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The story of Lola


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After 5 long years, Lola will be getting registered and insured this Friday.

She's been through a lot, drove down to San Diego and back with everything I owned crammed in the bed after I realized my life was going no where fast. I threatened to sell her multiple times, even tried to stuff 33"s under her with little success at one point.


A lot has changed in my life over theses last 5 years. When I got her, I had nothing. I was working part time as a bouncer/security at a few bars/nightclubs in the Portland area. I had a small studio apartment, very few belongings, and almost never had money.


Fast forward to now, I am married to an amazing woman, have a stepson, just had our own born April 11th, own two houses, a boat yadda yadda yadda... things have really changed. Which is why this truck is so special to me.


it's been there this entire time. From when I was nothing to something.


Day one:





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The truck was driven down to San Diego at this point, here's a pic of it at a get together in Torrance




I lived there for a year and nothing really happened to it until I moved back in with my parents, then this happened.






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The truck sat like this for a couple years.. I had moved down to Longview for a girl, and a job and she didn't have the space for a project and I didn't really think about the truck much while it sat, I never even drove it after the fuel cell and all the suspension and bushing were replaced.


After getting married to her and buying a house with a garage, I decided it was time:





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As much to hate to admit it, I kind of forgot about the truck again at this point. This is when it got pushed out and under the carport, where I proceeded to harass her with 33" tires, taking the tires off the rally's and trading with a friend so he could take his BMW to the track. I messed so much stuff up on her, I didn't think I could have even given her away.


It wasn't until my daily driver, a 2004 Land Rover disco 2 crapped out it's oil pump when I started looking at her again as transportation. So, from then to now:









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There's still a lot left to do, bodywork, seats and interior..... but I'm happy to say she'll finally be running the streets again, planning on taking her to as many car shows as we can this summer.


I'm glad I never sold her


A big thanks to the people of Ratsun for helping me along the way, for information and inspiration.

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I have never seen that particular Duplicolor product. Will be in search of as I have some of the rubber flooring for one of my 1200's


Diggin' this thread.

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I have never seen that particular Duplicolor product. Will be in search of as I have some of the rubber flooring for one of my 1200's


Diggin' this thread.

I believe I got it at a Baxter auto parts store. So far it's holding up pretty good, I'm not sure if it's going to be temporary or if I'm going to install carpet and have some custom mats made with the Datsun logo on them. Either way I think mats are in the works, but I haven't seen any paint chips or scratches from all the tools/bolts/screws and such I've been throwing on the floor. Very much worth the $7 I paid for the can. I might end up using it on the dash when I fill in the cracks and add texture.

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