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I Just Have to Laugh.....or, Things Come in Threes

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                  Got into my "new" truck ('96 Ford F150) yesterday,& noticed a note

under one of the wiper blades.Seems that a 16 year old boy backed into it,&

left the note with his information.

               When I talked to him,I let him know that I wasn't happy about it,but I

made sure that I commended him on "doing the right thing",as he could have

just driven off,& I wouldn't have seen it until later.

                 I'm still upset,in that the body was in really nice shape,with original-

paint,with a few minor dings & scrapes.

                 Withing that last month,I've had my '95 Dodge Dakota backed into,

& I found out that the the driver had no insurance.At least I got a good price

for it,without fixing it.

                   Then as week after the Dakota got hit,I heard a crash in front of

the house,& saw a newer For F150 had hit my car trailer,with the B210 parts car

on it.Guy took off,& I tried,but couldn't find him.Cost me $500 to fix it,& now this.

                 I'm leaving for Virginia (via Kalispell,Montana),on October 14th,& don't

need more things to deal with like this.

                 I want a boring year!                       

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Regarding OP.  sometimes, its' like.  In one month, my water heater went out, then the radiator on my 65 mustang went out, spring in the garage door broke, then my wife's car started running funny after being in the body shop.  Come to find out that when the battery is disconnected on an Envoy, they were supposed to plug in like a memory stick in the cig. lighter so that you don't lose memory and can mess up your ECM.

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Back in here man , the 1980 been getting hammered in last year . Left side rear fender in parking lot not me, right side rear me slapping cone, today passenger mirror loose and a huge drag down the side adding to previous dented fender .


Rear fender clips , usually done by owners in parking garages .. my least favourite look.


4 years she went with just me pulling stuff off. one original dent , freeway paint chips, etc.


Now that's at least a definite three.


Drives good , so I'm laughing

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