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Oil Pressure Gauge on an A Series Engine


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Thanks for the 1200 tech wiki link Daryl. That was very helpful.

BSPT = british standard pipe tapered

Got it.


Nissan retained the BSPT for the block and oil pressure sender well up into the 2000s and maybe still doing this today? This stems from the early mid '50 when Nissan aligned with Austin of Great Britain to build their cars in Japan, assembling parts from Britain. Quickly the parts were made in Japan and the engine copied and improved on, as Japan does so well. By '58 wholly Japanese cars were exported to North America with mostly SAE fittings and around the mid '60 in metric, but the BSPT oil sender remained.

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That is a good question.

Mechanical vs electric

The interwebs say, go electrical b/c of easy installation and the removal of possible oil spills dude to bad or faulty plastic lines.



What about brand? Anyone can recommend a brand for the gauge?

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If you don't want the cheap plastic line, a simple upgrade is a cheap copper line. I convert them all to run -3 AN steel braided hose. Where they go through the firewall, use a bulkhead fitting for easy removal and a cleaner appearance.


I used to be a Auto Meter guy, but I lean more towards classic looks now and try to use matching classic gauges. SW (Stewart Warner) is one choice. Smiths is very classic as well and they match the character of early Japanese cars and trucks.


You can get new Smiths gauges from these guys - http://www.gaugeguys.com/surplus-gauges---glass.html

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