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Lester D

Serious Help with 620

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I posted my 1974 620 for sale and don't want to sell her. I have an sr20det in the garage that i want to put in it and keep her. Does anyone know anyone that can do the work or even talk me through it. Please. I know it sounds lame but I'm kinda stuck with time. I gotta move and posted all my rides for sale

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Sounds like your in a ruff spot... not on the right coast to come help you, sorry.

So you say your selling all you rides, are you trying to keep the 620?

Is there no motor in the truck, does it need the swap completed to drive?

What's your time line like?

maybe alittle more info might help, current condition of the truck a pic or 2...

Ca should have a bunch of resources to help you...

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Rent a storage space from someone with a garage. Tarp it up and come back to it when you have the time. You can't rush these things it takes months to do it right. Having someone do it right and right away is $10,000. Having somebody's cousin Earl do it for $1,500 gets you shitty welds, even shittier red neck engineering shortcuts and stuff stolen..

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I've seen a number of ads on Los Angeles craigslist from people/shops? doing SR20DET installs into various vehicles. Their pics show a 510 and a 620. I don't know the cost. I haven't seen the ad in a while, but I haven't looked since I bought my SR20 motor. I haven't done my swap yet, but expect to soon. 


Though having said that, if you're not mechanically inclined, or don't have a best friend who is, it's not an easy job. Neither is it cheap. You will spend far more than you expect just to get it in there and running properly. It will likely take you at least three times longer than you think (expect at least a few weeks if not months of constant progress in evenings and weekends. Guys who can do it more quickly will cost you for their knowledge, or you'll get a hack job as Datzenmike said. There's a reason why there are so many unfinished 620s with SR20 engines for sale.  


I'm not trying to scare you, but your questions and lack of research implies that you don't have a clue what you're getting into. 


There have been a number of threads on various forums with some general directions. None of these are complete or detailed, but you can get the gist. Search google. 

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Hey Jester if you come by the shop you can see two swaps , a 521 needs fuel lines and battery and a 620 about to get motor dropped in today  then wired , both sr20de NA I am trying to do 620 in two months total , not cheap and have a couple waiting for swaps at this time , we also do lS1 chebys and some restorations here come by you  are 5 miles away (562)696-5995

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I know nothing of this swap but can make an incomplete list of at least some of the things to be done.


Custom one off parts....


engine mounts

transmission mounts


oil pan

exhaust down pipe



convert 620 electrical system to SR20 internal regulated alternator.

custom rad and cooling system

delete power steering on SR engine

custom throttle cable

graft SR temp sender to work the 620 gauge

custom fuel delivery system, high pressure pump and lines and wiring.

wire in the EFI to the 620 electrical system.

Shift lever hole re-located.

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