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64' Datsun 320 Field Find


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the bed of the 320 is 56.2", hardbody edge to edge of tires is 63"(i went outside and found a truck in the parking lot) i think i can spare 3.5" or so on each side of the truck sticking out. the original 320 tires stick way into the fender anyways. it will likely barely stick out if it goes smoothly.

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I don't think you understand how much you are going to have to cut that little truck up to get the KA/transmission into it, this is a VG30 in a 320 with an automatic, the VG30 is much shorter than a KA, you can kiss the firewall goodbye.








Here is the room between the front of the engine and the very thin radiator, did I mention the KA is loooonger.


Here is a 521 on a D21 frame, the front wheels are sticking out.


It is 62" measured between the outside of the fenders, the 320 has 57 1/2 inches between the outside of the 2 front fenders, that is over 2 more inches of tire sticking out, and the guy with the 521 is talking about needing flares also, here is a link to his thread.


I am sorry, but unless you have done something like this in the past you do not want to go there, this is a major project that could take years to complete if done properly.

This is my 320 that I have lost interest in, it runs and drives but it is not finished, I dislike body work and it has been setting for almost a year now.


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the actual work involved is wayyy past my expertise. my dad would be the one doing the major work involved with shortening the frame etc. i will bring all this up to him and thanks a ton for the pics. will give good point of reference and may steer him away from that. did you do the extended cab extension yourself? that looks pretty damn cool!

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Yes I did that but as mentioned it is not finished, not much has changed body wise since that photo, but it is not my first one, I also have made two other extended cabs, a Datsun 521 kingcab turbodiesel(first one) and what has been described as a 1966 Datsun 520 kingcab ute which took so long that I burnt out on that one for a few years also.




If you have a way of shortening a frame, then you have a way of narrowing the front clip of the D21 and grafting it on your 320 frame, that can be done in such a way that you can keep the frame VIN numbers on your frame yet have a modern front end with ball joints and front disc brakes, read this thread in the link below.


This still doesn't address the engine issue, I still think either one of your J13 engines/transmissions would be the best choice, or an A series engine out of a B210/210/310 which I have done before myself.

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Its not very easy swapping anything newer into the 320.  Whatever you do, keep all the metal you cut off it and put it aside for later, I did the same just in case I want to go back stock.


You will do whatever you choose, these guys here are knowledgeable.


There is not much room in the engine bay and it is extremely narrow.

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It's been a while since I updated, the 320 is now home! My GF's daughter named her Cow Cow lol.



I admit, leaving it in my dad's swampy field was not a good idea. I can see the metal is more compromised than before. I have been researching and researching engine swaps. I am planning on selling the 2 520s I have, this will fund the build and I was never truly excited about the idea of using the J series anyways.



As far as the idea for the dually, I decided to dually my 620 instead. 

 if anyone is interested.


I have a spare L20B, not much info on swapping L series into these trucks but a buddy on FB put one in his 66' 520 so it seems doable. I am going to make sure the engine is good and start test fitting and locating someone who can chop the engine mounts off a 620 for me so I can weld them onto my frame. I'm on the lookout for a 5 speed trans as well. I'm aware I likely won't have heat, but this swap seems the best bang for my buck. Without investing several years into the truck.


I hear the 320 h190 is not the same spline as later trucks, is that correct? Was thinking of getting a center chunk out of a d21, as my buddy says his l20b in his 520 doesn't do much more than 50mph. I believe his 66' has same gear ratio as my 320 IIRC.


I also scored a used grille in far better condition than mine, as well as a blue tailgate that isn't rotted away like mine(no pics at the moment). Just need to paint it. Now to get my d21 finished and out of my garage I will pull the 320 in the garage and finally get started on it. I also now have a full set of Xterra SC rims that I am going to use, I love em! I'll be using much smaller tires of course.



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