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Deerhurt's Introduction

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Ran into an awesome dude at O'Reilleys in Roseburg today with a sic olive drab Hardbody and he pointed me this way.


Figure I aught to share my rig. It is a 1986.5 SE-V6 4x4 Hardbody. Its been a good work in progress. Ive had it almost 10 years.


Only got a couple mods:


-Pacesetter Long Tube headers

-Simplified the vacuum lines

-Electric fan conversion

-Morimoto D2S HID projectors

-LEDs in tails and blinkers

-Autometer pillar gauages

-31x10.5 BFG KO2 tires on Level 8 Punch wheels



The day I got it.





How it sits today.








Previous headlight revision. Wheeling in Moab, UT. Still on 235/75/15 tires tackling Fins N Things.





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Thanks man! Its been a great little rig. Literally only had two issues, starter and fuel pressure sender, with it I didnt cause in the nearly 90K miles Ive had it. Only has 173K miles on it!


Its great in the woods. Good low end, LSD in the rear. Always fun to do driveway shenanigans too!



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Thanks guys! I really like this little truck. It does great. Super reliable and will stomp my buddies 2016 4 cyl tacoma in a strait line. He should have me dead to rights. Waiting for my other buddy to rebuild his Yota. Its is a 22RE with everything but a stroker/bore over and boost. He runs a huge cam that makes it lope with a header, ported, intake, tune and more and is at the point of needing stand alone fuel management. Even chuffs smoke when romped on. The blew a few piston rings. Massive blow by. Put down about 160HP at the wheels on 31s on the dyno. Did 89HP at the wheels when he got it.



As for my rig, want to go low boost, supercharged, with "RV" cams. Something with big lift and little to no overlap. Want low end power and mid range power. Need another DD first!

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