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Piston swap issue


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i replaced pistons & rings in 80' 210 A14 engine to A15 pistons & rings, found that pistons at TDC don't reach top of bore. pics are #1 & #4 at TDC Is this gonna cause any issues.





















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That year should be a common block, but the crank is different...the length of throw. I would venture to guess that A15 pistons n rods need to match up with an A15 crank.....I guess


The issue is a significant loss of compression.





Info from the net


"A15 runs 30mm pin height where A14 is 32.5 so by using the UC piston the top of the piston would be a fair bit down the bore."

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If the A15 has a different crank(longer stroke), and the rod is the same, then the wrist pin location would likely be higher in the piston, you would then likely need to use the A15 crank also.

Compression ratio loss could be significant, Dmike might know the answer to this, hopefully he will read this and reply.

What head do you have, open or closed chamber?

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I would need the combustion chamber and the piston dish volume but yeah that's some serious loss. Flattops would help, but...


A14 stroke is 77mm and A15 is 82. This is 5mm and 1/2 that is 2.5mm. Would not the longer A14 rods fix this?

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