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  1. I missed you there if you came! I only showed up Saturday with the dually.
  2. i'm in bowling green ky if you ever need something! got a garage full of random bits.
  3. Time Left: 1 day and 14 hours

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    Comes with fork and slave cylinder in unknown condition. 270-320-2087


    - US

  4. It's been a while since I updated, the 320 is now home! My GF's daughter named her Cow Cow lol. I admit, leaving it in my dad's swampy field was not a good idea. I can see the metal is more compromised than before. I have been researching and researching engine swaps. I am planning on selling the 2 520s I have, this will fund the build and I was never truly excited about the idea of using the J series anyways. As far as the idea for the dually, I decided to dually my 620 instead. if anyone is interested. I have a spare L20B, not much info
  5. Just a little photo dump from Import Alliance 2019 Fall Meet, truck is running well. had oil leak from oil pressure sensor. replaced and has been driving fine for months, upcoming is a tilt bed!
  6. Found a 76 4 speed short bed in a junkyard a couple hours away, scored some inner window trim. mine had rotted away and the rubber was completely gone. they're almost $100 for aftermarkets on ebay. I stripped the truck, someone got to it before me though and took the mirrors, grille(had all trim rings) :( and the tailgate. This truck should have been saved and it's terrible it ended up here. Battery tray was solid and floorboards were too besides one small hole in passenger side. Gonna post some pics, if you see anything you want lmk! Truck is in Lebanon, TN at Express Pull n Save if anyone wa
  7. I havent kept up much with every little detail of change like I used to. But I went to IA in Nashville this past weekend. Truck's running really good this summer after a carb adjustment. Seems happier with Valvoline over the Pennzoil I had in it previously. Put spacers on the front so they are flush with the fenders and they look a lot better. Going to have to cut a hole in the bed to fill up fuel. No way to make the one on the dually fender work. I found some center caps for the front and hub caps for the rear, really digging them. Thinking this winter about a dump bed, just throwing out idea
  8. Been a while since I updated. Didn't do much this winter, it was very harsh this year so I didn't have much motivation to wrench in 20 degree weather. I have mounted the other set of dually fenders. I had to mount them a bit higher so it doesn't lay flush on the body lines. However that was my only option as I would have had to cut the fenders up a few inches so the tire didn't hit. Or I could have raised the truck, which wasn't ideal for me. Still very happy with the results and I like the look of these fenders a lot more. I painted them yesterday. I didn't bother fixing the damage to th
  9. think so? it may not look as funky to me once i put the smaller dually fenders on.
  10. Well I made it to the show! Truck drove great, really digging this 5 speed. I think I may put 2" spacers on the front rims so they're flush with the fenders. Looks a bit odd looking from the front not being able to see the rims at all. Considering my winter project to be the KA swap, however considering getting my 320 running. Just don't know yet. I actually bought another set of dually fenders that are actually curved to fit the bed and are a bit smaller, also no tail light holes along with having a gas cap cover. I had to fill the tank before putting these fenders on lol. I plan to paint the
  11. i think i maybe able to get the old speedo cable out without removing the dash bezel. anywho, found out i needed the adapter that attaches the crossmember to the trans, luckily had one on a spare 4 speed out of a 79. Then i went to change the carrier bearing and beating on the shaft with the nut on cause the threads to mess up, got the nut off and then grinded the bad threads off. i need a new nut if anyone has one off a later front portion of the driveshaft. early driveshaft nuts are different, i checked. almost done buttoning up my engine and trans! it's really coming together, sta
  12. yeah, would be hard to steer without it haha! i have a late model cross member already. after i was cleaning up last night i saw the speedo is on the opposite side. only remedy is to get a late model speedo cable? that would suck, not risking my dash bezel for the speedo lol.
  13. engine and trans are in, buttoning them up Thursday. hopefully will install the dually fenders then, ran out of time yesterday. ended up calling my older brother for some assistance mating the trans and dropping it in. i was having a hell of a time doing it solo. because the new trans was longer i had to disconnect my center link to be able to drop the engine in, which is something i never read anyone else had to do. luckily i replaced it last year so it was easy to disconnect. hopefully i'll be ready for IA by Oct 20th.
  14. well I installed new rear main, clutch, pilot bearing. went to install new throughout bearing and saw it needed to be pressed on. the bearing that came with my clutch kit matched the bearing on my early 4 speed but did not match the one on the 5 speed. i ended up ordering a new throughout bearing that included the collar so i didn't need to get it pressed on. also noticed i did not have the clutch fork for the 5 speed, according to part numbers they are different between the 5 speeds and the early 4 speeds. i could rob the fork out of a spare 4 speed out of a 79 I have, but oreillys has them i
  15. was my first go at drum brakes, ever lol. i matched them up to what came out. so i guess the previous guy to change them done them wrong. good eye tho! i asked in the FB group and everyone also suggested the sta-lube. any other suggestion? i havent put it in the trans yet. it's funny, for years i saw 0 datsuns on craigslist. and within a year i've accumulated 7, and found the one in a junkyard. check your FB marketplace!
  16. got the engine out, went with that Sta-Lube stuff for the new trans. gonna mate them up hopefully sunday.
  17. I meet a guy on the facebook group that happened to be a couple towns away, he had one and I scored it for I believe it was $40! guy has been messing with these trucks since he was a kid, he had TONS of old Datsun dealership paperwork and memorabilia.
  18. Well I got the transmission out, was a huge pain to fit between the exhaust and passenger side torsion bar. So to reinstall, I am going to pull the engine as I think this new long tail is going to be even more difficult to fit from underneath. Wish me luck! Any suggestions for what kind of trans fluid I should run in my new 5 speed?
  19. Time Left: 11 days and 15 hours

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    need a datsun1600 fender emblem off a 72-73 620. I need one but will buy two if necessary. i have pp and will pay for shipping


    Bowling Green, Kentucky - US

  20. I had some left over white paint from an old jeep I had, matched perfectly so you can't tell where I done the rust repair. I almost have my transmission out, can't seem to get to the top two bell housing bolts. going to give it another go tonight. i was having a brain fart before, my trans cross member wasn't welded in. when i glanced under it a couple weeks ago i looked at the wrong cross member. however my 74 did have a welded in trans cross member, weird. Also noticed some damage to my exhaust I am going to need to get repaired, seems the exhaust has met the concrete a few times and it's al
  21. Good news, rust repair is done. No pics though, because It’s not pretty but it’s sturdy and will not leak. I’m a novice at welding and this my first experience with mig. I used a spare 79 fender I had for the metal, don’t worry it was dented in really bad so not a waste of a good fender. I used a HF 180 on 220 with gas. I tried the fluxcore first, and that was awful. Hopefully my window guy will be around this week to install my slider finally. Onto my next question. my trans crossmember is welded in, as I have read most early trucks are. I’m doing a 5 speed swap. Does everyone ju
  22. Got the dually fenders in from Teddy! Getting started on the rust repair finally. Got the headliner out in one piece, going to try and get an upholstery shop to make me a new one using the old as a template. May as well have them do the sun visors in the same fabric. Then I can tackle the fiberglass fenders and paint them up. May end up going with a fuel cell as there is no opening for the gas door on the fenders. Afterwards I need to swap in my five speed and new bench seat to clear the shifter on the new trans. I see the trans cross member is welde
  23. they are from the cali step side bed conversions of like the 80s i think? i will have pics when they arrive, however I am getting nervous as tracking hasn't updated since the 2nd. it was shipped greyhound so i'm not sure if that's usual for them. Going from WA to KY. We will see what they have to say tomorrow when I call. Getting the truck moved into the garage tomorrow to address shifter and rust. Side note, I finally got my new 79 parts truck home last week. Has a pretty darn good condition dash in it! No cracks and only one small place where it seems someone hit the
  24. Well the hardbody I went to look at was MINT. So I have decided to rebuild it and make it a daily driver. Needs a whole front clip including inner fender and core support. However I found another hardbody that has a good drive train and the body is good(so I can use it to rebuild this hardbody) but has a bad frame, this is the perfect truck as it provides an engine/trans for my 620 and the body panels needed to fix my new hardbody. However not sure if I can pick it up before guy sells it, either way I'm on the look out once again for another D21. I have not, I'll check it out th
  25. Well while the truck was down I decided to have my windshield guy put a new seal on the windshield as well as put my new rear slider in and he found some rust that needs to be addressed before he can put the rear glass in. I used seals I got off of ebay from Summit. I seemed to have bought the last set. I hear the Thai ones are hit or miss when it comes to the quality of the gasket. On a better note I have my dually fenders on the way via greyhound and I am about to pick up a d21 for a donor truck for the ka24 and trans with 118k for $500! However I think I'm going to keep my truck up and runn
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