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  1. A couple of years back I swapped my slow automatic transmission for a nice dog-leg 5 speed manual. Well... I am finally doing some final connections in order to complete the transmission swap and have it working as it was intended. The B210's with automatic transmission come with a gauge cluster with NO amplifier speed switch. In order to have the Vacuum switch work it needs to be electronically activated by the amplifier speed switch located on the speedometer cluster. I found a gauge cluster with the amplifier speed switch My question to the people on the forum is the following: How do I connect the amplifier speed switch to the main wire harness? Thank you in advance for any useful feedback. Edgar Sierra San Diego, CA 1978 B210, California Emissions
  2. Thank you tr8er! Much appreciated.
  3. I checked both ports with a vacuum gauge and both create vacuum when I press the gas pedal. Little frustrated here. You are right datzenmike. The line that needs to be connected is the like that connects the EGR valve.
  4. Thanks guys for the feedback. I posted the same question on the Facebook group. Some suggested to test which port creates a vacuum when the gas pedal is pressed. That way I would know which one is the vacuum advance port. I think I will do that this weekend. Now my second question would be. What is the purpose of the port that is NOT the vacuum advance port?
  5. Need some help! I got my OEM Hitachi Carb rebuild, now I'm trying to put all the vacuum lines back in it's place, but I got stuck with this two carb ports. I know one of those ports go to the one the distributor advance line, but don't know if it goes on the top port or the bottom. This is a 1978 B210 California emissions set-up. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for all your input guys. I was hoping for a quick fix. Specially since I already have a gauge cluster from a manual B210. I will take the pinion gear out and count the teeth and note the color of it. I will also measure how fast it is reading at 50mpg on the highway. Once I have that info I will share it here so the problem solving process can continue. I appreciate the help. Thanks
  7. A while back, I did a transmission swap on my 78 B210 (from automatic to a 5 speed dog-leg). After that my speedo has been clocking me about 5-7 miles faster on the highway. I know I can change the speedo pinion gear in the transmission for something with less or more teeth in order to fix the problem. My issue is that I cannot find a proper speedo pinion gear. My question is the following. What if I change the gauges cluster? Would that fix the issue? I am assuming that the speedometer gauge is calibrated different in the automatic car and the manual 5 speed car. Thanks in advance for you input.
  8. You can work with the RHD ones. I done it before. With small adjustments in order to fix the angle.
  9. Here is a set. San Diego CA. Not mine. He is asking for $40 for the pair. Don't know if his willing to ship. https://offerup.co/ttr8u1eoPL
  10. I might make it to this one. I have a lot of B210 parts my wife would like to see disappear. Also some Roadster parts. - Two A14 part engines - Two R16 part engines
  11. Saw it yesterday on the 8 west. Great looking 1200.
  12. Auction ends in less than four hours. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F272928947848
  13. Here is a link that will take you to a site with the wiring diagrams for all B210 and210's. http://www.nicoclub.com/archives/datsun-210-b210-wiring-diagrams.html
  14. I remember seeing someone post the wiring diagram for the 210. I would try to get a pdf copy of it. Take a look and compare, do this before you start replacing parts. Its fairly easy to read. Good luck and welcome to ratsun.
  15. 240Z @ Pick your Part (North) San Diego (Chula Vista)
  16. Yes, there is a small button somewhere. I have a detail diagram of how the AC is connected. I can scan it and send it to you.
  17. Sierra

    B210 Needs To Go!

    Doug is an awesome guy! I purchased several parts from him. I am glad someone is buying his built.
  18. That is a good question. Mechanical vs electric The interwebs say, go electrical b/c of easy installation and the removal of possible oil spills dude to bad or faulty plastic lines. Thoughts? What about brand? Anyone can recommend a brand for the gauge?
  19. Thanks for the 1200 tech wiki link Daryl. That was very helpful. BSPT = british standard pipe tapered Got it.
  20. Sorry guys, but I'm not that advance in my automotive lingo and acronyms. What is a BSPT? And VM?
  21. I want to install an oil pressure gauge on my B210. I'm sure someone else have done this. Any advice and guidance is greatly appreciated.
  22. 1979 210 $500 @ Wenatchee, WA https://wenatchee.craigslist.org/cto/d/1979-datsun-b210/6257424470.html Not mine.
  23. I think I asked you this before Cosmonaut, but I will ask it again. What are you doing in regards to the "computer" are you using the original? Are you going megasquirt or any other newer system?
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