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  1. I can make the disc brakes brakes that similar to the beebani ones for 265 $
  2. So I’m testing the waters , I’m wondering how many ppl would want the disc brake conversions kit brackets for Datsun 620
  3. Yes I adjusted the back ones , I haven’t you Cher the front ones at all
  4. I did change the back brakes two months ago and everything was fine , this just started happening
  5. I check my fluids and it still stayed full , and I can another brake fluid change
  6. Ok thanks , cause when I drive the past couple days I have to pump the brake three or 4 times to stop , the pedal will go all the way down at first then after it will give some pressure
  7. Alright datsun fam!! So my brake booster just went out on my truck , and is there any aftermarket part that will fit or should I just get a remanufactured
  8. Right now I found a pair of coilover shocks for the front , now just to find the springs that will be a good fit for the truck
  9. Looking for a higher amp alternator for a 77 620 right now I’m running a 35 amp, but my radio and headlights are draining it , looking for suggestions but I want a direct swap one
  10. Alright so who has done adjustable coilovers for the front for a 620 , this is a sure that I wanna do next
  11. Ooo I’m doing coil overs my ride is to bumpy
  12. Thanks to all ur guys and ur info 🤘 I decided to stay stock
  13. I got a mishimoto catch can through a trade
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