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Silver blue 1970 1600 bluebird 4dr  - at auction right now!


original color

after market muffler

Alloy radiator

stone chip on the FW

headliner is sagging

scratches on the trim

fade on the steering/shift knob

after market suspension?

rust underneath

core support replaced

scratches on the wheels

rear door handle broken

repairs on the body









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On 8/1/2019 at 1:51 PM, carterb said:

Silver 1971 1500DX bluebird 4dr  1,800,000 Yen




Nissan Bluebird




only one pic and no other info.  Boo!


This one came back up, now listed for 1,200,000 Yen












I am working with my importer to get information.  We were able to get a lot more pictures posted and it looks great but was in a small accident and has no left front fender and there are scrapes on the left doors.  It's also way down at the bottom SW end of Japan so I'm afraid it is going to cost too much in overland transport to get it to port to ship it out.  We'll see...



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White 1972 Bluebird 2dr  4,800,000 Yen




★ best new car par, Phantom 2dr sedan, Bluebird 510 ★ L18 breaks 1.940cc full tune, big valves, SOLEX44,63A / 5-speed, R180 / LSD, 130 struts, BRE specification

★ new car par, Phantom 2dr sedan, Bluebird ★ 510
L18 modified two-liter full tune
big valve
Sus? Takoashi muffler
FS5W63A / 5-speed
R180 / LSD
130 strut vehicle height adjustment
BRE specification

about 300 sheets image please refer to the, new car par, is 2dr sedan of phantom ☆

※ Recycling deposit, legal fees, and 10,000 yen for the unknown with respect to expenses, but
tells the exact amount at cost at the time of a successful bid it will give me the payment

of the current 510, the average market price is I think 3 million that it is before and after, but
rebuilt about 20 years ago, also only in the restoration has been body
I think to be comparable to the current 510 market price.
Brake tubeless? In full Earls, tuning and the one way
I think you can see from even the image, such as parts.

2dr sedan that rarely on the market, new car par about exquisite,
perfection so also is perfect by tuning,
will ride probably about 30 years in the normal maintenance.
It is and comfortable fast ride normally is a little exaggerated representation in the magazine.
This request exhibition from acquaintance but a clutch (cylinder) brake
is that the O / H, Refurbished in around July.
Inspection also I think the acquisition / can continue bring in anywhere because certified already.

I think that can be seen if you look at the image, but consider this state
decided the price.
It can not substantial discounts will respond to the negotiations.
Directly from the question column negotiations because it is a guideline violation
please contact us by mail to us.
☆ image about 300 sheets
Mail Gtrsss05attogmail.Com














300 pictures is awesome!  But would it really have been too much trouble to take the junk out of the trunk?

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Silver Blue 1971 1400DX Bluebird 4dr  1,500,000 Yen




★ video Yes ★ 510 Bluebird 1400DX ★ Sole, octopus, car height ★ test 3/1 ★


★ video Yes ★ 510 Bluebird 1400DX ★ Sole, octopus, car height ★ test 3/1 ★
Description of item • The our exhibition Thank you have a look. If the auction middle noticed points and the change was there Look to the bottom from time to time because it describes update.

- has been riding 3 little over a year while variously put your hands. I think whether you Tebanaso since has become want to ride in soon different car. It is the person who recruited who will continue to cherish.
Because it is not a restored car is each part its own way, but I think that it is not embarrassed by riding such a rag, but ....

- Datsun Bluebird

-grade 1400DX
※ is a four-wheel drum because it is low grade.

· 1970 formula

-mileage 36518Km
※ It is not possible to say less than the distance of the car verification described, but I do not know if the actual travel or because it is this year ^^; I do not know even repair history.

· Inspection 3 January 6

, originally it was almost normal, Hayashi wheel, Solex, Takoashi, muffler, harmonic drive (four-wheel both), reloaded 3-speed column to 4-speed floor mission, igniter (point-less) , power pop, Recaro, Datsun competition Han, outside cooler (Kiki sweet) ^^ it has Tsu like Idi;
※ you might leave parts to remove possibly. Please note that describes the update If you remove if.

And exterior is the previous owner is the same color? In (similar color?) Seems to have all painted. It is tolerably clean, but small scratches and small rust there.
Scratches on the bumper angle there. There is evidence of repair a hole to rot on the floor.
※ does not have the folded fender nail.

And interior is a feeling of use of Nari year, there is a sense of Yare. Carpet remains.
CD & MD deck and speakers, are marked outside tachometer.
Genuine fuel gauge and water temperature system has been working fine, but the clock will become increasingly faster.
※ There is no non smoking car. Pets are not put has kept two dogs and a cat at home.

Cooler is equipped with after-made continental products. Turn engine effectiveness because the belt is slipping is not good enough. Fan retrofitted once before condenser are suffixed 2 groups.
※ is moved to the top of the compressor position only a little more belt will become feel like not slip. If it is welding it does not seem to be in so much hard work, but can not be a me ^ ^; and

institutions such as the engine is strong. Solex also I think that has come out of the setting (because it is prima facie bike shop Hashikure)
mission is smooth without Gajiru. It does not slip clutch.
Oil leakage there will ne ^ ^ after all; instead of feeling that has continued always leak, it seems to fall a few drops after came running. We do not know from where so did not mind such of because it is this year.

All-electric class is lit normally. Dynamo has become stronger than normal, so was replaced in Sanitora genuine.

Louis of the expenses you do not get. Car tax because it is troublesome Toka's Toka recycling's monthly installments is fine only in the successful bid price ^ ^; -

It is with inspection so we will Azukara 30,000 yen to complete the name change as a deposit. And then return after the completion of transfer of ownership.

Auto loan treatment there of, but because there are various conditions and examination, those who wish, please let us know in the "to be sure the day before the successful bid."

- also consideration funny car exchange When was the (old cars and rare cars). However, foreign car, please pardon ^^;

· If you have any questions please ask you a question. Please let me know as well from the question because the actual thing check is OK.
(Direct your questions, please e-mail Atto Yahoo.Co.Jp .Bikedohc)

· other in the image there also. Here Please click the.

And video is there. Here Please click the.

Something yet (do not ride only about 200km from the time of inspection) too much not ride because that; that ★ It is impossible to tell all the old cars only photos and sentences I think also there that have forgotten to write ^^ you might not have noticed even if failure is not hidden. So it is strongly recommended that where I am to ride to see the actual thing if possible!
Precautions - usually in the running to be Thomas bent is a vehicle no doubt, but not attached guarantee. Warranty against defects also we will consider it as exemption from responsibility.
If there is lack of explanation in the present situation also Yusugata priority, cancellation after your passing, returned goods, refund, complaint, since the discount, etc. can not undertake, please come to an actual thing check before a successful bid if possible.

The payment is a financial institution within three business days, the name change is always in November! In Thank you.

- also because it exhibits at other sites, you may want to without exhibition cancellation notice, but please understand.
Shipping Details · Direct give you welcome. JR's south a short walk from Yokkaichi Station 3 minutes place because I think that convenient either.

· In the case of dispatch in me I do not know even postage It can not be skilled in the art arrangements. Excuse me.
Cooperation you could guarantee to suppliers arrange by the successful bidder, we will consider it.
Payment Method Yahoo! simple settlement
bank transfer JNB optimism
■ other hand














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green 1968 1600DX bluebird 4dr w/ mods - no price listed so you know what that means...




Nissan Bluebird DX 510 SU Twin Cab Lowdown 5MT

If you are a KW / Fukuoka VW / old car used car, please go to HARFEE'S! Model 510 Sheet & Carpet & Ceiling Replacement SU Twin Cab

Bluebird 510 ★ 4 door sedan!

Finished inside and outside!

Fender mirror

Plating night light

Emblem alive


Low down!

Please check the front tire eyes


Rear tire











So pretty!


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Silver 1970 1600DX bluebird 4dr   2,681,819 Yen




With a money-back guarantee: 1970 Bluebird 510 1600DX Solex @ choosing a car .com

★ 1600DX ★ genuine 5-speed ★ Solex 44 pie ★ Takoashi ★ dual muffler ★ Hayashi 13 inches aluminum ★ Hakosuka the previous fiscal year mirror ★ outside tachometer ★ ETC ★ Datz down competition handle ★ CD deck ★ tower bar ★ oil catch tank ★ outside ignition coil ★ outside Desubi ★ digital radar ★ Lowdown










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Blue 1970 bluebird 4dr  1600   2,580,000 Yen  *same car that was offered at the auction on October 31 - see above*




Old cars ★ out of print ★ actual running ★ 510 ★ Blue Bird ★ ★ Solex Roebuck 5-speed ★ Takoashi ★★ muffler ★ Arumiraji ★ Restore ★ inspection Yes ★ shop ★

★ ☆ old cars ★ out of print ★ 510 ★ Blue Bird ★ Solex ★ 5-speed ★ Takoashi ★ ☆ electromagnetic pump ★ ★ muffler aluminum radiator ★ outside octopus ★ Omori triple ★ F spoiler ★ below care already ★ BOZE speaker ★
        Description of item

Thank you for seeing!

Rhea car published! ! The Special Event! !

510 Blue Bird

custom large number in the beautiful state
is 510 Bluebird!

Real run 99948km!

electromagnetic pump
Roebuck 5-speed
external muffler
outside tachometer
Omori triple meter
outside steering
front spoiler
aluminum radiator
Enkei Dish wheel
Panasonic audio
BOZE-standing rear speakers
genuine original paint
color change without the

dash cracking No!
In many custom, interior and exterior clean 510!
I would recommend!

Cost finished now and
is a bargain considering the time!

Please hurry in the case before the end of the year!

Separately custom, OH, etc. is also possible!
Additional We offer old car!
Your car is not in the inventory also will be looking for from the whole country!

note! Until the end, always, please read! !

510 Blue Bird
in here,
you can see the actual running video!

Car not in stock also
will be looking for from the whole country!
Please feel free to contact us!

The most successful, such as the details
are such details,


please e-mail to!

Content conditions and the like
if Oriae the amount of money to each other
and the end of early.
Is first come, first served!

The DoCoMo, results in an error
you may not be able to reply.

★ Since the old car and traveling unclear ask just in case!


additional meter, custom large number such as steering!
Dash cracking without any, is in a beautiful state!

with a clean exterior, Solex, is 510 of recommend such harmonic drive!
Genuine painting, color change without the

floor hole without free
(see image)

actual item and as much! ! Do not miss it! ! !

Note! !

Only place to be worried about the current car, please ask you a question.

Since it is the function confirmed
Leave described above.

Frequently Asked Questions

question of rust-based

I think that some of the rust there, but it is individual subjectivity, but
I think that it is good quality.

Engine system

is a good rise blow Solex.
Settings already
idling is normal.


clutch, mission no problem.
Roebuck 5-speed

brake system

test drive traveling at the time of confirmed!
It is not behavioral problems!

Last, it is a confirmation of the opinion of us.
Others need your help by present condition priority.
Please understand that improvement is sometimes required because because there are individual differences in opinion.

Last, American car, I ask only for the person who understands the old car.
Present condition priority, no claim, no return, please strict observance.

Pick up in the self-propelled is a risk of the successful bidder.

Nationwide Rikuhashi is possible. Your estimates to the question column.

As much as possible we recommend check the current car!

If you can not check the current car,
in advance, we ask you for a check of always content.
Pictures, videos, etc., so with heartfelt sincerity will correspond
please feel free to contact us.
After the purchase of On top of that you ask strictly no claim.

Name change, for trouble prevention
will be a separate agency on our side.
Will vary the amount of money by each prefecture
in advance, please contact us.

Direct transactions, wins the discount negotiation are welcome ^^ early person.

Negotiations as soon as
you finished early!

We heard separately also preliminary inspection ~! Please contact us!

Preliminary inspection welcome! !

In advance from the question column, be sure to reserve a room ask to you I ^ ^

but please bid from is sure to ★ notes read ★

worth a look! On this occasion, by all means, but please inquire!

★★ discount negotiation, please be sure to read before a bid! ★★

! ! ! Note! ! !

Mischief successful bid is very large! !

Because of mischief successful bid prevention, the lowest winning bid

Because it is set to overlook the amount of money,

inquiries of the lowest winning bid,

thank you to the question column.

And an immediate drop,

"no contact"

"I make a mistake you want to cancel,"

"not buying"

such as,

heartless person of, so naughty specific damage there are many,

if you immediate drop, always, to the question column
immediately drop hope and, please contact us.

Without inquiry, be immediately dropped,

please understand that I refuse by the highest bidder convenience.

In addition, those who correspond to the following content, please do not bid on the absolute.

@ Those who can not pay. (Please contact us in advance, such as loans)

@ people on behalf of the successful bid.

@ If you do not understand well the old car.

@ More nervous one

case of a person corresponding to the above, even if a successful bid
by the highest bidder convenience, please understand that it and delete it.












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Yellow 1970 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr    2,580,000 Yen




Nissan Bluebird Out of Print 510 Bluebird record book run 7.2 man family name 2 owner


Out-of-print old car 510 Bluebird family name 2 owner record book Actual run 7.2 man interior and exterior bi-car under finish engine room care finished

Out of print old car! 510 Bluebird!

Family name 2 owner!

Many records from S44 to R1!

Real driving 72,000km!

Restore level beauty!

Under care has been done!

Engine room care finished!

Bumper and other beautiful plating products!

Test drive completed!

I think it is probably stored in the garage!

Checked by each institution!

National land transportation arrangements are possible!

Please contact us for custom, OH, etc. separately!

Out of Print Old Car 510 Bluebird Family Name 2 Owner Record Book Actual Run 7.2 Man Inner and Outer Vehicle Finished Engine Room Care Completed












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blue 1971 1800sss bluebird coupe  800,000 Yen to open,  1,700,000 yen BIN




Bluebird 510 SSS old cars

Bluebird 1800sss coupe is somewhat of rust and dirt large dent is not rot there tail I wedge frame before and after bumper light not until the driver's door glass all subordinates are equipped with cooler but Kawakari Mase does is almost normal old car to hear so I hope in a thank you check the current car I do not claim accepted at all without the confirmation of the current car no claim.









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On 11/17/2019 at 9:02 PM, carterb said:











The Revell Models decal on the passenger kick panel is an interesting addition


Image result for Revell models

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It sold in less than 24hrs.

I made the mistake of asking a question before just handing over my money.


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1972 Datsun 510 2dr in Japan   2,250,000 Yen




1972 DATSUN 510 Bluebird is a rare 2-door sedan L20B engine & WEBER down draft certified 5-speed transmission individual exhibition !!


1972 (1972 type) Datsun-510 is an ultra-rare two-door sedan, individual exhibition !!
Details will be postscript later.

(2019 November 18, 22 hours 49 minutes added)

We up a photo to the following Yahoo! box. Please have a look.

(2019 November 18, 23 hours 46 minutes addition)
1972 model year, it is a California car left handle.
Since the first year registration of October 2018., there are still after nearly two years inspection.

This earlier, but I thought to catch long in the BRE specification, we have decided to sell because it was supposed to get down to the production of other vehicles.
Now in the United States, 510, especially 2-door sedan is high enough not also believe the price very number of balls less.
Since the personal of the exhibition, I hope if you can transfer it to the person who will take over the care I know the value of this vehicle.

Rough specifications are as follows.

· 1972 DATSUN 510 2-door sedan
, left handle
, rare L20B engine, certified acquisition
, 5-speed transmission
-certified Weber downdraft + CANNON intake & Takoashi
front disc brake for-SSS
-Datsun Motorsport spring & Lowdown shock
· RS Watanabe (those days ) beauty products
dashboard without cracking

engine is always one shot starting, the torque of the L20B is powerful, there is clearly a difference between L16 and L18. If you tried to run faster, it is the old cars that can run at a considerable pace.
Paint has become a relatively new, most, new rubbers, but there is such a fine dent.
In addition, there are some tears in heaven upholstery and rear seat.

Since the fine is not enough space, we need your help from a question.
Answer politely as possible.
※ to the question that contains the personal information, please be assured that will answer privately.

Question and that can not be written to the question column, etc., we will correspond if you can mail to the following address consultation about the confirmation of the current car.

It should be noted, ridicule and inquiries from people with no understanding in car of this kind should withhold at all.









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Green 1970 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr  3,168,000 Yen




Nissan Bluebird 1600SSS L16 Kai 2L 5-speed Hi-Cam LSD

SSS with excellent driving content and great body! High cam high compression piston 130Z strut harmonic drive R180 Nismo LSD











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Blue 1969 1600DX bluebird 4dr  2,300,000 Yen




1969 510 Bluebird L18 modified two-liter low-back five-speed about good

It will exhibit at the convenience of the storage location.
If Kere If selling this time I thought it tries to continue riding looking for a new parking lot.
Showa is the 44-year formula 510 Bluebird.
Inspection 32 January 27
The main remodeling point
L18 engine (non-certified)
KA24 Piston and processing high cam 72 ° reinforced valve spring, lightweight flywheel crank bend modified full balancing like.
Carburetor Solex 44
Ignition system MSD
Muffler There are two types of the tail piece of straight and trust.
Mitsuba fuel pump, water pump, alternator, etc. was that of a new one installed at the time of engine production.
Us was that the extent after the engine production 5000㎞ at the time of purchase. 2000㎞ we ride as after the purchase.
F Japan for the strut, disk, harmonic drive
R Hachiroku damper, unknown harmonic drive
Before and after Nismo tower bar
R180 Cusco 2WAY4.11LSD
Time thing Watanabe 14 inches
Omori octopus, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure gauge
Rear those days magic curtain
Driver's seat semi Bucket Seat (There is genuine sheet)
To append If you remember other.
Pretty tone good, and then re-setting of inspection and carburetor of the compression of the engine last month.
I think that may be the state, such as body and below.
Interior, seat is also state good. No dash cracking
Of and touring degree day 200㎞, it may also be used for commuting, etc., but did not have to be stuck even once.
The problem with that water temperature gauge has become immobile from last month (until not move fast, was the city riding both stable water temperature)
I think about it or did not move or move the fuel gauge.
If you are understanding because it is 50 years ago of the car, I need your help by a no claim no return.
I think I also fully taking over possible self-propelled, but I need your help by self-responsibility.
We do not accept such discount negotiations at the start price or less.
A look at the current car, if possible, I would like you to purchase on which I am convinced and passenger.
The winning bid will be the total payments.







Beautiful car!

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Red 1969 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe




Nissan Bluebird 510 Coupe SSS 4MT One Owner Indoor storage

Nagoya 51 number (Nagoya Jurisdiction) Original condition Cars with many rare dealer options

Bluebird SSS made in 1969 has been received. It is a very rare coupe among 510. The latest 4-wheel independent suspension at that time, a newly developed OHC engine, a beautiful and elegant form, and a famous car that anticipated the 70s.

This body is fully painted with Daytona Red, a symbol of S30Z of the same age. Like Z, it is a unit that emphasizes sportiness.

The “Nagoya 51” number, which has been kept unchanged since then, is a proof of value and history. Those in charge of Nagoya can take over this number as it is.

This car was stored indoors as a single owner, so there is little rusting from the age and it shows the good body condition.

RS Watanabe's aluminum wheels are standard, but are essential to produce sportiness. If it is too wide, the feeling of yancha will come out too much, but this wheel is a sporty and elegant with a gentle car height.

It has been replaced with a fog lamp dedicated grill that was an option at the time. The 510 is reminiscent of a safari rally with the same rally style.

Not only the center grille, but also the optional finisher for the optional grill here is an option. Unlike normal, the headlight rim has a depth, and because it is cast, there is also a profound feeling.

Although it is a shield beam that is difficult to obtain now, of course, all four lights will light up without any problems.

Overrider was also a part that was only installed in high-grade grades at that time. Since it is an old method of plating iron, rust will naturally appear, but this bumper is relatively clean.

The emblem comes to the lower left if it is a specification without fog lights, but “SSS” is placed at the center when it comes to a vehicle with fog lights.

While there are many 510 with emblems that have been peeled off or painted, this vehicle also benefits from indoor storage and remains clean.

The fender mirror is also an optional black shell type. It is a mirror of plating when it is in a suspended state, not an option, but I feel the owner's commitment around choosing this here at the time of the new car.

The mirror is also often peeled off, but this 510 fender mirror is in good condition.

This bonnet louver you can't see first. Although not well known, this is also an option at the time of the new car.

A classic example of an old car that eliminated the triangular window due to the enhanced ventilation function and adopted a sharp body line (Super Sonic Line).

The lower part of the body from the waistline is the same as the sedan, but the line from the roof to the rear window has changed and the total height has been reduced by 15mm.

Recently, reprinted items such as leaded gasoline stickers are on the market, but these stickers have been stretched since the beginning of the new car and are carefully stored.

SSS emblem integrated with the air exhaust in the C-pillar car.

The unbreakable Wind Mall, combined with Daytona Red, which is the body color here, brings out a more classic feel.

Side stripes of new car options that can hardly be seen. It seems that it originally had stripes, but when I repainted Daytona Red, it was painted again.

A coupe emblem that is often dropped. Of course, both left and right are alive.

Large rear window and trunk that extends straight behind. This sporty rear view is unique to the coupe.

Recently, the major difference between cars and old cars is the number of press lines. The current car reduces the number of presses to reduce costs, but at that time the process was increased until the style was satisfactory. You can see the passion of each manufacturer.

Nowadays, it is a sequential turn signal that can be seen in the city, but this 510 coupe was first adopted in Japan. When the turn signal switch is turned on, the motor turns and mechanically controls lighting.

The tail lamp is in good condition, and the tail lamp that extends to the side of the coupe matches well with the edgy body line.

This tail lamp is characteristic. Of course it is original. The right and left integrated tail lamp, called the Hamming tail lamp, is a privilege only for the coupe owner.

Photo when turn signal lights. There are three bulbs in here, and the blinker lights up so that it flows. Since the blinker is shared with the brake lamp, it is red, but it is in an original state so it naturally meets the safety standards.

This is also an emblem of the time. Although it was a coupe with a small number of units produced, I feel the spirit of Datsun when I change it without cutting the budget.

Although it is a black muffler, this is also original. The compatibility with the L16 engine is also good, and I feel the original owner's commitment to leave the original rather than an external product.

The stock is equipped with a muffler made by Nippon Radiator (former Calsonic). This muffler is genuine and has been replaced with a new one about 2000km ago.

Side steps made of aluminum unique to old cars. Unlike modern plastic products, fine accessories that will not fade even after 50 years will complement the leading role.

The center motif of the handle is also a special part of SSS. The compatibility of the original wood handle and wood shift knob is also outstanding.

This switch is also nostalgic. The switches at that time had quality that seemed excessive, and still perform well.

The shift is a 4-speed manual mission.

The instrument panel that has been finished with black as its main color without using plating parts as much as possible. It is a sporty impression that matches well with wood and is suitable for the highest grades.

The inside of the top panel of the instrument panel is filled with urethane and has an impact absorbing structure.

SSS steering uses real wood, not wood.

The excitement of the old car is condensed in this angle.

The mechanical radio unit is unique to this era, with only AM. It is a valuable original radio with many vehicles being replaced by modern audio.

The original shift console remains firmly.

The floor carpet has been replaced with fabric that is as close as possible to the material at the time, so there is no unpleasant odor often found in old cars, resulting in a clean interior.

The quadruple meter with good visibility has a clock, tachometer, speedometer from the left, and voltage, water temperature, and fuel gauge on the right.

The heater lever switch is also an accessory part that can be immersed in nostalgia.

The light and wiper switch, which is completely different from the modern design, seems to have reached the antique range.

The original sheet shows the good condition even from the model year.

A single seat design is a highly universal design with the wisdom and spirit of the designer.

Original SU twin carburetor is installed without changing to CR cab or Solex. The original is maintained except for the lack of reliability.

At the time when OHV was mainstream, the L16 engine was developed with an efficient OHC. Since the tappet is adjusted, the engine turns very quietly.

The SU twin cab has been cleaned, tuned and adjusted for fuel control. The mechanical fuel pump and FUEL hose are also replaced at the same time.

I replaced the ignition plug cord with a reliable ultra plug cord. Not only engine reliability but also hydraulic overhaul for brakes and clutches are being conducted this time.

The caution plate speaks eloquently about the history and legitimacy of this vehicle.







One owner garaged car - too bad they painted it.


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Safari Gold 1970 Bluebird 4dr Race Car




Old cars Nissan Bluebird 510 race-based, restore base, What to preparative parts.

Nissan Bluebird 510 race-based, restore base, What to preparative parts.
To buy a vehicle that took the inspection so that can run a race car on public roads in the auction and exhibition there is no place to put in the middle of restore.
Lining, do not come with air conditioning, heater, radio, etc.. There dash crack, switches, wiring class has been reworked. State of the vehicle height, which took the last inspection, but is around light 2 please undergoing periodic inspection because Tatsu years.
Dent body, you Yes rust.
Yes bleeding oil. .
Inspection    2020 year  1 May 19, distance unknown
Engine L 18 Break  2000 Cc
Roebuck 5 -speed
4 -point roll bar
Electromagnetic pump
Twin electric Fern
Bucket seat 2 legs
20 L Racing tank
Omori tachometer, 3 series meter, speedometer
Peach Steyr ring (horn button Mu)
Outside muffler (side with a muffler for the race)
Underbody front harmonic drive Nissan Omori
FRP hood, trunk
Fire extinguisher
Lightweight acrylic rear, left and right rear seat
I do not know more it is because I've heard from the previous owner.
After a successful bid 1 if it is take-off within weeks to the RS Watanabe wheels ( 14 Inc 6.5Jj Ando DUNLOP DIREZZA 03G  195/60  , front bumper (with the stay), Mu rear bumper (stay), window glass driver's seat, the front passenger seat  40 L aluminum tank it will put.
Ask your engine start previous inspection acquisition. Restore has been out parts for the middle. I hope in the take-up in the loading vehicles. I hope in a no claim no return.
Yahoo box










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On 11/4/2018 at 2:23 PM, carterb said:

Safari Gold 1971 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe  2,000,000 Yen




From among the many auction, Thank you for taking a look.
Showa is a 45-year Nissan Bluebird 1600SSS.
I think that it is best to both interior and exterior.
Since there is no proof of mileage for the old car, it has been unknown. 
Meter polarimetric reading, is 49,400㎞. 
As long as you give me a bid after confirmation of the current car as possible. 
Check the current car in ridicule, we will refuse.
No claim, no cancellation, no thank you in return.
For the convenience of work, there is a thing that can not respond quickly. please note that.
This vehicle will be the only "used cars with no security." Uneasy to institutions, thank you for inspection and maintenance after delivery.
In addition, since there is no guarantee also about the state of the incidental maintenance and institutions, will be to confirm sufficient current car by himself, the final judgment also regard the bid, I hope in self-responsibility.
Due to the nature of buying and selling of used car net, I think that really only the image and the wording, it is part and oversight that can not tell. In addition, by each person, because there is also a difference of values, I want also to avoid trouble as us, in the end, even if there is an oversight etc., fill out mistakes that I will consider it as the top priority to the state of the current car we acknowledge and accept the agreement, please give me a prudent bid.
The newer one, please contact us from the question column.


Appears to be unsold after a year so now available at a higher price?!  2,500,000 Yen



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Silver 1970 1600 bluebird 4dr  450,000 Yen




It is the Showa 45 style 510 Blue Bird. I thought it would be a good finish, but I got a better coupe, so I'm going to use it for parts.
Previously at the purchaser auction at the time of purchase, it was 43,000 km actual driving, but since it is this year model with a 5-digit meter, please think that the actual driving is unknown. Of course there are documents.
It seems that there was a vehicle inspection until H28. Although there is a lot of rot at present, the engine is running and the inside of the parking lot is moved, so the loading level is okay.
The door is replaced because I got a good second hand. Right now, rust will be removed and sapphire blown, so rust may come out again before delivery. Although there are places where the door knob is taken in the image, it is in the room.
Please check the current car for more than that. Thank you.
As expected, it is difficult to run on public roads as it is, so please consider it as a base car or parts removal car.

Even if there is a deficiency in the item description, please confirm the current car by passing the current status of the current car priority.
Of course, it is ok to purchase without checking the current car, but please refrain from claims and cancellations after a successful bid. There is no way for those who can not confirm the current car, but please give me a bid after being convinced.

Please recycle 5270 yen separately from the successful bid price. That's the only expense. There is no consumption tax or system usage fee.
Those who purchase promptly can use only the highest bid for the recycling fee service.

Since it is in the state as mentioned above, please check the current car after confirmation by the image.
No cancellation, no claim, no return thank you.
The newer one and the worse one of evaluation may cancel a bid.

Shipping details
It will be saved if you can arrange your favorite land transportation company in the highest bidder. The storage and delivery place is a used car store.
Although land transportation is also possible here, please refrain from listening to the amount of money with a question before it makes a successful bid because it should not become a trouble due to a discrepancy in the price. Since it will be shipped from Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture, please contact each land carrier for the approximate amount.
Picking up directly with a loaded car is also welcome.

(Added at 0:48 on December 11, 2019)
The items of overhead have been duplicated by mistake, but the prompt decision is only a service of 5270 yen for recycling as described in the product description.









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Silver 1971 Bluebird 1600 4dr  2,545,455 Yen




Bluebird Datsun Bluebird


  Notes Please be sure to read the front of the ※ successful bid, inquiry
Things - This vehicle information is an ad that was reprinted the vehicle information that has been posted on the Kasensa net, "successful" in this service, to notify the state that the highest bidder is considering buying the dealer It will be.
· The item is sold over the counter, by the time difference or the like of the information update, when we received "successful" there is a possibility there is no current car by, for example, is already negotiation enter, please note.

<For the amount>
prompt decision price because the payment amount there is a possibility to change due to fluctuations of, expenses, etc. is not a final payment amount. The final payment amount will be the Contact Us We determined. Sorry to trouble you, but always in front of the payment , please contact us the amount of money.
• For recycling deposit, it can not be displayed only with the specification "Yes". Please be sure to check the dealer for the necessity of deposit.

<For equipment and state>
, test drive, check the current car, a guarantee at the time of a new, because there are times when the display is unclear about the instruction manual, please contact your dealer.

- Since this auction is that may be listing ends and re-exhibited in automatic, without registering on the watch list, "the auction of others of an exhibitor" Please add to your favorites.
The domain specification, etc. There is a mail does not reach case. Please cancel the domain specified. In addition, if there is no contact after a successful bid, please call.
· "Reception time" of the phone that are listed in the exhibition page is the normal business hours of the dealer. Phone reception time to the Yahoo! Auctions store, please check the store information page.







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Green 1971 1800SSS Bluebird 4dr  2,400,000 Yen




Rare! Bluebird SSS 4 door 5MT clean Solex Watanabe, both interior and exterior


Showa is 46 years Nissan Bluebird 1600SSS 4 door 5MT.

I think interior and exterior that it is both good. (Please check the current car.) Some rust

because there is no proof of mileage for the old car, it has been unknown.
Meter polarimetric reading, is 45,966㎞.

40 pie Solex normal SU cab There

exhaust pipe and muffler, stainless steel exhaust manifold is genuine

wheel Watanabe 14 inches

front window there is glass and the Mall up, down, left and right four spare used
    undefined undefined rubber is new there
    〃 on the mall central portion of some Yes dent

in the image you Yes to the seat cover.

As long as you give me a bid after confirmation of the current car as possible.
Check the current car in ridicule, we will refuse.

No claim, no cancellation, no thank you in return.
If it is canceled, you will be charged a cancellation fee.
If there is confirmation 100,000 yen - the current car if there is no check the current car is 30,000 yen.
Because there is a bid by ridicule, please understand.

For the convenience of work, there is a thing that can not respond quickly. please note that.

This vehicle will be the only "used cars with no security." Uneasy to institutions, thank you for inspection and maintenance after delivery.
In addition, since there is no guarantee also about the state of the incidental maintenance and institutions, will be to confirm sufficient current car by himself, the final judgment also regard the bid, I hope in self-responsibility.

Due to the nature of buying and selling of used car net, I think that really only the image and the wording, it is part and oversight that can not tell. In addition, by each person, because there is also a difference of values, I want also to avoid trouble as us, in the end, even if there is an oversight etc., fill out mistakes that I will consider it as the top priority to the state of the current car we acknowledge and accept the agreement, please give me a prudent bid.

The newer one, please contact us from the question column.

(2019, December 26, 2008 18:00 28 minutes addition)
is in the description there and 1600SSS but is 1800SSS 1800CC. Thank you.









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Silver Blue 1971 1600GL Bluebird 4dr  2,880,000 Yen




Nissan Bluebird GL 5-speed mission Solex Muffler Octopus

Interior / exterior finished, 5-speed replacement, E / g bore-up, L28 flat piston, with cooler

Replace with a new rear shock

Watanabe 15-inch aluminum

E / g bore up L28 flat piston

Solex 44 pie twin cab

FRP bonnet

Barnacle stainless muffler

Nardi leather handle

With cooler

Changed to 5-speed mission

HDD navigation

With ETC

With tachometer










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White 1969 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr   2,893,000 Yen




Bore up with 86φ piston! Institution Gokigen! Hayashi Flat meter unique to the previous model ♪ Good condition in the room ♪ Beautiful

The first half of the model 510 was finished ♪

The body is also very solid ♪

F car harmonic drive & rear external shock ♪ Aluminum of beautiful Hayashi is cool at low vehicle height ♪

Super sports sedan ♪ Light running 4-door sedan ♪

The condition around the plated bumpers and lights is also good, so the impression is really good ♪

Moreover, it is equipped with a nice cooler ♪ It costs a lot of money if retrofitted ♪

Good feeling wearing condition ♪

L16 engine is overhauled on the waist this time ♪ bore up to 1720cc with 86φ piston ♪ Gokigen itself in combination with SU twin ♪















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Yellow 1970 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe w/ SR20DET




Up for auction is a 510 Coupe that has done more nautical miles than land driven miles. Some people may remember Ritchies Coupe, if not please visit the website 510realm and look under feature cars, 510 coupe back to the future. There u will find a 60 page build on this car. I purched the car a number of years ago and imported it to Australia. Only a few extra mods were made to meet our laws, they included an e- brake, an air intake box and plumb back the blow of valve, also i added some retrimmed recaro seats. The only reason i have decided to sell is to fund another potential purchase, otherwise it would remain in my collection. 
I will assist with shipping by delivering the car to any port or location within Sydney. All other shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
Bank transfer will be required in full before the car leaves my hands.
Pleas feel free to contact me if u requie any further info.











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