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  1. Yota15

    Dual Weber 40's with Cannon intake 510 opinion

    With the stock block and head that I have, what would be a more logical choice for dual carbs? Or is dual carbs on a stock setup just not wise?
  2. I've searched a but still looking for opinions and help... How do you folks feel about a z20 block with a A87(believed to be stock) paired up with a dual weber 40's-cannon intake manifold setup? Im looking for a performance upgrade, nastier sounds and of course looks. Any feedback will be great. Thanks Tony
  3. Yota15

    looking for pics of 13s on a 510

    Would you happen to know the specs of width and offset? I love this!!! Penn hasn't been around in a while...
  4. Yota15

    Wheels for mild desert rally build

    I don't hate that idea! I do like the iron cross z wheels.
  5. Yota15

    Wheels for mild desert rally build

    Dirt road. Fire road. Africa. Hell. Pebbles.
  6. Yota15

    Wheels for mild desert rally build

    For a 510 lol
  7. Im looking for suggestions on rally wheels in 14x6 size or close to it. Im not a purest but do want something that looks right. Watanabe and panasports are great but hard to find in that size. I do like 280zx iron cross wheels.... I like SSR mk3, is a 3 piece a terrible choice for a strong wheel? Opinions? Pictures, ideas, thoughts, any help would be great!!! I'll be running 185 70 14 tires.

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