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  1. gBaeza

    is this a 510?

    1.- I don't know 2.- no
  2. gBaeza

    is this a 510?

    my dash has vertical heater controls
  3. gBaeza

    differences between E, J and A series engines?

    another question related to this, can i use the A transmission on a J engine and vice versa?
  4. gBaeza

    differences between E, J and A series engines?

    sorry i mean de A series engine not the E :(
  5. gBaeza

    is this a 510?

    just in case u want to see it :D
  6. how can i know if i'm watching a A engine or a J engine, they look very similar to me
  7. gBaeza

    is this a 510?

    the original bill says that the car is a 1969 , but if the experts says something different, that's ok
  8. gBaeza

    is this a 510?

  9. gBaeza

    A15 Build

    hello guys , can we apply all the replays from this post to a J series engine?
  10. Hello. can someone tell me if i can use a 81-84 720 pickup fuel sending unit on my 69 510?
  11. hello guys. Can someone help me with some information about the proper way to connect the cluster, i don't have a reference of how to connect it because the previous owner disconnected everything and i have to deal with it. Basically i need to know where the common ground is and where de positive and negatives terminal for the temperature and fuel gauges are.
  12. gBaeza

    diferent clutch pedal assembly

    the upper hole is used by the connection road to the master cylinder, so i don't this that's going to work. Im just going to extend the adjustable road to make all the assambly go up a little bit
  13. gBaeza

    diferent clutch pedal assembly

    when the assambly was install on the car , the clutch pedal behavie in the exact same way. i guess is just a matter of adjust it. 1969 datsun 510 deluxe, mexican version
  14. Hello guys, i just want to know if someone knows somethis about this clutch pedal, the problem is that i can make it work properly. when the pedal is not pushed looks like this but when you push it all the way in, it does not come back can someone help me?
  15. gBaeza

    i bought a 510

    i have the grill and almost every chrome ornament, the hood is pretty much a single piece of rust and the windshield, well i think that's going to be one of the hardest part to getbut the egine starts like a champ, just a little bit of carb tunig, some cleaning and wireing and is ready the trans need a new clutch setup, What about brakes and suspension?

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