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anyone have vintage audio gear?

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i'm curious if any datsun owners have vintage stereo receivers or speakers. tell me or show me what ya got or like. i own 2 sansui g-8000 receivers and almost 30 pairs of speakers.i try to keep it around 20 pairs mostly cheap stuff but its still fun. sansui,jbl,marantz,technics,pioneer ect. if i could fit some house speakers in my 521 i'd be set. lets hear it.

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no stereo stuff here...

I have an ancient B.F. Goodrich tube radio and an old record cutter that still works...it even has a P.A. system that can be heard over a 1/4 mile away!

It's been years since I played with them, I'll have to dig them out for the BBQ in August.

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What do you consider vintage? My garage sound system is basically a bunch of stuff cobbled together from Goodwill (and I bought the stuff in 1990, so we're talking 1970s stuff). Don't remember the brands, but it's all manual-dial stuff. I have an old all-in-one unit that has a record player, cassette deck, AM/FM, and 8-track all built in- was my grandfather's. I have a couple 1970s portable 5-band radios that still work, though the "nice" one has the antenna broke off (still picks up most stations though).


The "loft" has my old Sony dual-deck Boom Box I got as an 8th grade graduation gift in 1988.


Heck, my living room TV is a 1980s Sony Trinitron I bought at a yard sale for $10 in '99.


Now, my Bass amp is an old tube-type, but it's been so long since I played I can't even remember the brand. It's not common.

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tubes now thats old. i wish i had some tube stuff. i'm thinking basically stuff before 1985. i recently gave a low power sherwood stereo anaw to my daughters friend with some rat shack mc-1? speakers. soon i'm going to list my marantz 2240 (garage stereo) on the bay. it needs work you have to turn it up all the way to get the left channel to pop on. been playing it like that for a couple years and i have better stuff that needs fixing. everyone who has a garage should have a vintage beater to listen to in it. i love music and everone is crazy about all the new compressed formats! i'll stay with my lp's and cd's. would you believe rock @ roll records are still made. the u.s stopped making them for a few years i think but are still making them now to this day. they are about 3 times the price of a cd though. so i guess you have to really want them to shell out. only a few bands i'd that with. i know you younger guys are going "whats an lp" haha. very funny. "tubes what are those?' ;)

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Datsun didn't have "Factory" cassette decks until the late 70s Z's (or maybe even ZXs, most just had radios), though they did have a dealer option add-on cassette deck in the mid 70s. I have the one that came with my '78 510 wagon, though it long ago quit working. It's a separate unit that mounted in the console, and the radio's speaker leads were routed through it. I know in '78 the 510 had an AM/FM radio standard, either a mono Hitachi or a Stereo Clarion. I have examples of both lying around somewhere. Oh, the Clarion is in the dash of my "Blue Beater"- not hooked up, but there. The 620 pickup only got a stereo AM/FM deck in the console in '77+ (all the dash decks were AM only). Dealers offered add on Cassette or 8-track decks, but they weren't a Nissan offering.

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I HAVE A old school car amp Yamaha made it it like 19 watts but that thing will push a 6.5 nice. Still in the box i found it a few years back in a junk store i couldnt pass on the price. also have some 8 tracks for you kids it was the first tape.Tapes you know what those are i hope. lol Or how about a record you know the big black cd with the little hole. my daughter calls them that i have all kinds of old car audio stuff buddy owned a shop when i was in high school i better stop starting to feel old.


late freaky

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Guest DatsuNoob

Do you mean stock car stereo equip? I got a super old tape deck(70's?) in my truck right now. Stock?.... not sure, but it's friggin ancient. Does someone want it?

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Ahem. 8-tracks were not the first tapes.


Reel-to-reel, baby! My mom has a couple albums on reel-2-reel from the mid 60s. I still have a R2R recorder.


Then the audio cassette by Philips. The twenty year patent ran out around '77 and there was the failed successor "the El cassette". I bought my first 'high end' stereo around then and actually looked at one. Went with cassette instead. Sherwood receiver, Techniques table, Kef 104 speakers from Britain.

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i'd like a black sabbath 8-track just for fun. yeah i was thinking home audio, but auto works too. i got a late 60's early 70's becker europa car radio for free that i sold on ebay for $100. those original 521 speakers are getting hard to come by. if you have one i'll buy it.

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I'm not too sure how vintage they are? But, I have a couple Carver mobile audio amps. I think they are 20x20 or something like that. I never knew that carver made mobile stuff but my buddies dad used to work for them and was throwing them out. I am not one to just let stuff go to waste.


I don't use them, maybe some one on here might be interested in them???

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they also still make new cassette tapes, but they are hella hard to find and spendy too. geez how many makes and models came out with cassette decks? i still want a hitchi cassette deck for my 521. i currently have a fm converter in it. remember those?


Hey, I just bought a Sparkomatic (still in the box) under the dash 8 track player. I'm doing a 180 with the technology thing.. I'm rebelling dang it! :mad:

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i'll stay with my lp's and cd's. would you believe rock @ roll records are still made. the u.s stopped making them for a few years i think but are still making them now to this day. they are about 3 times the price of a cd though. so i guess you have to really want them to shell out. only a few bands i'd that with.


idk anything about the punk scene up there from personal experience but from like 1997 to about 2003 i always went to punk shows in stpete where i grew up, punk, hardcore, rock, indy rock. basically everything loud and what i considered "cool". anyway it was completely normal to see bands selling their singles on 7"s. in fact there were some people that were really into it that would buy a cds when they first came out. one guy i used to know said it wasn't punk unless it was on vinyl, i'm sure he still says that. haha. and as far as tubes go.... the only reason i know anything about them is cause my brother had a good friend that was into retro guitar equipment, so he had all kinds of amps and heads that were tube.

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'97 :confused: try '79 :D

oh yeah the east coast is a little behind :lol: (j/k)



i kept all my vinyl & turntable (w/extra stylus)

got quite a few rare 7" and 12" singles

most it still needs to be recorded on to cd's


there are only 2 (local) stores where you can actually look through the record section. occasionally will find something 'new', or imported...


now the stores are going the way of tape...



nothing is going to be sold :fu:



good score on all those tapes! (i hadnt noticed)

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