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  1. Ok Mike, here ya go.....this is why the bitch was evil, other than the demonic look that sat constantly on her face, this is what she devoted her life to to.....supporting, perpetuating, and facillitating this shit...If it sits well with your spirit then I don't know what to tell you.
  2. If you have to ask, you'll never know.
  3. Evil bitch, today there is a little less "destruction" in America, but let's keep fawning and memorializing her all fuckin week.
  4. Red Dead Redemption II.....legendary fox hat...lol
  5. mic drop..... wayno, you keep nailing it in both threads man.....
  6. Fucking Bingo! My main problem with the BLM bullshit is that is was born and reborn with a lie and two fucking thug criminals.....Michael Brown and George Floyd.
  7. Five to one, babyOne in fiveNo one here gets out alive, nowYou get yours, babyI'll get mineGonna make it, babyIf we tryThe old get oldAnd the young get strongerMay take a weekAnd it may take longerThey got the gunsBut we got the numbersGonna win, yeahWe're takin' overCome on The fucktards keep taking to the streets burning, looting, threatening death to everyday people. They have guns, they have bricks, whatever.....a time is going to come where people better, by God, have their guns and show up to defend their cities and homes.
  8. This is getting back on page 3 now. Need more pictures and videos if you have any. Any interior shots?
  9. Blake had a warrant for a rape charge on a 15 year old girl.....piece of shit got what he asked for.
  10. Comply, don't ignore the cops when they have their guns drawn and just walk back to your car to grab your gun. Dumbass move by the perp is always going to end up in death. It is either the cop's life or the perp's life and the cops are trained to make sure they don't end up dead. It's a no win situation really, what would have been the reaction if the cop bashed his head with the butt of his gun while the guy was walking away, back turned, before he got to his car door?
  11. All I know is this..... Stoffgren, Trader, John510, Chopper Jim, Datzunmike, AD510nOK, Datsunguy, I don't know how old you guys are but I am 47. Seems to me, more and more lately, that most everything I was raised and taught that was right and good is increasingly seen as wrong and everything I was raised and taught that was bad and wrong is now seen as good.
  12. I agree somewhat....my beef with the repubs is that they are pussies (mainly speaking of Graham, Jordan, McConnel and the like). All words and no action. Everybody thinks the president is "all powerful"....bullshit. He can only do so much as there are far more powerful forces pulling the strings. They ALL can't fucking stand Trump because he is not one of them, a outsider. He fucked up their game, their political theater. Why do you think the dems have been pulling their shit since day one? Russian hoax, collusion, Kavanaugh, Ukraine, Covid pandemic (hmm, seems awful convenient. Is covid real? yes Is the pandemic a hoax? yes, prepping us for submission and wrecking our economy. 1918 Spanish Flu killed 675,000 Americans with a third of today's population. 1969 Hong Flu killed 1 million worldwide and 100,000 in the US.....schools did not close, the economy was not shut down. All of this fear mongering shit is driven by the media to the sheeple) now the dems are going with their new USPS mail in voting bullshit. Now we have looting and riots and black lives matter shoved down our throats thanks to the liberal media and what do the dems have to say about the destruction? Nothing. The republican pussies need to start playing hardball, because the dems are and know how to play the game.
  13. Here's the thing man, the democratic party of today DOES NOT WANT the type of democrat you are. They don't want the type of democrat Bill Clinton was. Give them enough time and they will be tearing statues of JFK down. There is no room for middle ground in the democratic party. Those days have passed brother.
  14. Hmmm........ahead of his time maybe?
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