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  1. I am against new toilets. I made the mistake of buying a new one a while back. All the toilets were eco or whatever. That meant, just like new shower heads, both are designed to work with less water and both sucked. I heard about a guy who drilled out one of the new shower heads, but I wouldn't do that, as it breaks federal law. The toilet didn't flush worth a damn, so I ended up getting a nice new seat and a used toilet. Funny, all this bullshit is based on the water shortage myth, yes it is a myth. There is more liquid water on the planet than anytime in the last few centuries e.g. rising sea levels
  2. I teeter near the edge of foil hat construction often, but not without cause. The "news" loves thing like self driving cars, yet I have to hear discussion or even mention that their programing is basically a multiple target evaluation system. None of the "news" have inquired, what priorities are hard coded? I would like to know, before a mass self driving cars are self driving on public roadways
  3. The inability of others (the majority?) to see the "bad" of governmental or corporate actions confuses, because I always look for the "bad" or "price"of the action first. When Siri or Alexa, I forget which was first, came to market and I was questioned why, I would have none of it. I was shocked of the number of educated, professionals, taken aback when I explained, the only way any device can respond to voice commands is always listening. These were smart people, that understood instantly after I said it. For some reason Cars that can be remotely unlocked can be remotely locked. Cars with the ability to drive themselves, can take you where they want to go. The maps application on your phone is able to provide directions/navigation, because it knows (and keeps record) of where you are and where you go. Speaking of phones, most fail to internalize, they are paying, monthly fee in addition to the purchase price for the "privilege" of being bugged. Of course, your web history, location, any and all other phones (people) your phone is often near, (your associates). Enrolled in a "smart pay" app, or auto-pay app? Congratulations, the bank account/credit card information now can collaborate, to profile, what you like, your interests, ways you can be leveraged. Wait, they can't do that! Ever read through documents, that you affirm read, by checking the box? If it is a Google or Apple product, more likely than not, it allows all sorts of information gathering. You may accept that some lack of privacy is inevitable in the modern age, besides you're not a star of politician, no one is "deep diving" you. That philosophy had merit until fairly recently. The Government is building massive data centers in places like Utah. The centers collect and sort data, at amazing speeds. Data sorting is an area where computers excel. Soon, it will be possible to make an inquiry on an individual or group and quickly be provided all information on the subject, cross referenced and analyzed, as well as, their family, co workers, friends. Remember, all given can be taken, any law from any government enacted to "protect" people from themselves, is bad law. A system that can provide all you want, can take all you need. America land of the free, you can have anything you want, but you better not take it from me
  4. That's just the Aussie Gov flexing, no worries, if the police start incarcerating, beating or killing Australians, without just cause, then armed citizens will rise up and over throw the Government or cripple the State, to force negotiation - - -oh, I forgot ......
  5. I continue to work on the injection angle and from various sources, have acquired 8 JS21-1 injectors, which are the recommended stock injector for my motor, in its original state. My difficulty is deciding "best bang (or in this case injector) for the buck". Here is how I see the options (feel free to inform if I have missed any) 1. Pick the best looking 4 and run them. Pros- no additional money needed. Cons - one additional concern when the motor will not run after rebuild 2. Take them to be tested somewhere, run the best 4. Pros - should be free or inexpensive. Same Cons 3. Buy rebuild kits to replace wearable parts, self install, then take them to be tested somewhere, run the best 4. Pros - is the cheapest way to semi-trustworthly injectors. Cons approx $25 for 4 $50 for 8 plus price to test bench (test benching to get the best 4 out of the 8 and to understand the flow). 4. Throw some of the old injectors in an "emergency injectors" box and purchase 4 new injectors from China Pros - new injectors Cons - $50 for 4 and ordering from China "You pays your money and you take your chances. 5. Send the injectors to an injection specialist to be rebuilt. Pros- USA, expert and will flow match all injectors (and advise if increasing the flow would be wise, since the pistons are 1mm overbore) Cons - $80 for 4, $160 for 8.+ shipping
  6. Idaho and Datsuns, two great things that flew under the radar for a long time, now the majority has taken interest and qualities that made them great will be destroyed. PM me the link and I will give it a look, but it will be preaching to the choir. I abandoned "long term survival", moved the half dozen 50 gallon steel barrels of rice, wheat and barley out of the basement, a couple of years ago. I don't have a long term life left. Living off the land is a full time, very physical endeavor. I know, because I have experienced it. There was a reason early settlers, usually died before forty. Another major factor in survival "long term", you need a team. There was also a reason why early settlers had big families (or tried to have big families). And a reason why religion was such a major factor in both early European and early American survival; religion provides a team. The Mormons haven't forgotten the lessons learned by early settlers and if a real societal collapse arrives, I know of many who will be quick to convert. Speaking of real societal collapse, that is another reason I am now not very "prepared". I don't see it happening in the next thirty or so years and if I am still alive in thirty years it will only be because some type of welfare/socialized medicine is wasting the money and time to keep me that way. American's have proven, repeatedly, that they lack the strength and the will to fight. Without substantial numbers, an insurrection will be nothing, but fodder for the 24hr news cycle, another "freedom" nutjob, or whatever kind of pariah the news reports. The government killed in Waco, and at Ruby Ridge, but they were cult loving child molesters and wife beating racists. Maybe they were, I didn't know anyone from either event. How do people reach the conclusion that the government was justified in attacking and killing these citizens? The evidence came from the almighty TV. The TV cannot distort the truth or lie...... So, old age, lack of affiliation and the realization that most of my neighbors, most of America, lacks the will to fight, preferring a gilded cage over the harsh realities of freedom (at least until they are sacrificed for a "greater good") I'll stay near the cities and fight for supplies as needed, link up with friends to form a gang to protect a small bit of turf. When too old to contribute, man up and take a nice winter stroll, in a t-shirt, when the temp is below freezing and bring a bottle of high proof to sip and stay warm, snuggle up under some nice tree and fall asleep.
  7. A week or two ago I was "hunting" elk in Idaho (and now have meat for a year) three of us with tags were watching and slow walking a dirt road, when this truck came barreling up (scaring any game). The truck slid to a stop and a fellow jumped out and came at us, definitely pissed off. After it was established, who knew who, stories were confirmed, the driver of the truck calmed down and all was good. I mention this in regards to this post, because the angry man was never in danger and he knew that he wasn't in danger. An unarmed man, certainly under six foot and under two-hundred pounds, was not deterred or concerned that he was challenging and intending to evict, three men, each at least six foot and certainly over two-hundred pounds. But, more importantly, each of the three challenged men was carrying a large high powered rifle, a unconcealed pistol and at least one knife. Unfortunately, as the afraid masses flood into Idaho, common scenes like the one above, will be no more. The majority are weak, unprepared, and afraid of their neighbors. Videos, like this one, are made to promote and justify their fears. Once fear has been repeated enough, the Government will step in to "help" and provide "comfort". Curiously, this help always involves some small sacrifice of freedom and individual rights. It will only be a little sacrifice. Once the majority acquiesce, the fear cycle begins again. I would like the law to encourage protester self policing. Protest, march, holler, but it should be Federal law that looters, arsonists, or anyone attempting any felony, arising from a supporting group will either be immediately identified and/or restrained by members of the group, to be surrendered to authorities, or it will be assumed that all protesters in the area of the crime are complicit. Those in the area of the crime will be incarcerated and investigated, additionally, any owner of property, under siege by a mob or those attempting to loot will be shielded by self defense, for any charge of murder.
  8. Everything Datzenmike said and search for other threads on this subject where DatzenMike provided pictures of the differences in oil pumps to insure you get the right one. The information provided was very beneficial to me. But first, have you performed a slow and precise oil check (dipstick) to determine you're not just a quart or two low?
  9. Hey Tedman, I ended up only Cerakoteing the internals. I am out of the heat transfer coating, for the exterior, and ordering more, at this time and for this product, offended the delicacies of taste and passion.(Or maybe I'm cheap). I coated the interior surfaces of a hydraulic pump some years ago and last I checked it was still good to go. By checked, I mean, it has remained operational and there hasn't been a bunch of Cerakote flakes in the filters. I had the pump bench tested, before and after and saw an increase in pressure. I would have to dig up the reports of the bench testing business, to recall how much. If I find or create a steady use for it, then I might be talked into paying for another test to see if the benefits remained or were quickly worn away.
  10. There was a 24hr Fitness in Boise in the 90's and early 00's. When you walked in, young, cute and spunky, sales girls offered samples of overpriced, designer "health" supplements to aide fitness goals. One day they were promoting Blueberry cheesecake protein bars: "Have a sample of our new Blueberry Cheesecake protein bars," said the perky, sexy, chipmunk. "O.k." I said. "Isn't it just fabulous?" She asked. "It's good." I responded. "Doesn't it taste - Exactly - like Blueberry Cheesecake." She asked. "It tastes like Blueberry Cheesecake." I replied. "How many boxes would you like?" She asked. "None." I replied. "Why?" She asked. "Because, it isn't a Blueberry Cheesecake." I replied and walked away. I have posted this story, before, but I didn't quote it, I typed it from memory,(hopefully my lies match up).
  11. That could be a good thing, I would trust an mechanic who grew up and owned Datsuns more than one who didn't. Just need to shop around and find one with your kind of crazy
  12. I might have thought too much about it; I have the 8 plug distributor, will this change the answer? (The answer to distributor rpm, there are plenty of threads debating timing of dual spark plug firing.)
  13. The oil pump works and ignoring time honored advice, I'm fucking with it. Hopefully, prudence was gained by the advice provided on Ratsun. I applied a thin coat of Cerakote Microslick, to the oilpump "drum" inside and out, the inside "chamber" where the drum/cylinder is housed and the rotor. After drying, I assembled the front half of the pump, put it in a vice, put a standard screwdriver shaft into the drill, stuck it in the snout of the oil pump and began working the compound into the aluminum. What is the rpm of the oil pump in relation to the rpm of the motor? At high cordless drill speed, vibration is present. I will continue burnishing the pump, but wonder if perfect balance at high speed is a benefit to pursue. (I understand the internals of the pump are usually bathed in oil, but Microslick adverts, claim operation even without oil)
  14. My misguided thinking is/was a constant flow of fresh oil bathed over internals, provides cooling and lubrication, faster bathing, achieved with more flow/pressure, means cooler and fresher oil, which is positive. Understanding, many, many datsuns have operated many many miles with the oil "bathing" from stock pumps and this "upgrade" isn't necessary, but it shouldn't hurt. Do you know the answer to the clearance questions?
  15. Blueprinting an oil pump is not necessary. Using the 280sx oil pump in a Z24 is already plenty of upgrade. BUT, right now I have access to very precise tools and an oil pump. The rest of the pieces of my project are far away. I have vague recollection of a website that outlined the steps to blueprint a Z oil pump, but have been unable to locate it. There is a different website that lays out the process in general for oil pumps that has provided information. Blue print oil pump One item of this endeavor, which causes grief even before machine work: according to the website, to achieve increased performance and efficiency, "tightening clearances" is mentioned, along with "smoothing contact surfaces" I am concerned that both of the process recommended require "removing" material, even buffing with rouge will remove a small amount. Removing material will increase clearance between parts and increasing clearance seems to me the opposite of tightening clearance. To restate: I am investigating this because it is a possibility given present circumstances. Unless I am misunderstanding the information, it would seem that applying a layer of baked on ceramic heat dissipating or friction reducing coating, thereby adding material that can then be worn into a tighter tolerance, is a better option. There are companies that provide oil pump blueprinting and sell blueprinted oil pumps, but none, that I could find, offering ceramic coating oil pump internals. I am missing something.
  16. Perfect! I should look for a trans towing adapter, I need to brush up on proper hitch pro nouns. Too bad it is already sorted.
  17. WARNING attempting to maneuver a Nissan 720, solo, with chain and a lawn tractor is a NO GO. Learn from my ignorance and DO NOT ATTEMPT. I came within inches of severely damaging my truck and my JD 214. The plan was simple. I built a "car canopy" in the backyard, over a decade ago and over the years it has been used for everything from a party tent to a workshop. It has collapsed a few times as well. But, each time it failed, I put it back together with additional support and for the last few years, it has taken everything from extreme wind to snow load. However, as parties are not on the agenda anymore, the car canopy became a catch all for misc. bullshit. With the arrival of the 720 and the garage full of other bullshit projects. I, painfully, hired a guy, with a running truck, to haul the misc. bullshit to the dump. After a day or two icing my back, from loading the dump runs, and bitching about the "dump fees", I chained the tractor to the 720 to move it under the canopy. First, my lawn is lumpy and I had to give it some gas to get the truck to move. When the truck moved, it lurched forward and slammed into the back of the tractor. Luckily, avoiding injury (I am thankful God looks out for children and fools) I increased the distance of chain between the truck and the tractor. My backyard is not huge and it is on a corner. There is a, crumbling retaining wall that is level with the lawn and holds the lawn about 4 feet higher than the sidewalk. Second, some turning was required in the towing journey, the longer chain, instead of turning the truck, stretched the chain at a severe angle and it bound up. (Which any thinking person would have determined before the attempt) So, I backed up the tractor to release the tension and popped off the hitch, while I sat on the tractor. Apparently, there is a slight slope to the yard, because the truck started rolling toward the 4ft cliff. I don't know if any of you have experience with lawn tractors, but they are built for skinny people. Us, more than skinny people, get wedged between the steering wheel and the seat, which isn't a real problem - unless you need to get in or get out in a hurry. I freed my self and stopped the truck from falling to the sidewalk, over half of the rear wheels were air borne. There is a safety cut off than engages when you leave the tractor seat. For some reason the tractor popped and sputtered before stopping. The lawn tractor stoppled parallel to the retaining wall, with one of the small front tires off the retaining wall in mid air and half of one of the much bigger rear tires the same. I yelled for the wife to get in and hold the brake, while I moved to the front and pulled it off the ledge. Focusing on straight tractor pulls the truck is mostly under the canopy. I will finish getting it under today. Lessons learned: A solid connection, like a 3 point, seems a much better method for short tows that require control. Having a second person to steer and/or mind the brakes is required. Positive lessons learned: The little JD 214 has plenty of power to pull the truck
  18. Side marker lights on rockauto.com (for 1984) I picked up a set of the TYC. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1984,720+pickup,2.4l+l4,1210329,body+&+lamp+assembly,side+marker+lamp+assembly,11720 I think the 86 uses the same but double check to confirm
  19. To quote the philosopher Ministry, it's a love affair, mainly Jesus and my car. Ding a ling dang, my dang along ling long
  20. Thank you Ratsun elite, you provide good counsel. I can make it happen. Often I post here in hope that if I am way off base, someone will provide a "heads up", I have tow straps, ratchet straps, chains and whatnot. I really hate fighting with something only to later learn there is a simple and often better, method. Thanks again.
  21. I am ready to take my Datsun love to the next level.
  22. I had that same thought, and figured this kind of set up would be pull only. The only way to make it pushable, I can think of is put it on a triangle, like tow bar.
  23. Hmm food for thought. If I use the U bolts off an old set of leaf springs, I could build yours with parts on hand, which is a plus. And the stick welder is already set up--another plus...
  24. It's not hydro, it has a gear tranny and a variable belt drive. I have only had it a couple of months. My neighbor had it for plowing his driveway. He gave me a deal on it after he sold his house for seven figures and split. It is a John Deere 214 1978. You wouldn't happen to have a picture of that tow bar?
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