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Re-core or replace RAD?


Re-core or Replace Radiator?  

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  1. 1. Re-core or Replace Radiator?

    • Re-core
    • Replace
    • Eat a dick

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Yeah but he wouldn't give me a price over the phone, has to see it in person.  Aluminum better than copper? 


My shit is leaking on the driver side somewhere above or near the petcock.  Or its running down from somewhere up above but the upper hose is tight/dry so it leads me to believe that its either over pressurized or some leak that only occurs once I drive it and let it sit.   It does not come out the overflow tube on the other side.  


Can having too much coolant cause it to leak?  I wouldn't think so but I did top it off a couple days ago.  



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Both options have their place in the automotive world. If you're leaving the car/truck mostly stock, then I'd just re-core it. If the radiator needs a different layout, ie- for an engine swap, with diffferent size inlet/out or different inlet/outlet locations, then I'd go for a different radiator.


Eat a dick is not an option.

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lol...Thanks stoffgren...not doing a swap and still have the stock L16 but like to dress things up where I can.  Was wondering whether my truck would run cooler with a newer 3row aluminum.   Going to rent one of those radiator testers from pep boys and see what it does.  If it leaks will pull it and see what the radiator shop says.  

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Find the leak first... could be just a pin hole on a seam or something....

Those pressure testers work pretty good... should expose the location of the leak..

If you haven't had any overheating issues than it may not even need a recore....

If it's leaking from the core than you will need to make a decision ....


And ya it was me who voted "eat a dick"

Shouldn't have gave me a 3rd option...

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Maybe its just the o ring on the pet cock that's leaking? Do this first before testing radiator. How will it hold pressure when theirs a leak?

It definately wont hold pressure... The benefit is the fan won't be blowing a small leak all over... and it won't be hot trying to find it.... free rental so why not....

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Thanks crash...


Here is mine and by the looks of that lower left corner looks like its been leaking forever.   I watch this truck like a hawk for leaks and only recently noticed coolant leaking at all so no idea what the deal is with it.  Maybe time to just move on from this fucker and just get a koyo? 







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Agreed.  Also no washer, looks like there was one at one time but not anymore.  Besides not sure that was my problem because there was coolant under the core on the lip above the bottom tank and I don't think coolant would get up there while the truck was parked.  

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