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Aibast Volvo 740 "Mad Nilsson"

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Changed my Land Rover Discovery 1 to Volvo 740 "van" - hearse. It is a van as that is how the car is registered.

It is 1987 automatic with 2,3L carbed engine. Smooth and soft as floating on air. 


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Today took apart the overdrive solenoid and did some mods to it, so that I can have it functionin as needed. Still haven't driven her so I don't know if I have functional OD or not. And LEDed out the instrument cluster. With all other lights in the cab. White LED's but the phones camera screwes up the color balance.




Found some info - the car was made by Nilsson Special Vehicles

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Got some cheap LED H4 bulbs. Well didn't work out so well. The connections had beed soldered on wrong inside the bulbs. Took them apart, resoldered the thing correctly. Made a quick vid from the dashcam to show what I mean. For now they are working.


And some nice snow pics of the thing.




And the interior



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Planned on driving my wife to work to heat up the autobox oil for level testing. Had a bit of snow again.



Came back and checked the oil level as instructed. Well the result was not good



So needed some tools.



and pumped out some ATF



by some I mean 1,5L of it



tested the level again.



A little over minimum. Went for a drive to heat oil up again as it was -12 C outside and the oil cooled down. Came back, tested again just below Max line when hot.

I hope this fixes some gearchange issues.

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Went to see a friend and a Volvo breaker. What he got was a new V70 in. I got some nice electric heated leather seats from it. This is the car they came from.



Got the fronts.



And the rear seat as well. I think I will make a couch out of that thing.


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finaly had some time to mess with the "van".

Started with driver seat attachments. Newer style seat runners are narrower than the old ones. Took the seat out, measured things and figured out what I need.



next some metal and measuring and drilling.



Cut the pieces out and cut a line in for the ones that needed some bending.



Then bend these things tach it in place, then weld it over and grind it down.





I'll paint these things some time, for now need to figure out this thing.



Well. Did it all other way. Bypassed stop logic and but ground and load on the switches directly as the switch can carry load. They are all constant load and the ground is changed. 

Non memory seat


with memory seat, also needed to add load wire



Going to test it out tomorow.

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Summer wheels on.


Well the 2008 seats are higher than 1987 seats. If I fit them in I can't fit in the car any more. Need to mod the seat rails or the metal on the floor pan. It looks like Volvo added extra strengthening under the seats for side impact protection. New seats have the SIPS strengthening bars in the seat. 

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Well, started with the side panel work. They need to be refitted maby I'll replace them with plexyclass. Who knows.

First the "Zomby tubbies" went away.





And a friends wife offered me her BMW E46 320D for cheap (600.- EUR). Ran bad and uunstable, no power, hesitation and high fuel consumption.

First off went with the intake to clean it out.



Found cracked and splitt vacume lines to the turbo and fixed these.



Now runs like it should :D


There are a lot of small problems with it. Some rust rear window wiper is busted, front nose plastics are non existant and so on. But with that price I can work with. Usualy these things go for 2000.- EUR in here.

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