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  1. My alternator fine , it’s the mount
  2. Can I use a mount from a d21?
  3. Mine is the L20b , and it’s the top mount in the pic
  4. The mount , cast iron.
  5. Alright ratsun fam, my alternator Bottom mount just snapped yesterday and I’m looking to replace ASAP , is there any universal one or what other car mount would work for me? Cause I’m heading to the junk yard
  6. Ok makes sense thank u for the advice 🤘
  7. Ok cool thanks for the heads up
  8. So it worth getting and fixing it up?
  9. Ok Datsun family I’m I found a datsun L series turbo with a mani , does anyone know info about it and what else I would need
  10. Lonewolf1990

    Axle swap

    I want that too lol
  11. Lonewolf1990

    Axle swap

    Is there any that will just bolt up easily?
  12. Lonewolf1990

    Axle swap

    They rub a bit when the truck leans on a turn but other then that it’s fine , I’ll double check on the front tires height
  13. Lonewolf1990

    Axle swap

    The truck feels sluggish when I try to push it white these wheels
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