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  1. Thank you for the replies gentlemen, The mirrors I was referencing turned out to be "universal". The three point are H3751 or two point H3721. Once again, the Ratsun Brain Trust to the rescue!
  2. One that slipped through the cracks or is a question that was too dumb to answer. I am hopeful it is the former and bumping myself
  3. Cobra transmission sells seals for the T100L transfer case. It takes 3 to replace them all. The do not carry any other seals for the Nissan transfer case. https://cobratransmission.com/BW1361-Seal-334076
  4. The gal in the second couple.....I'd learn one of these silly ass dances, to boogie with her
  5. Posted above is an example of mirrors, that I am calling "three point of contact mirrors"
  6. The side mirrors on my 720, I don't like. The mirrors on the truck are plastic body single point of contact. I like the (usually chrome) rectangle three points of contact side mirrors that are usually found on 620's. There is a set of 620 mirrors for sale in the classifieds section, if my descriptions are not understandable. First question: Did the 720 every come with three point of contact mirrors that differ from the 620 three point of contact mirrors? I am going off the reservation a bit here and hope someone has blazed the trail: There are kits to install turn signal lights, behind the glass. I could not locate an instructional video, or example of a kit installed on a three point of contact mirror. Second question: Anyone have experience with these kits? https://www.amazon.com/iJDMTOY-Universal-Mirror-LED-Brilliant/dp/B008B86O7Qhttps://www.amazon.com/iJDMTOY-Universal-Mirror-LED-Brilliant/dp/B008B86O7Q
  7. Stroffregen Motorsports (SM), provides good counsel. You will love a running reliable rig, so much more than pretty lawn art; and pay close attention, regarding "good enough", Better is the enemy of good, it is my enemy. Take the advice, since I can't seem to use it.
  8. We are in more than enough agreement, fracking is all about natural gas. In fact, if you suck oil, when pulling the stink water, it can fuck up your daily totals. It takes extra time to return oil (if there is a bunch of it) and extra time on site is frowned upon (trucks are chipped and when, where, and how long you're stopped is monitored and logged). Utah is a good State, they leave your guns alone and where I was working is amazing beautiful. I know that I have posted this before, but once an area has been fracked, it is closed for most recreational use and becomes a kind of nature preserve. Shifts are a minimum of 12hr (14 with equipment paperwork and commute). Whether, on the day shift or the night shift, you are privy to the sunset and sunrise. The air pollution, from everything, makes spectacular sunrises and sunsets and both are excellent times to see game. I saw more trophy deer, trophy antelope, trophy elk (at least a half dozen royals) and mountain lions, in the wild, than anytime in my life. I am a bit defensive about fracking. It is a shit job and I am thankful, not to be doing it and it is awful awful for the environment, but I am also thankful the opportunity was there when I needed it. I am not rich enough to give a shit about the environment on a State or National level. The wealthy, the young, and the liars, who try to shame such rationale, haven't known hunger, but once Harris is in office most will be introduced
  9. The problem is that I have direct (in person) experience that is contrary to the your statement. Real estate prices did drop and there is less fracking in the mountains of Utah, after Biden. But, the bottom didn't drop out of it, as has been the case, when regulations hit it in the past. First, by "drop", real estate prices in the oil "boom towns" went from grossly over valued to just very over valued. When I was there, a spot for my trailer, with electricity (which was not included) and a sewer hookup (which was included) was $800 a month (with electric and heat(propane) around $900, I super insulated my trailer and my monthly costs were the lowest in the park, so said the park owner). I felt lucky to get a spot, in the packed RV park. I understand now, the spots are $500 and there isn't waiting lists at most parks. In my mind, even $500 for a strip of earth with a sewer hookup a garden house and a 220v outlet, in the middle of nowhere and less than 10ft from other trailers, is getting skinned. The fact that it cost me near a grand, was rape. There are an ass load of other reasons why fracking has slowed, as well as, an ass load of reasons why real estate hasn't bottomed out and none of it means shit, and I don't give a shit. If you want/need the moral high ground, take it. I'll be the first to say fracking is awful for the environment, but unless you're pro nuke there are dark days ahead. As for my understanding of the USA oil production numbers, (information I cannot confirm and have not witnessed) in terms of gasoline, because of environmental regulations it is more cost efficient to export oil from the USA to be refined and then imported back. While that is understandable, I do not have a source confirming and doubt I will take time to research. Americans, which I am proudly one, in general, don't want to know how the "sausage" is made, or even how we get meat to eat. America has devolved from the land of rugged individualists to groups of dainty, pretty, princesses that cry and eschew the savagery that provided their opportunities. I love America and have done a little traveling. Other countries have worked out somethings better and somethings worse, but experience cemented my belief that the United States of America is the best in the world and I will fight organizations, politicians, gangs and individuals who oppose.
  10. New trucks (I still consider anything in the 2000's new) have the ability to shift into 4wd on the fly, I thought such a system could be salvaged for EV shifting (low to high). In the end of my alternative fuel investigations, I decided the best bang for my limited bucks would be a hydraulic system with a small diesel. I got farther along in the creation of a hydraulic hybrid than any of the other alternative fuels (the two cylinder diesel I acquired for the project was set up (rubber replaced) for biodiesel, but like you, in the early 2000's it was no longer viable, because it was no longer free. The time straining and filtering and the general yuk, messing around with fryer grease was tolerable for free, for not free, even if cheap --not worth it. A guy up north in my state, published a device that allowed diesels to operate on ethanol and water, it is very cool, but staying legal means registering your still and confirming it will not be used for moonshine, plus, documenting all ethanol produced and paying tax on it. The big buzz kill, the laws about stills and road tax are Federal (felony prison time) And the ATF have proven they will descend on homes in Idaho and kill, to enforce their regulations.
  11. You will forgive, if I reiterate the request for source material. I would ask for such confirmation of any claim that flows against common knowledge, not for esteem of common knowledge, which often lacks, rather for a baseline; a fixed point from where to launch.
  12. w When I was thick into researching alternative fuel rigs, the standard transmission to alternative drive source and the clutch was a problem. I settled on using a T100L transfer case as low/high like a city/hiway selector, at worst, the driving mode selection would be set at startup at best a "clutch" that stops the motor, but allows the truck to keep moving, could be used, for a shift on the fly, scenario. I didn't try it out, no matter how I sliced it, the negative (in terms of cost/reliability) of EV's were greater than the positive. (If the cool factor isn't incorporated) The best option, as far as EV's, was the incorporation of a two-cylinder diesel that would operate a battery generator and incorporating solar cells on all available flat or semi flat exposed surfaces. The diesel would operate at its most efficient rpm, independently of the operator demands e.g. self starting in a parking lot to keep cells charged. This would end the problems with charging station availability, in the winter, or a series of overcast days, or before and after a long trip additional charging options would be required (New EV batteries, are able to charge simultaneously from multiple sources to speed the process.) I still believe that this type of "hybrid" is the best EV option, even more so, if the regenerative braking system off a Prius is incorporated (I pulled the electric power steering off a wrecked Prius for a project five or so years back and was amazed at the low prices. I went recently, to score another (because prices on the old units (easier to adapt and modify) have tripled in price) The power steering swap is now popular-DAMNIT) My point, the more backyard builders go EV, junkyard deals will fade away or in other words, find something nice and people will always come and fuck it up. So, mine wouldn't be a pure EV, rather a 100+ mpg diesel. The new EV batteries would make my plan awesome, but the new EV batteries are far far out of my budget and their claims have yet to be confirmed.
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