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  1. generally red wire to switched +12 volt, black to ground, white to dash lighting, and green to the negative post of the coil.
  2. what company did you use to get the oil pan?
  3. i think the combination is A15 crank with A14 pistons/rods. Also, use the A15 oil pan
  4. Yes i do need one!! how do i get it off your hands?
  5. will you sell the instrument cluster?
  6. another update Mike. i replaced the speedometer gear and no more leaks! i did take apart the old gear and found no o-ring whatsoever. i didn't take apart the new one to compare though. thanks for the help.
  7. Mike, i went ahead and ordered the entire speedometer gear like the one in your last picture because it was only $21. however, looking inside it i see no o-ring. is this normal? the part number is 32702-58S18
  8. it is the inside seal, and you are right, it looks like someone just threw something they found in there. hopefully that will be the end of it.
  9. just an update, i found the problem. the o-ring inside the speedometer gear was torn up. parts on order
  10. found the problem. the push rod coming out of the booster is adjustable. this being a new booster it was not set up right.
  11. that piece is not an issue, the master cylinder goes through it no problems. is the booster tapered inside? i can't really tell by looking at it. the only difference i can tell is the diameter of the master where it enters the booster.
  12. thanks Datzenmike, just to be clear: i do have to mill the end if the master cylinder so it goes in the booster right?
  13. i got a 79-81 280ZX brake master that I was going to install on my B310 but i ran into a problem. the part of the master cylinder that goes into the brake booster measures 1.423" in diameter on the 280ZX master and 1.275 on the B310 master so it wobbles and does not seat right. has anyone here seen this before? should i have the new master milled down so it fits?
  14. thanks mike, the local parts store has the transmission seal but not the o-ring. i got work tomorrow
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