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  1. I'm doing a silly scale model project, and need to know the difference in length between a long and short bed, and how much of that is before and aft of the wheel wells. Also, if anyone can tell me the spacing of the tie hooks on each/both, that'd be great. I really appreciate your help.
  2. ByStickel

    I just acquired a 510, currently formulating a plan

    First, make sure this isn't the East Africa Rally winner.
  3. ByStickel

    I like coupes! - Pictures of Bluebird Coupes

    I think sedans look better. Rare isn't always better.
  4. ByStickel

    Narrowed rear control arms

    Very nice. I'm interested to see what happens with toe through the travel. Suggestions: Box the upper portion of the Moustache structure. Bore a hole and insert a tubular sleeve (if needed) to provide access to the diff cover support studs.(or supply extra-long new studs.) Acceleration and brake forces are going to try to torque the mustache mount around each point where it mounts to the chassis. Boxing each side together will help to control that stress. If you want to sell these, consider squaring the arm to the angle of the mustache mount. This way, you can design around some existing O.E. rubber bushing, for those who want their car to remain somewhat civilized. The way it is currently angled, I don't think any rubber bushing would work. I've wanted to build a new structure that replaces the boomerang and mustache, but uses all the stock mounts. This is nice; cheaper and more attainable.
  5. ByStickel

    GOONS check in

    I remembered that it still exists...
  6. ByStickel

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Got me 4 of these. Rota TBT 15x8, 0 offset. May not get tires until spring, after it warms up. They'll fit on my flared 510 and my Z; that's nice.
  7. ByStickel

    AWD SR20DET swap into 510

    Try it first on an HL510. If you take some very basic measurements, like the distance inside the strut towers, and outside-to-outside of the front wheels on both, you will probably find out that every possible donor car is MUCH wider. Even a Miata NA is wider than a PL510. Even if it did fit, you would need to find a place to put your cooling system, because the engine will take up all of the space in front of the strut towers. If I were to do it, I would look into adapting another longitudinal awd system, or adding a transfer case and front diff, as Ken Block has on the AWD Mustang. Big money, I am sure.
  8. ByStickel

    15x7 +20 Unflared 510 4 door

    On a +10, the outside edge of the rim is 10mm closer to the hub than on a +0.
  9. ByStickel

    Wheels for mild desert rally build

    ARE Outlaws are pretty cheap, look like truck wheels, and you wouldn't be damaging anything vintage. Of you could get Bassett steels, with beadlock, if you want.
  10. ByStickel

    looking for pics of 13s on a 510

    The ones above are likely 13x7, 0 on a zx strut. Mine are 7" race versions with 205/60s. (I just ordered 15x8, 0 TBTs). 13x7 Libre with 205/60:
  11. ByStickel

    510 guy just got a 240z....now what?

    I strongly suggest you do no mods that cannot be easily replaced with stock parts. That car looks too nice to hack up. Also, I would gain access to the rockers and inside the doors to treat them with an oily rust preventative. Get it all over the surfaces near the bottom where moisture will collect, and make sure the drains are clear. I'd ADD drains underneath for the doglegs. They collect moisture and have no exit points; that's why they rust. Give the water a place to exit, and treat inside them, too. There are numerous spots where Zs rust, and if you treat them now, and occasionally, the thing will stand a great chance of lasting a long time. Congrats.
  12. ByStickel

    Ideas for steering column surround needed

    Jizz on it.
  13. ByStickel

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    I'm old and I love carbs, but what's the appeal of old carbs -vs- new fuel injection?
  14. ByStickel

    Cheap Container Ideas For Parts Storage?

    I have a few small boxes like that, but only because someone gave them to me. That stuff is too expensive. One can point to poor people who repeatedly buy cheap crap that ends up exceeding the cost of a quality product that would have lasted, but the fact remains: you have to have money to spend it. I'm not taking out a loan to buy 30 storage boxes. The ideal solution would be some sort of 2-3-ply corrugated containers, or more durable plastic items that get 'retired' regularly by some local industry. I can see why those boxes might be worth $22, but can't see why they cost $22.
  15. ByStickel

    Cheap Container Ideas For Parts Storage?

    Then there'd be nothing for my family to throw away when I die. (and I want to put all my possessions in one-sized container for stacking and moving. hence the need for dozens. I'm not overflowing with parts)

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