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New user, new car, super excited


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4 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

I suppose it's not a thread jack if the OP isn't going to comment...


The 510...what would you even call it? It's not a roadster because roadsters have no door glass. It's not a convertible because it would need a removable top. Chop-top? I guess that would fit.


I know Rutledge is a car guy with sick resources, but that doesn't mean he will do a nice job. As a matter of fact, I would say it's precisely because he is a TV personality that it will probably end up in a backlot in ten years. Hopefully I'm wrong.


Naw this is our thread now lol


Lets be honest.... that 510 should prob be relegated to parts... 



Just because you can. Doesn't mean you should.

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The car has been pre-desastered so I figure any attention would be an improvement. My guess is that without a top for 15 yrs, Rut's going to find more rust work than he ever imagined. This is a prime case for the adage "Sometimes free is too expensive." But even if this makes no sense, at least this guy has deep enough pockets to not give a shit. Who know' maybe he'll start a trend and all the kids will start chopping up 510s


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