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  1. The guy sounds like a jackbag, but when one sells for $340...
  2. I had a nice 620 KC with minimal rust, but did have some around those forward cab mounts. I welded in some large, dished washers from a 510 rear subframe mount to get the recess needed for the bolt head to remain below floor level. Worked great. I'm sure there are other ways too.
  3. My first 510 got its heart from a '77 SX. I love that dogleg trans. Those who do a lot more 1-2 shifts may not, but for road race-style driving, it was great. I wish I could find more. I know I'm late, but here's a Photoshop lowering of JDM Silvias. I would love to have one.
  4. Very interesting about the part #s. Thanks, Mike. And I will check out that thread. I appreciate that.
  5. I was looking at refurbishing the dash pad in my '72 wagon, and when comparing it to one from a '70, they look a little different. My '72 pad is thinner, and flatter from front to back. The '70 seems to have thicker padding with more curve to it, front-to-back. I know that these things all shrank a lot from when new, and perhaps some shrink and distort in different ways. Does anyone know if there were shape variations on any of the '70-'73 dash pads?
  6. Time Left: 2 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    This is an ad for sheetmetal ONLY. When I get a list of available parts, I will list those. I'm harvesting metal from a rusty 2-door. if you need some random section, stamping, or bracket, let me know, The less that goes to recycling the better. I plan to keep the firewall and B-pillars. Roof is suitable for sunroof repair panel. Not much here but if you need some oddball bit, and don't know where you'll find it, maybe this is a chance.


    Missoula, Montana - US

  7. I started cleaning this '70 out and evaluating after buying it Sunday in Idaho. Not sure what to do with it, grab some needed parts and sheetmetal, or pass the whole car along to someone who likes a challenge. Looks to have been 553 blue, originally. It's rusty, dinged up, and has the cool country bullet-holes option, and even has one unbroken euro taillight. Score!
  8. I only come here for the douchey comments. You did not disappoint 🙂
  9. Super old thread, but in case anyone else has the idea, there's a big difference in depth of the 510 and 610 grilles. 510 lights are quite close to the grille opening. the 610's are set back. I seriously doubt it would work, even with mods. A 521 grill, though...
  10. Just heard that the 810 strut is longer than the ZX. I don't know if it's a problem, but you may end up bottoming the strut too soon with the longer strut tube. You'll also need to run spacers inside to fit whatever inserts. Unless you happen to stumble over a set of 810s, the ZX is the way to go. There are also a bunch of different hubs that fit various spindles. I've never found a list of all compatible parts and the resulting offsets. I wanted to do this as a resource, but have moved away from the Datsun-rich regions. Maybe others could collaborate on it.
  11. Reviving an old thread... On '72-and-up wagons, did they come with threaded caps? That's what mine has. I've been looking for something compatible, but all of the large-diameter chrome caps are the 1/4-turn type.
  12. There are still quite a few regular 620s for sale in the Pacific Northwest. I recommend you buy what you really want. Converting will be a pain in the A$$.
  13. Now that things are "dead' around here, according to folks, maybe it's time to start a build thread on all the cars I have left. I like things quiet, so here it goes. My first Datsun was a '74 260Z. It was unreliable, but looking back on it, it really wasn't bad for 1988 in northern NJ. An early 260 with small bumpers and not a whole lot of rust. I'm sure I have an actual hold-in-your-hands picture somewhere, which I'll add when I find it. My folks sold it when the repair bills became too much. I do recall that it sounded fantastic when the exhaust broke; it sounded exactly like th
  14. Well, I pulled it from the barn, hauled it to Montana, washed it off, vacuumed out the mouse turds, drained the gas, and replaced the fuel filter. Unfortunately, I forgot the battery back in NJ. Figures. Needs some new front rubber, too.
  15. I'm sticking with "small poorly-built house". That's the best! Someone on another site came up with "dormitory", which is also fantastic. Thanks, Dguy! Thanks everybody.
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