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  1. https://spectator.us/reasons-why-the-2020-presidential-election-is-deeply-puzzling/
  2. Damn Mike, these few sentences describe me perfectly except the unemployed part and I am probably a good twenty years younger than you.....I tell my wife, I don't want no friends lol
  3. Sounds like a plan, when you find something that works let us know. I have the same pump and would appreciate the info in case I run into the same problem down the road....Also, I see you only have posted a few times, could you post up some pictures of your '74 620? I'd like to see it😎
  4. I don't know dude, you are probably not going to find that and will have to improvise with some sort of o ring or something. Do you have the original seal to use to compare against or is it rotted away?
  5. Can't see your first three pictures.
  6. Just wanted to pop in to say that I measured the window on a '79 Toyota truck and also a '86 Toyota truck and they both measure exactly the same as my '74 620. I am thinking AVS part # 12123 is going to work....
  7. Fuck a mask, it is bullshit and no proof it helps. People wear masks and still get Covid. I have to wear a mask or face shield 8 hours a day in a factory because I have to. When I go to town to the grocery store or the auto parts store I have it in my hand and as soon as I walk in and see people wearing the mask under their nose or on their chin it goes in my pocket. I stay the fuck away from people anyway. Fuck Joe and his mask that does not fit his pinhead that he can't seem to stop fondling.....
  8. No, Biden will not be fine...you know better dude.
  9. AlexDeLarge

    King cab bed cover

    I read on another website that this cover works for the 620. Here is a quote from a user on the datsunmimitruckin site, "this is an Extang rail system tonneau cover off a hardbody. dimensions are perfect on the rails and the cover for a datsun bed. the only mod i did was to bend the clamps slightly to clamp on the inside of the datsun bed. u also have the option to add hinges and a couple strongarms so that the cover can lift open from the rear." I assume this is what he is referring to: https://www.autoanything.com/tonneau-covers/60A1074A0A0.aspx (sorry for the photofucket )
  10. Ok, well if you decide you want it sometime just let me know, it aint going anywhere. I had two because the first one I got had a defect on the surface that goes to the intake and I got a machinist out at my work to mill a little off to make it perfectly level, that is the one I put on my truck. In the meantime, the place I ordered it from sent me a replacement (no defect).
  11. Did mine back in May and is still holding up. I put new gaskets and spacer on mine as well.
  12. Hell yeah!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I hope that video helped out....
  13. Thanks Gene, still haven't got that tailgate on yet lol. I have it all prepped up and even meticulously masked the "Lil Hustler" graphic. I am going to get it sprayed when I get the funds...ugh.
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