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  1. While I side unquestionably with the right to bear arms, I find "open carry", useless unless hunting, or in the back country, and most often embraced by those who wish to "appear" powerful. To restate for clarity, I will go to the mat against ANY reduction of the Second Amendment and, if needed will, sign a petition, march in parade, write, call, or otherwise harass politicians, to vote for gun rights, including open carry. The weaselly, left, over the years, has exploited law, intentionally manipulated statutes,even bold faced lied, to strip gun rights. ("Common Sense" gun regulation is most
  2. It isn't much, and the media will (more likely, already has) flood discontent. The 24hr liberal/socialist/communist machine will now misinterpret, mock and challenge via manipulated “facts”and bold faced lies. The presiding Judge, Robert T. Benitez, will be smeared, or worse. Benitez, is a District Court judge, who just put a legal smack down on California's bull shit gun control laws. He wrote a detailed decision, blasting the Attorney General and supporting the Second Amendment. I will try to attach the decision to this post. I am certain that 9th Circuit will overrule on
  3. Thank you for the information. Once I searched for O ring block without additional mandatory search terms, such as Datsun or Nissan or Z24, information becames abundant. I worry there are idiosyncrasies in Nissan/Datsun or NAP-Z engines not mentioned in different engine O ring procedures.
  4. The stronger bolts are a kind of belt and suspenders (or belt and braces, as foreigners might say) Increasing the compression ratio is a certainty and inspired the stronger bolts. I would have forgone the fancy bolts if I didn't get a good deal on them. As far as the coatings, I am all over it and coating the majority of parts in specialty coatings, some that reduce friction, some that release heat, some thermal barrier and even some I coated, because my garage is neither air tight, nor climate controlled, and coated parts do not rust. I like the floating rod idea and will look into it fu
  5. In How to Hotrod and Race Your Datsun it states: "Electramotive now cuts grooves around the bores in the block and uses copper wire in them to prevent head gaskets from blowing." I searched the Electramotive website and searched Ratsun, with the Ratsun search feature and site search through Google; I have found neither tutorial nor information on the specifics of grooving a block for copper wire nor individuals providing reviews and details on the effectiveness of this action. Anyone have information on this?
  6. For me, it is attempt to gather any and all, budget friendly, low hanging, efficiency and performance fruit. It is my hope, that applying multiple unnecessary, procedures, (unnecessary in the sense that increased performance is minimal) the aggregate, will provide quantifiable increase engine efficiency or engine power. I
  7. I contacted Stoffregen and he recommended assembling to check clearances as well. So, that will be the plan after the bolts arrive. Thank you for your continued guidance.
  8. Thank you DatzenMike, I understand and will comply 🙂
  9. Her southern Cali neighbors would arrest her for "unsafe" gun storage.... "San Francisco requires owners to store every handgun in their home in a locked container or disable it with a trigger lock (a plastic or metal device that fits over the gun’s trigger and trigger guard to prevent the gun from being fired - they are available in versions with either a key or combination) when in a residence. The city of Sunnyvale in California goes one step further, and requires all firearms to be locked in this manner - not just handguns. San Francisco requires owners to store every handgun in their
  10. First, I am thankful for your council and your opinion holds sway. Regarding the cap bolts, it is my understanding, 60 ft. lbs. of torque is the total after adding the additional torque. (original torque required for stock Z24 cap bolts - 40 ft. lbs, apply 50 percent increase for 280z bolts + 20 ft. lbs = 60 ft. lbs cap bolt torque.) In other news, a fellow dropped his price on the fancy (most likely unnecessary) strong bolts and I jumped - ARP Rod bolts, 280Z Main bolts, ARP Head Stud Kit for $200 (price includes tax+shipping.
  11. I like to remind those championing EV, that the majority of them are coal powered. The next two paragraphs are from the EPA: Twenty states (WV, IN, KY, WY, ND, UT, OH, MO, NM, KS, IO, NE, MI, CO, WI, GA, MN, MD, NC, and TN) generate more than 50% of their electricity from coal. In fact, more than 90% of the power in West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky and Wyoming is from coal. Only 5 states (RI, NV, FL, MA, and AK) use natural gas for over 50% of their electrical generation. And of those states, only Alaska is a natural gas production state. The others must depend on natural gas trans
  12. I am 99.9999 sure there are 10 and I don't want to waste a question. There seems to be a consensus that a common upgrade is to use L28 bolts. Pasted below is from the datsun parts website: These main bearing cap bolts are a higher bolt class (grade) than the regular L and NAPS-Z bolts, and can replace the OE bolts The higher strength bolts can be torqued to a higher than stock torque value (60 lb/ft), but if you want to run the higher torque, you must align-bore the main bores at the higher torque If you torque to the higher value without doing this, you will oval the bea
  13. Thank you DatzenMike There are the same number of Main bolts and Head bolts, correct?
  14. Before I make a terrible ignorant mistake, in a Nissan Z24 engine, are there 10 "MAIN" studs or bolts, AND 10 "HEAD" studs or bolts, AND are these studs or bolts THE SAME, (diameter, length, thread, etc.
  15. An unrelated, well related in my unorganized and under powered brain, Biden and his administration continue to push polices of gender, racial and economic division, loosely comparable to the Jim Crow laws. The comparison sharpens, if narrowed to white males, living above the national poverty index. As this attack segregates on race and gender, such actions could be colloquialized as "Jane Dove laws". If it catches on, remember you heard it first on Ratsun. (I understand that many doves are not white, but most Americans have some percentage of other DNA, as revealed by all the recent DNA tests
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