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On 1/2/2020 at 11:39 AM, carterb said:

Yellow 1970 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe w/ SR20DET



At a $70k usd minimum bid, I don't suspect that will move too fast. 


Roll on/roll off shipping from Sydney to Long Beach adds about $3k to get it to the West Coast.



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I agree.  I would love to see what the market says the car is worth - rather than the owner - who apparently does not need to sell it.


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Silver 1970 1300DX bluebird 4dr  580,000 yen opening - 850,000 BIN




Nissan 510 Blue Bird DX 1300CC restore base L13 Hakosuka Landgasthof Datsun old cars


510 are under Bluebird restoration. Tears and exhibition for the warehouse arrangement.
It takes a moment engine, but will stall after a while. Does not take engine will be up the battery current. Cause is unknown, but was exchanged plug and fuel system until now. Gasoline until the cab is coming. It will backfire. (Blows fire from the cab. )
Not handed brake because biting air to the brake.
Distance is 65,000 kilometers in the meter, but let me be prima facie distance unknown.
Delivery will be delivered in the state of image 2.
Side sill left and right, you need tutoring in because the iron plate welding vacant hole in one part of the lower quarter panel. Please see image. Other rust think badly is not up there.
remodeling, maintenance points, etc.
- Solex 40 pie overhauled pilot jet new 
· Desubi overhauled
Drum brake rear, cup overhauled
Valve clearance adjustment
Plug cords, plugs, fuel filter, radiator upper hose, intake manifold gasket, insulator, a new exchange
- distributor cap rotor contact point new exchange
Wheel four Watanabe, 13 inches F6.5J R7J offset Unknown
- NISMO electromagnetic fuel pump (completely mounting is not possible. Wiring is also unfinished. Start-up confirmed)
Front two harmonic drive
Rear There are genuine spring, but it is currently Nosasu. Since the short shock two for AE86 of TRD will put if you're.
Of the front SSS genuine caliper
• The current is in the process of being Orupen (color is 4V2? Certainly Aqua. We will put up because it left over paint.).
Other body part, it has almost painted completed.
Quarter panel, rear panel, etc., and place in the middle of repair in part putty.
Only contains about coolant half.
Grade Deluxe, a 3-speed column MT. Other spare parts also put in a bonus if you're.
Winker, genuine air cleaner, dash panel, grill, those days radio, F Stainless steel mesh brake hose two new, Chinsupo (also here painted) There are like.
Shortage thing is when the right rear door large (there is such as glass and regulators because it is all right if there is a door of Dongara.) There is no only. Please immediately thought that what is not will put in the extra If you get if.
Is there a fine shortage and other bolts, but please be assured that we have all lights such front and rear bumper.
About delivery
Trunk, two door, it also thank you in person who Hikitoreru in a different so are give away such as the rear bumper.
Long-term storage it does not matter is taking over at a later date if you're willing to pay the price destination since they can.
You might also difficult when the vehicle height is not that much lower because the ultra-low floor loading vehicles. (Please see image is a photograph of .1 No. lower front member section.) Also, I think because the door is not about transportation if falling measures loaded with luggage on the vehicle that you need. Carry the vehicle in loading vehicles, parts may need to carry a large box cars such as the Hiace. I also hope in a person who can clear the point .
It is difficult to put the current working space to the door or the like.
If you can plus 40,000 yen is also possible that the front vehicle is high up to give you incorporate rear shock, but there may not be by sticking and poison, etc. of the screw in the number of minutes old car. Please understand the point. (In which case the price will be refunded. Only the transfer fee Please bear.)
Since not on our side of skill in the art can not, such as land transportation arrangements. Help of loading can be. I hope in the receipt directly limited.
The vehicle must be pulled in you because the winch rolling pressing.
Payment thank you transfer money from a successful bid at once within 48 hours. In the case of delivery as it stands, the payment does not matter only in the successful bid price.
■ Other notes, etc.
Because it is such a car we strongly recommend check the current car. Is also of course can be purchased with no confirmation of the current car, please understand that it can not respond at all to subsequent claims and refund, or the like.
After the purchase, if any, etc. that I do not know in the middle of restoration, and so we wish best regards your will be supported within the range that can be if you are happy with me.
Thank you for reading long sentences you.
Something not please feel free to ask a question if such a point of uncertainty.
Warmest Regards,

(January 5, 21:00 46 minutes added in 2020)
is an additional image.
This Yahoo box if you're
Please take a look.










Can anyone tell what you are actually buying here? 

the silver car?  The orange car?  All apart or in pieces?  It's a great mystery.  Looks like a project car - still with terrible sill rot or fixed?  Who knows?


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Black 1969 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr    1,800,000 Yen




1969 Bluebird 510SSS have production inspection one year remaining


Nissan is an exhibition of Bluebird 1600SSS. Inspection has remained until 2 December Ryowa. Showa is the 44-year formula.
Retrofitting of air conditioning, Solex, Takoashi, 5-speed R30, front harmonic drive, rear harmonic drive, audio Bluetooth, center console (for processing Hakosuka), ETC
For aluminum foil, and so I thank give me an understanding and change from the current ones in racing heart.
Since the inspection is left will go back in the self-propelled, but is a self-responsibility because the old car. We will keep 50,000 yen you up to the name change.
Due to the nature of the vehicle, it is currently good shape, but I am waiting for a bid of those who can promise a no claim no return than is the old car.
※ We also consultations exchange and trade-in if the old car. Please feel free to contact us.






It is a crime to only submit 3 photos of such a beautiful car.  wow!

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Safari Gold 1971 1600GL bluebird 4dr  1,200,000 Yen




Is a 510-inch Bluebird.
Grade is a 3-speed column shift in the GL.
First of all, it is the body, I think that it is a pretty good individuals as a base and Innovation is small, such as rot Shaki.
There is a little hole around the corner of the right-hand side behind the door is not seen is like hole in the otherwise.
The other day, but it was subjected to a two-post lift at the time of the development of inspection did not even deformation at all has been firmly also step. To determine whether it may be thought that there is no such rot.
We passed through the inspection because I was thinking to catch themselves.
However, it is an exhibition with location Unfortunately for ensuring it is difficult for there is also want the car to the other.
56898 kilometers of meter mileage does not know whether or not the actual running.
We the development of one way to pass a vehicle inspection at the end of last month.
Bad boots and cleaning the grease-up of exchange and around the brake hose we are also.
No problem to use because it also through exhaust gas inspection, but it has come out white smoke. Terrible oil reduces There is no.
Us, some degree of support because things generally are also owns the L-shaped car to the other you can on your own is possible.
You can check the current car, but because the storage location and the convenience of work is not at home but only on Sundays and weekday nights.
It is about the delivery, but you can land transportation arrangements. Of course, it does not matter if I have to arrange by the successful bidder.
Since there is an automobile inspection it is also possible to go riding, but I think it is better that had been in the near field.
There are many stock parts, also take the consultation later in the custom If you did those of Osaka and its environs.
You can transfer it cheaply because I was also available missions and harmonic drive for this car. We ride in consultation engine of OH and tune.
After a successful bid, an additional cost not afford that there will so also because you will be a work request to the familiar automobile shop our personal support convenience of the time when you would like the mission of change and legs around the changes to the car delivery it takes.










Looks like a nice honest car.  Someone should bring this over and enjoy doing it in a Datsun!

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White 1970 Datsun 510 2dr  2,454,546  Yen




★ Yahoo! Auctions special price ★ vehicle price 1994 Bluebird 510 2-door sedan left steering wheel @ choosing a car .com

Basic information automobile
Manufacture name
Nissan Model name
Grade name 510 2-door sedan left handle Engine displacement 1,770cc
Model year 1994 (1994) June Imported car model year -
Mileage ? km State of mileage Mileage unknown
color White system The name of the color white
Inspection expiration date None Mission 5-speed manual
Body Types
sedan Model unknown












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Brick Red 1970 4dr Bluebird 1600  $36,176 USD




Specific information

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) /Serial No.
Full VIN/Serial No. will be shown on Proforma Invoice and Invoice
Model Code -
Registration Year / Month 1970
Manufacture Year / Month Confirm with the Seller
Mileage 60,000 km
Transmission Manual
Engine Capacity (Displacement) 1,590cc
Fuel Gasoline/Petrol
BodyStyle1 Sedan
BodyStyle2 -
Steering Right
Exterior Color Burgundy
Interior Color -
Drive Type -
Door 4
Number of Seats 5
Dimension -
Condition Used
ID 2405870-KRM37139-37345-1559R
Remarks (Any Problems) -
Comment -
Expiry Date Mar / 29 / 2020 (JST)











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Safari Gold 1971 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe  1,3000,000 Yen to start  1,950,000 BIN




Rare! Nissan DATSUN Bluebird SSS 1800 H510 1971 Formula old car body L18 MT car 2-door coupe

Description of item
Nissan H510 Blue Bird 
1971 Formula Thank old car a little rust, etc. I think that is kana beautiful one Considering the year.
One o'clock peripheral pass
MT Mission Car
· L18 from 1800CC the previous owner to 2000㏄ but I have heard that has been Bore up
 It can not be guaranteed because it is not necessarily a measure to open the engine.
Weber 48 pie made in Italy
- Takoashi
- bullet-shaped muffler
Front vehicle height adjustment
Roebuck 5-speed
 ※ Since the shift is no longer missing in the leave to enter the first speed at the moment, the free-running is impossible. Hand of turn off the clutch is possible.
It will be the current sales
I hope in a no claim no return.
Since it is a pretty old car
Please give me a bid the direction which has an understanding.
※ Longchamp photos will be removed. It will replace the wheel for rolling something, but, in the case of a successful bid at 1.95 million yen or more I will put up as it is.
※ I hope in the bid of those who can pay within 72 hours after a successful bid.
You will need only recycling fee 5400 yen in addition to a contract price.
Take-off of the vehicle, I hope in a loading vehicle or the like.
Please consult who once can not arrange for land transportation.
As much as possible because it is the old car we recommend check the current car.
Because of the additional supplement such as I will from time to time, you plus tender from getting to read carefully.










Could be a cheap entry into bluebird ownership!

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Silver 1969 1600SSS bluebird coupe  3,300,000 Yen




Nissan Bluebird Coupe 1600SSS L16 SU Twin Leather Top


No restoration history! 510 coupe in great condition! Normal car with high originality! A blinker that flows! Institution gokigen with many record books











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Blue 1971 1800SSS Bluebird 4dr  3,000,000 Yen




Nissan Bluebird 1800SSS / Solex / Stenako Octopus / Stain Muffler

H510 Bull SSS finish ♪ Low back 5 speed! Excellent response and sound ♪ The room is in good condition without dash cracks ♪ Organization ◎

510 beautiful blue stock! Moreover, "1800SSS" after a long absence!

The body is solid and the painting is glossy ♪

This low vehicle height! There is a front and rear harmonic drive ♪

Um, the condition of the rear fender is unbearable ♪

The plating bumper is also beautiful ♪

The institution is in very good condition ♪ Please come to see the actual car ♪

Parenthesis is too good ♪

Beautiful Hayashi aluminum looks great ♪

The cab is Solex for L16! Response and sound are wonderful with stainless muffler on stainless octopus feet ♪

It sounds really good ♪

The door lining is solid as you can see ♪

The interior has been cleaned to every corner ♪

The mission is lowback 5 speed! Please enjoy hot running ♪

The ceiling is also solid ♪

As you can see on the rear seat ♪

This time we created a new floor carpet ♪

It is a very clean room ♪

The front seats are in good condition. Do not miss this opportunity! !

SSS of H510 Bull! Do not miss this opportunity! !












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Silver 1970 1600DX Bluebird 4dr     No price given


Nissan Bluebird 1600 Deluxe Column 4-speed Transmission Bench Seat AW

Please contact us by phone. Unknown due to 5-digit meter, full normal, 14 AW, column mission

Please contact us by phone. 走 行 Driving unknown, full normal, 14 AW, column mission due to 5-digit meter












Wow this car is nicely done.

Edited by carterb

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Silver 1971 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe  1,115,000 Yen at time of posting




Nissan Bluebird 1971 1600 SSS coupe

S46_nenshikiburubado is an exhibition of the 1600 SSS coupe.
13-year position had been owned, but I decided to exhibit because of age. It is that time of the state in almost full normal.
6 years ago around a semi-restored over the color also changed from safari brown to silver (engine room, except trunk) I think that it is more beautiful one.
Turn signal takes effect also cooler in the sequential (tail flowing). Even normally self-propelled and now we sometimes ride.
The exterior is painted cracking a prominent front left fender, there is paint cracking (small) in the trunk rear, there gums deterioration of the window.
Engine stop during idling is reduced brake master back in the air leakage, effectiveness of the brakes is no problem.
Clutch three years ago with a new and replacement already, Dynamo last year inspection at the rebuilt new exchange already.
Tear of the seat, heating on-off wire failure (manual available), washer tank failure.
Thank you check the current car as much as possible before it makes a successful bid. Since there is no knowledge of it will also land transportation and Current delivery I hope in the highest bidder.
When you can self-propelled, but there was something will thank you so can not have responsibility.
Because the individual exhibition loan is impossible. Since the amateur you might put you a lot of inconvenience, but thank you.

(2020 February 11, 14 at 54 minutes addition)
is hard to understand by a picture interior because it is close to half a century vehicle, please do not expect the exterior both so much! Since it humbled.
No return, I need your help by a no claim.
After a successful bid, please give me the name change within two weeks. (Transfer-like, power of attorney, documents required to pass inspection certificate, etc.)
Is I that I think that you apologize for the inconvenience in but the first exhibition this time, but I would appreciate your favor until the end.
Sorry additional image is to not be sent because there is no knowledge of the P / C.

(2020 February 11, 17 at 54 minutes addition)
began to think that there was a crab foam leakage from earlier there is a picture transmission request of the body below (Answered) radiator cap mounting portion When the engine room also has confirmed incidentally since postscript. (There is no need for frequent replenishment, but we recommend the repair)
Cooler and better effectiveness, but has been supplemented with 1 times / 3-year period poor confidentiality because those days. Gas is now in the freon R12 correspondence is discontinued in the environment problem has been a lot of exhibition in Yahoo! Auctions. Since it is now current replacement gas of freon R12 I do not have even bad people summer effectiveness fell confidentiality recommended by all means R12. (R12 is considered to maintain the confidentiality closes the gap is oil free) recommended spare keep. The GS and Sharyoya does not have to go to where.

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Safari Gold 1970 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe  501,000 Yen at the moment




1600SSS · documents there! Is currently immobile, restore base

Thank you for seeing.
It becomes 510 1600SSS coupe.
Us H3_nen'ininikonyushi, H19_nen'niichijimasshoshimashita.
After that it was moving restlessly, but here 10 years position is not moving at all.
Since the batch of the rear of 1600SSS there was initially no purchase, it comes with a batch of 1800SSS.
Because there is a falling off of the dent, fender mirror of the roof of snow.
Because I think whether brake, etc. are also locked, thank you to pick up your in loading vehicles.
Bumper grille, rear seat etc. are stored separately removed.
Also trivial thing because it is fine, please ask a question from Q & A.
Well, then, I'm looking forward to working with you.

(2020 February 16, 20 at 03 minutes added)
I'm sorry.
Headrest was a shortage from the original purchase. (I had put a bucket seat)

(2020 February 17, 17 at 08 minute addition)
I am sorry, but I need your help from individual e-mail, correspondence we can not do because of the phone, such as Q & A.

(2020 February 17, 17 at 16 minutes added)
It does not charge any costs and expenses other than the amount of money for a successful bid. (Recycling is not yet deposit)
Thank you.

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green 1971 1800SSS Bluebird 4dr  500,000 Yen to start




Rare Datsun 510 Bluebird 1800SSS junk restoration base in Aichi Prefecture in western onset

Datsun is Bluebird 1800SSS 4-door sedan
Year 1970 October mileage: 35817 km H7 ~ 2001 inspection records Yes
H20_nen'niichijimasshozumi peripheral copy pass
Cranking and you coil in the engine cell does not jump the fire seems useless
Takes is likely engine if the cab OH in place of coil
Watanabe, 13 inches foil you rolling tire
There is a little white tread brake
It is the clutch pedal ska ska
There are exterior of rust chain hole is such as interior dash panel floor is clean
Is stuck stuck in the door 4 Doatomo vinyl (there is one image)
Trunk floor is no hole rust
Always since there may be an oversight also
Thank you check the current car before bidding
In the case of a successful bid without confirmation of the current car is a no claim no return
Only the payment of or transfer can be better at that time cash in the way that can pick up arrangements
Easy settlement will not be accepted
Is check the current car, please contact us at (takumi122800@yahoo.co.jp)
Please refrain from or silly questions without willing to buy
Well, then, I'm looking forward to working with you
Dang tin worms!

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