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A15 Build

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You want 150 horsepower and driveability in an A series then turbo it. If you have a rhd Sunny I've got a turbo kit for it I'll sell you as it doesn't fit my LHD B310. Its the only way to get those two things together from an A series!

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gBaeza.... the J series only has three main bearings. The A series have FIVE and could support a battleship on them. I would be reluctant to build too much power into it. .

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I've been using the NGK Iridium plugs for a while, I find a difference between those and the standard NGK plugs but I couldn't say how they are on the street.



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Where's Roger from Kelowna... he has a datsun1200 that's insane.. I bet it's making close to 150 hp.


It depends what you wanna deal with. I think my car is perfectly streetable despite its racy setup. Sure my car won't run on pump gas, but I decided that was an acceptable sacrifice.


If it's your daily and you have no alternate wheels, heed the warning of the guys here. If this cars more for kicks... then go for the 10000rpm fire breathing monster..


It's your car. Build it how you want it. Fuck the haters.


As for plugs, I've been running ngk v power race plugs as they are cheap as hell. The downside is the 11 heat range plugs foul fast if your just putting around town and not blasting away on a 100 shot.


Of course they make hotter ones though.

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@scooter I fail to see the logic here; If it's my car I can build it however I wish but only if I have intercourse with at least 2 haters (haters is plural implying a minimum of 2) or do I have to have sex with all the haters (haters also implies a complete sub set of people)??

The latter seems like an awful lot of work and I've only got one tube of wheel bearing grease left.


For the record I'm using BPR7's (stock is 5) in the A15 as the motor fairly mild as race motors go.

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He said intercourse...


Some conditions don't agree with projected tip spark plugs. In the L street motors, a projected tip plug caused them to detonate (ping). I always used B6ES plugs in my long rod 2200 in my 510, and in just about every other 510 I ever owned. - "Quite often, a factory type, wide-gap projected plug will produce a misfire condition. The misfire is not due to the heat range. The misfire occurs because the ground strap of the spark plug becomes a glowing ember because it is too long to dissipate the extra heat."


Resistor plugs may not be the right choice either. - https://www.ngksparkplugs.com/about-ngk/faqs/spark-plug-faqs/when-should-i-use-a-resistor-spark-plug


How can you tell which is which? P = projected tip, R = resistor.

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