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  1. Thank u!! I just finished wiring the regulator , everything is working, just check my voltage I’m running at 14
  2. So I’m basically cutting away the box and just soldering the wiring
  3. The whole harness or just the regulator?
  4. Alright so I installed the the 60amp 1978 200sx alternator on the 620, but now my charge battery light won’t won’t shut off, so I need a stronger voltage regulator? If I do which one do I need?
  5. No problem, also gotta side hustle for the toys
  6. Perfect! Welding I got that covered, I have my own garage , I got a job, I don’t go to school, I already did the disc brakes , my wife helped me fix the truck anyway , I already got tools easy, now just to find the engine and tranny
  7. Awesome thank u👍
  8. Ok so I don’t care about the smog issues , is is it best to buy a donor car? Or buy the engine and all the parts separate ? And
  9. Hell no I won’t sell my baby
  10. Who said my buddy
  11. Yeah I am but I know ppl to get around that
  12. Ok so if I didn’t go with the turbo option, just a bit more power then the stock engine
  13. Alright ratsun family!! So I been seeing and reading about engine swaps for the 620 , so this will be my first engine swap and i was wondering which engine is easier to swap the sr20det or the ka24de , , plz
  14. Ok what if I don’t have the frame I found a seller just selling the brakes assembly
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