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  1. yes correct i adjusted the plastic nut and the door was able to lock much easier
  2. i was able to fix it be taking out the whole locking sections and drown it in wd-40 and i also adjusted the nut that is connected to the door handle lever
  3. thank you guys i was able to get the door fixed
  4. i have installed two new key locks on my passenger door and im still having issues to get it to lock, i have removed the panels and and check that everything was connected and in place but im still having issues , when i turn the key to the lock postion i see that the rod will not click into the down position but does fine when i turn it to the open position any ideas to fix the issue?
  5. anyone know of site that can build a replica tachometer or know if anyone knows one that will fit flush in the stock tachometer hole
  6. i do have those wires u are talking about i will try to connect to those instead of the alternator, ill send pics as soon as i can
  7. yes the carb is brand new from box and yeah i got the throttle link correct i followed every videos and reading on it to leave some slack also
  8. another question about the smog pump, can i just cap the hoses or do i completely remove it?
  9. the car was running fine before this, but the stock carb gave out and i decided to do the upgrade, its a weber DGEV, i have the 12 volt wire connected to the alternator , thats what i seen videos of
  10. yes the two piece adapters that came with the kit, i used blue locitie everything and made sure its really snug
  11. sorry for the missing info its a new legit weber from redline
  12. alright datsun fam, so i got my electric Weber mounted on a 510 intake and headers installed on my LB20 engine and i was able to get the truck started but it sounded horrible either the rpm was really low or really high or it sounds like it starving for air , i tried tuning it but no luck , i cant get the Weber correct , ill try to start the truck again and it will run for a second then cut off, or it will stay running on but the engine is shaking so badly , any tips to fix this issue please help!! also can anyone spare pics of how they have there weber setup and where they have vacuum lines connected please. i wanna make sure i did it correctly
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