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Wheels for mild desert rally build

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Im looking for suggestions on rally wheels in 14x6 size or close to it. Im not a purest but do want something that looks right. Watanabe and panasports are great but hard to find in that size. I do like 280zx iron cross wheels.... I like SSR mk3, is a 3 piece a terrible choice for a strong wheel? Opinions? Pictures, ideas, thoughts, any help would be great!!! I'll be running 185 70 14 tires.

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For Tacoma????? you need 6 bolt, Iron Cross are 4 bolt. Get anything that will support a wide tire.


If it's a secret Nissan car with 4 bolt and you like the Iron Cross rim, you don't need permission, get them!

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Then your choice is clear.


I had to look up what a desert rally vehicle is. I don't see a 510 as being one but it looks wide tires for traction and riding on the surface and raised ride height for road clearance for off road.

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