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  1. Spotted another on The Price Is Right lol. Would love to have one like this in like new shape.
  2. Spotted this on The Price Is Right yesterday.....😎
  3. Do what Mike said to do in his last post but before you do make sure you have your plug wires hooked up correctly. Sounds to me like firing order is incorrect. Double check.
  4. Saw the only other 620 (I know of) in town yesterday. I ran into this guy about 5 years ago and talked. Had not seen the truck in a while. It's a bone stock '74 automatic he has owned since '75 with over 320,000 miles on it.
  5. https://www.bitchute.com/video/wp7Z1a5rovnA/
  6. Yeah, it needs to be seen by everyone. Funny how it gets pulled so quickly.....
  7. I've seen a few on here. Just search "chinook" in topics only and it will bring up some threads. I am thinking there had to be more than 60 made. Also, I'm not sure but I think they were available in '78 & '79 and all of the ones I have seen are originally white.
  8. Whether or not you go with a knock off or authentic Weber, read through the thread I am linking for some really helpful information regarding installation and setting up. In the thread there is a video I posted that is really informative and thorough for tuning. Also, keep the throttle cable linkage from the Hitachi to install on the Weber and save yourself a lot of headache by looking into the one piece adapter I mention in the thread. Since you have a L20 you would need a low profile air filter for the Weber. https://ratsun.net/topic/78336-carb-recommendation/ Here is a picture of the Hitachi throttle cable linkage on the Weber One piece adapter installed
  9. AlexDeLarge

    New here

    Welcome....it will run, by God!😎
  10. Original 1971 Santa Maria pressing. Mr. Mojo Risin!! 😎
  11. 1988 Columbia Club Pressing. The pressing that rules them all. Fucking destroys.....
  12. We are all starting to feel better, kids go back to school and I go back to work Monday.
  13. I tested positive on Saturday. My wife and kids have it too. I've been much sicker in my life, but no energy and occasional diarrhea sux.
  14. Small world dude. Same guy I bought my truck from.
  15. Sweet truck...I'm in Maryville, TN. Saw Pearl Jam at MTSU in 93 or 94...last time I was in your neck of the woods....
  16. 🙄🙄🙄 Just speechless at the complete display of brainwashing and dumbassery....
  17. Sweet truck....glad I asked to see pictures 😎
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