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Aibast Volvo 740 "Mad Nilsson"

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In the start of next event. A short one 110km drive (3,5 hours).



Having problems with front brakes. They rattle and make grinding noise. Volvo used Girling front brakes on this model - it has guide pins that have worn out the holes in caliber mounting braket. So they move and rattle around.

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Went to Riga for Youngtimers event. Around 550km trip. Weather was good and road was nice, still no overdrive.








After the "event" we visited a Motosport museum.












Stalins armored ZIS



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Now I have formulated a plan on what to do with this things bag paint - it is repaint time.


Standard deep gloss black paint. And tested a red matt decal stripe on a car.




Turned out so ´80s :D


The painting will need to wait until winter. As it is hobbycar season, need the car for different events.

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Soo, sold my daily driver BMW 320D



and got a new more economical daily driver.

A 2002 Volvo S80 D5. 120kw 2,4L turbodiesel with auto box - gets me 66MPG's all day long with comfy ride.



And painted the Van's side panels black. Just for the fun of it and had some stonechip paint that survided -20C temps in the winter just sitting around.





As you can see my "work space" is still "under construction". 

Just lot of things to do and not a lot of time.


What have I been up to these days.

Well: went to see local rally event, allmost managed to save a rally car that was on fire, but the forrest went also and getting a forrest fire under control until fire department arrived was more important. The Civic was totalled.



Made a +/- 0,5mm concrete weigth for a robot. Here me turning it over with a crane truck and a forklift.



Made two 6m bridge components.


and some tiles to complete the bridge.



Finished first 20 benches of 278 pieces. Still a "bit" to go.


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Changed out the rear springs - new ones are 200 series estate heavy duty ones.








New and old.









Now the front and rear of the car feel the same. No more soft boat like rear end.

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Desided to swap out the 1987 seats foam and textile cover to 2008 seats foam and leather covers. As the 2008 seats can't fit in the car this was an alternative to try.

Tear down.  You can see the seatback ventilation in the 2008 seat frame. And old ugly foam on the old seat.



Next  foam and covers. No more wire rings to hold things, zipties work fine. Only used the heating bads and loosed the ventilations as the old seat frames don't have room in them.



In the car, still need to make new foam and covers for the headrests. 


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Tomorow (28.07.18) is youngtimer camp and got my van registered to the event. What I did then.

Finnished the interior work - seats, door inserts + cab side panels and back panels have new covers.


Before it looked like this with white back side panels and back panel.




Now it is like this.




The rear had metall flooring on the sliders - easy to clean when transporting meatbags. Removed the metall and istalled hardwood flooring in it.



And cleaned a little on the outside.



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I just found split vacuum hose splitter. The one that gives vacuum to ignition computer and to temp sensort to regulater hot/cold air. Now just need to have  testdrive to find out what changed with that fixed.


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damn, the Volvos engine has a rod knock. So engine rebuild time. I did manage to get a donor turbo car with failed head. I can make one engine out of two faulti ones. 


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Went to Riga again for Cars & Coffe event. With MX-5 as the Van has issues.


In here you see MX5 and the fuel prices ( in € ). MX runs on LPG - nice and  cheap.


Drive there







Nice Volvo 480 turbo with original Hausser tuning kit.



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  • 2 weeks later...

good news - Road Administration gave me "ok" to make my van into a pickup. 

In here  you can't just do what ever you want with your car. For every big mod you must ask permission from Road Administration. But they let me make this modification for the car with out a problem, as the car is allready modified road car.


I hope to get mine looking something like this, only with a bit longer bed.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Got a donor car for the project. Took some parts off it. 

It's B230FT engine without the head and busted turbo, 4 speed manual with OD. 

Taking all the stuff needed for a turbo car from this one. Also all 2nd generation front end parts, rear window and the roof. So I can get some momentum going on the pickup.


Work in progress...





Donor had Ford RS2000 bucketseats, these are going to the MX5. They give more support in the shoulders area as stock Mazda ones do not.





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No mercs for me - I don't want a rusty and ugly car with way to expensive parts. 

The Volvo will be high and soft - I want to have fun on gravel roads going full lock sideways at 100+ km/h ?

MX5 gets new set of 15" Classic BBS mesh wheels with a wide lip. It has coils on it and handles like a dream on twisty roads - a nice fun car for hardtop roads. 

This way I get two cars for different kind of fun ?

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