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  1. Hope ya'll safe and datsun outa harm! It's insane out there!!!

  2. Man what happened I' was offline for the later half of 19, and on/off this year but it seems like like the regulars I chatted w/ are gone, hiatus? Got tired of BS or life happened? I do hope to reconnect. Anyway good night ya'll. 

    1. Draker


      The OG's always come back... if just to check in and check out.

    2. Daryl


      Hay, hope ya doing great. Good to know.

  3. Got a 521 the sec I seen er. O the joy of pre-smog!
  4. I prefer the square eye grill, but round is growing on me. Wish it was a stick. It's an Auto, A15. Got the head back last night, it was 7/1000's off in 1 place. It's looking fresh and almost ready to drop. Blocks next and parts were ordered today.
  5. It popped up the day after I got mine and I was in the same town too, still don't regret it. Should be a great dats for someone.
  6. Progress: Currently I've got the block taken apart for new new gaskets. Clean up and freshen up the head, etc.. Trans is dry and seal looks clean. Carby looks like it was replaced or rebuilt sometime which is great but who knows. Interior is in great shape so nothing there to do. First 210 that has water tight seals! They are definitely hard to get so that's a bonus. Hoping to get er done soon. List of things not, not to do: Fuel tank/ delivery system cleaning. Head to the machine shop. Order gaskets.
  7. I apologize for leaving ya hanging. My og flickr used for Yoko isn't accessible, so I created a fresh one. The process is slow but here's some.
  8. What, another 210?! jəkZ? I like to name em. But why!!!! This will surely end up with random chatter and some pics or at least I hope, as we endeavor into the mystery within. Back Story: Scrolling though CL I saw a post for a 210 wagon. Said it previously ran and timing rattled so he tore into it but never finished. It sat and well ended up on CL of course, as projects usually do. Sounds good to me. It's local enough (7hrs round trip) and I haven't yet, owned the wagon variant. Just the others on the line up so this will be awesome. Contacted owner and arranged I'd pick er u
  9. The other reason I did so was b/c I've got another 210 with the deeper yellow color that I wanted. There's a pic posted earlier in this blog if memory serves... I've got an L-series ready to drop once I get the correct cross-member. That's a story for another day.
  10. Yup. Funds are going into the future camper.
  11. Yoko's onto new ownership and a new journey. New owner is informed of the blog, maybe he'll continue this? I hope so. Only time will tell. She's now in the Cameron Park area by Sacramento. P12584 by cad lab, on Flickr P32424 by cad lab, on Flickr This concludes my ownership and the end of an era, so to speak. Thank you for your support and criticism. P.S. I'm not leaving, I'll still be around.
  12. Sweet deal: https://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/d/classic-datsun-510-wagon/6397080628.html
  13. I'd imagine it's too long an engine to fit without cutting firewall, etc. L16/L18/L20b do fit with minimal work I've seen. KA/SR do as well.
  14. I've bought myself an infamous 87 vanette. Don't think I'll post on it yet since I haven't picked it up. Saw the posting come up on CL and didn't hesitate. I've got an issue, I get it. When was the last time you've seen one? I sure as hell have never. Anyway, b/c I've got another 210 and now a van I've decided to let Yoko go. I prefer someone else daily er than let er sit. So we'll see how this goes.
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