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  1. Iron Cross. It turns out they are really strong and rally-proven. http://www.superstreetonline.com/how-to/project-car/0105scc-datsun-510-rally-beater-part-2/
  2. Double take on this entry into the figure 8 race before last weekend's demolition derby.
  3. Green 521 spotted as I was pulling in to the Home Depot. Parked next to him and chatted for a minute. I should have gotten his contact info so I could drive over in my Z and check out his 610 goon.
  4. A goon! A goon in town! A goon! This might not be that exciting elsewhere, but I am the only 510 owner within a 50 mile radius of where I live. When another dime rolls through town it makes my wife complain that I'm hurting her ears.
  5. Aw, cmon. Not one TH to be found among so many regulars?
  6. blue72

    L23 Engine

    Ah yes, the G130 Cedric engine. Either that, or he's got to be asking about the LD23 that was in production up until about 2003 or so in European vans.
  7. Found a few shiny things in the dump bin at my local Wally World And no, I didn't buy them all, just "enough".
  8. Aha! You are forgetting that these roads built for foot traffic, horses and carts are largely built following trails that animals themselves carved through landscape to access the resources they needed to survive. Who's the one not being pedantic enough now, huh? :rofl: Interestingly, it looks as though highway funding in the U.S. comes more from fuel taxes, while the overwhelming majority of funding for local roads comes from general taxes.
  9. Uuuuuummmmm, I think you have that backward. Roads were not built for cars. Before yon auto-mobile, there were was a great velocipede movement in all developed nations. These "cyclists" as they came to be known, hated riding their wheeled contraptions through the rough and rutted dirt roads of the time. They (groups like the League of American Wheelmen and the Good Roads Society) pushed, influenced, petitioned and in some instances outright paid to have streets smoothed out so that they could have a comfortable, pleasant ride from point A to point B. They even went so far as to lobby for a national road system in the US, instead of having all roadways paid for by states and municipalities. It paved the way (ugh, lame pun) for and basically morphed into the Federal Highways Administration. This of course would later influence the creation of our current interstate highway system. The fact that we have modern roads to drive on at all is owed a gigantic debt of gratitude to 19th century cycling enthusiasts and manufacturers. Basically, bicyclists were lobbying for better roads for a good 20 or 30 years before those young whippersnappers, the automobilists (automobiles, of course themselves being an extension of bicycle manufacturing technology in many cases) began lobbying for the same thing. Oh, and many of the 19th century, road improving cyclists ideals centered on building better roads for everyone to share. tl;dr bikes made good roads first, not automobiles
  10. Also, if you for some reason decide to use the ZX steering arms, then it'll pull the wheels in an additional 3/8" per side.
  11. So blasphemous that the factory themselves experimented with painting a few cars? It was hoped that this would help increase sales, but didn't happen fast enough to be implemented before production ceased. Or perhaps you're thinking of the red DeLorean that John Karr drove? You know, the suspected JonBenet Ramsey murderer?
  12. I have a Wal-Mart here. That is all I have within a 50 mile radius.
  13. My bro-in-law spotted this one months ago in the greater Denver area.
  14. The mechanical pump on Z cars came from the factory with a phenolic spacer (orange thing) between it and the cylinder head. Still not a bad idea to pull the valve cover and make sure everything is okay with the fuel pump eccentric on the end of the camshaft.
  15. My 620 UPCs didn't work either. The checker-outer just wound up using the other Hot Wheels instead.
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