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64' Datsun 320 Field Find


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couple of my friends said it looks like a fire truck with the headache rack. dunno if i'm going to run with the fire truck look or take the headache rack off and throw 14's on and go for a more stock look.

i have 4 trucks to part out before i have room for this 320 in my driveway so hopefully that goes by quickly because i cant wait!



You are welcome. 


I have a 67 520 parts truck that has the J13 4 speed in it if you need something.  I have no idea what shape the engine and transmission are.

i have a spare j13 with a 4 speed from one of my 520's but no idea on condition. if i need anything i'll hit you up!

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I've never tried it, but early solid axle Toyota 4x4's have 15 inch rims with hubcap bosses that would look perfect for a +1" wheel size. The later IFS pickups also had a similar wheel, but the offset was more positive. I wonder if those would look more appropriate.


Just an idea.

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Great info I'm definitely now keeping my eyes open. I'd love to find a stock looking 15" wheel that fits the stock 320 hubcaps.


I've never tried it, but early solid axle Toyota 4x4's have 15 inch rims with hubcap bosses that would look perfect for a +1" wheel size. The later IFS pickups also had a similar wheel, but the offset was more positive. I wonder if those would look more appropriate.


Just an idea.

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Okay, been reading and am considering A14/A15 due to the option of a 5 speed.

I have found several options for engines off car-part.com

Through some research I have made up a list, *which is likely not 100% correct* of vehicles that featured the A14/A15.

77-81 stanza

77-81 510

74-82 210

75-82 b210

77-82 310

77-82 pulsar

75-77 f10

I know some of those years are not exact. Please fill free to correct me. From my research it seems the Stanza and the 510 are the same vehicle however car-part is not very good at cross referencing old vehicles so it brought more available engines by searching the same years under their different vehicle names. Same scenario with the 310 and Pulsar.

Here is my list of available engines I found, please provide some insight on which you believe will be the best donor.

I will put the engine I BELIEVE came in the car using context clues, please correct me if you see incorrect information. Will also include pricing and descriptions provided by the junkyards.

1980 210 - A14 $250

1984 Pulsar - A15? $550 - TURBO ENGINE**can anyone chime in on this?

1980 310 - A14 $250

1981 310 - A15? No Price

1975 B210 - A14? No Price

1975 B210 - A14? No Price

1979 210 - A14? No Price

1979 210 - A14? No Price

1981 310 - A15? $300

1982 310 - A15? $350 - 63k runs good

1982 Pulsar - A14? $250 - good motor

1978 F10 - A14? $200

1976 F10 - A14 $50 - A14, 40k, MISSING THERMOSTAT HOUSING

1980 210 - A14 $200


Though I have been suggested to use an A series and throw a 5 speed manual in it, I am having an extremely hard time finding a 5 speed. Using the compiled list above I also searched for a 5 speed transmission. I only found one, the description says "need to check if 4 or 5 speed" so my luck it will be a 4 speed. If i'm stuck with a 4 speed I will just stick with my J13 4 speed. Does no one ever put L series in these? I have two L series just sitting, and can find a 5 speed for one of those for $350. Trying to get the ball rolling on this truck, before I know it, it will be ready to come to my garage and I need to have a drive train ready.


Is there any cars missing in the list that have the A14/A15 OR a 5 speed manual transmission that will work with an A14/A15?


Thanks for all the help you guys have been great!

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Stick with the 210/310 vehicles, the engine is not sideways in them.

210/310 5 speed transmissions are expensive, you will be lucky to find one at all and if you do you will pay for it, the MG guys bought all of them up they could find for their MGs, they are so hard to find now that they made a kit for Ford transmissions now.

An L block can be wedged in there, but it is not easy, the block will be within a quarter inch of the firewall and the heater core outlets will need to be modified to keep a heater, it is possible as others have done it, here is a photo and link to one with an L block in a 320 and he didn't have a heater.



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Here's a 320 in this forum with an L-Series motor. 




If you start going down that route, get the short trany; I believe about 26" long. Bout the same as the 320 tranys. 


Be sure you have your cutting and welding toys and your shoehorn ready to go.

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If your talking about the 5 speed being rare, well that is what everyone wants so naturally that is what everyone would suggest, fact is a 4 speed would be just fine with an A block in a 320, them engines rev, and they don't sound like they are revving, it is easy to run it up to 6000rpms when one is getting on it.

You will likely not be going 75mph in a 320 anyway unless you rebuild everything, like I said mine was fun to drive, but over 65mph was kinda scary as the front end was loose.

No one wants the automatics, a 320 with an A14/auto might be fun, but if you have a running J13/4spd I would go that route myself as it might almost bolt right in if you have all the mount parts for it as it appears you do not have the 320 E block mount hardware.

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if this transmission that says "check if 4 or 5" turns out to be just a 4 speed i'll likely stick with this J series if it's pretty much bolt in. if it turns out to need much fabrication i think i might try and fit this l20b with a 4 speed in, then later down the line scoop up a 5 speed for it. recently got a 5 speed from a later 620, for my early 620 for only $50! maybe i'll get lucky again and find another.

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Wayno, from my googling the 310 is fwd so the only vehicle with a 5 speed that will work with an A series in a RWD platform is the 210 I reckon? This also limits the engine options to the 210 only if there are any differences between the FWD and RWD A series engines. If anyone couldn’t chime in on if there are any differences that’d be great.


Side note, anyone have info on the turbo a15 engine from the 84 pulsar? Was that a stock option?

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The J13 is likely the easiest.

The L20b has way more power, you will be way happier with that I am sure, but it is not going to go in there easy, I would also look for an L16 water pump/fan, as it is the shortest fan assembly I know about right now, and it will give you more room for the radiator.

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If you use that J motor with it's four speed from a 520 with it's four speed and it was assembled Sept, 1965 or earlier you'll need to drill the bosses on the side of the tailshaft housing and find a set of 320 rear mounts and it will bolt in. Not sure about the front mounts on a J-Series block compared to an E-Series. You'll also need to acquire a 320 floor shift pan for the floor. If I remember correctly, you have a column shift floor pan that PO cut a hole in for a shifter ??


If your 520 transmission has the removable sheet metal pan on the bottom, you're gonna have to cut the cab floor at the back of the transmission cover opening. you're gonna have to cut the floor and rework a tunnel cover for any Nissan/Datsun trany except the top-load floor shift 320/410/520 trany.

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J13 coming from a 68 520.

Just going to have to drop it in and see what needs to be done. Seems there are a lot of things that will require modifications. I know a lot of guys run the j13 in their 320 but keep the stock 320 floor mount trans to avoid any further mods. Unfortunately I can not locate an engine or trans for a 320 at all or I would Frankenstein them together.

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I will for sure start and compression check it before installing into the 320. If I go that route, thought if I could find another viable option that includes a 5 speed I’d go that route. Doesn’t look like there are any though. Coming up dry for fuel injected engines as well. The easiest and viable swap may have been in front of me all along, the j13.

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If you use any Nissan trany besides the column or floor shift unit that came in the 320 you're gonna be doing a bit of cut-&-paste. You've mentioned the L-Series several times so I guess you have the fabrication skills and equipment to do cut-&-paste.


Original floor shift trany looks like this:




Post Sept. 1965 520 trany looks like this:




Note the shifter position and tailshaft mount on the two tranys. If U use your 68 520 trany, your floor will have to be modified. Here's an example.




That's a column shift floor pan which, if I remember correctly, you have with some kind of cut in it. Your easiest route with least handiwork if you just want to get it running/driving and plan for something else later is a column or floor shift transmission that came in the 320 originally installed on the back of your J13. Your pickup originally had column-shift and that will be the easiest stuff to find as it was the most produced configuration. Again, without looking back up-thread, your truk originally had column shift that has been butchered. Good luck finding a floor shift top-loader trany like the one in my first photo. They were used just a few years in the mid 1960's in 320 pickup, 420 Bluebird sedan, and first half year production 520 pickup. Again, they were used in production up to September 1965.


Your 520 flywheel will work with the top load trany, but you need everything aft of the flywheel with the top load. With column shift transmission you'll need the flywheel and everything back to the trany output shaft including all the linkage and shifter. Driveshaft from column or floor shift will work. 


If you go with anything other than the two transmissions pictured above, you're outside the scope of my experience on this.

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Hell, You're in Bowling Green, Home of the Corvette. 


Just scab some Vette stuff in it !!

Haha that would be pretty sweet.







I was by the truck today and inspected the center link issue, looks like someone cut the original one up and altered it seemingly so they could insert a different engine and was trying to clear it's oil pan. also looks like my passenger side engine mount bracket on the frame has been cut off. I reckon I can use the one off my 520 since I will be using the 520 engine it seems. Ted was able to hook me up with the missing LCA cross member. I am forever grateful, as well I am picking up one of those sweet repro 320 manuals he has.


Ted tells me if anyone will know the answer to my next question it's Wayno!

Anyone know if I could use a 520 or 620 center link? I read before that the steering components are the same across the trucks, not sure how true this is. Ted offered a used center link however I will need to find new as I fear the used will likely be worn out. If 520 or 620 ones do not fit I will have to make my own. I have a spare 620 center link I will bring with me next time and see if it's close.

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