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  1. That safe to use with a Weber?
  2. i bought all three from oreillys brand new , the spring and pin come come loose
  3. Everytime it has failed it’s because the fuel pump springs has came loose
  4. alright datsun fam i need advice! i went through 4 mechanical fuel pumps and im already over it what are good options of electric fuel pump for a 77 620 lb20 engine running a weber 32/36
  5. alright datsun fam its time for me to installed a electric fuel pump i already went through 3 mechanical pumps this year so what options of fuel pumps do i have? i have a 77 620 lb20 engine and im running A WEBER 32/36
  6. hows it going datsun fam so i have seen videos of datsuns in Thailand that have have used a electric power steering from a 09 Prius , has anyone done that conversion over here in the u.s?
  7. Lonewolf1990

    Heating up

    ok so i installed a new waterpump , check my hoses and belt everything is snug and tight , and im still running into the same issues, my truck heats up when i drive
  8. Ok Datsun fam I have a 77 620 and my thermostat housing cracked , I’m looking to find a new one and I can only find a l18 one on eBay , will that fit my motor? Will I have issues using it?
  9. Lonewolf1990

    Heating up

    Yes I have checked the hoses they do not collapse , I did get the truck tuned and timed correctly , no the heater hoses have not been joined together , yes the fan belt is tight , when I spin the fan it’s , 1/2 a turn
  10. Lonewolf1990

    Heating up

    alright datsun fam so my truck still goes the h when driving but cools down when im at a stop , i already changed the thermostat, just added a 3 row radiator and a electric fan the stock fan, im still running to the same issue, what could be the issue?
  11. so my 77 datsun 620 turn signals stopped working, my fuses are new, i checked the wires they are good, what can be the issues please help
  12. yes correct i adjusted the plastic nut and the door was able to lock much easier
  13. i was able to fix it be taking out the whole locking sections and drown it in wd-40 and i also adjusted the nut that is connected to the door handle lever
  14. thank you guys i was able to get the door fixed
  15. i have installed two new key locks on my passenger door and im still having issues to get it to lock, i have removed the panels and and check that everything was connected and in place but im still having issues , when i turn the key to the lock postion i see that the rod will not click into the down position but does fine when i turn it to the open position any ideas to fix the issue?
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