legislation. I would still like it made law in Idaho, but as Democrats flood my, soon to be trashed State, I worry.
  9. After posting, I realized missing the Gipper. I fought with this one, before writing. Reagan was the first president, who received my vote. I can't be sure if my good memories from that time are based in fact or looking at my youth through rose colored glasses. As a president, I would put him at the top of the list. As for someone to meet, I would expect him to be courteous, friendly and professional. The kind of man, who dresses sharp, even at home on his days off. I am torn, with the unfounded belief that Obama, would be more relaxed, or present as relaxed, and encourage a free flowing discu
  10. I have my own, tweaks, on the list, of who I would to meet, but find no fault in your reasoning. Sometimes (and given the continual decline of discipline and accountability, my thinking will soon be declared evidence of underlying psychosis) qualities, of those I wish to spend free time, and qualities necessary for effective national leadership, conflict. My first choice, within the parameters of the question, would be: 1. Obama. I didn't vote for him. I don't agree with a majority of his presidential actions, but either he is a highly polished liar and/or he has genuine cool, whic
  11. Abolishing the electoral college will accelerate the Communist takeover. As someone who currently lives in a "conservative " state, that is being overrun by new immigrants from "liberal" states, who are dead set at bringing their ideals; the same ideals that drove their states to ruin. Realize that Biden's immigration policy has secured the democrats millions of votes. Votes purchased by the democrats at the cost of lowering the standard of living for the majority of Americans. I do not wish to engage in a "breeding war" for power. As for solutions, this one is easy. The "Wall" was simplistic
  12. Ahhhh you lost me. I get serious about tech stuff only when forced and the last time I took the plunge was almost a decade past. It is time to start reading up on it again, but damn, I don't want too, it offends my laziness. So, what are you saying? What did I get wrong?
  13. This comment is another tangent, about the destruction of my country. The "Equalizer" series is being rebooted, with Queen Latifah as the star. Now, I am neither surprised nor upset that the title character went from a white middle aged man to a black middle aged woman. I have always liked the Queen. I do not take issue with a fifty-year old woman, with the strength and speed to dispatch multiple male attackers, television can have a little fantasy. BUT, the only reason I watched the Equalizer, in the past, was the satisfaction at the end. The title character would kill the bad guys. He d
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