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  1. Just wanted to say that after sitting for 2 years and working on the truck since May of this year and replacing/waiting on parts, studying and asking about how to do things, the truck is now running great and ready for the road. Big shout out to my favorite member, although we don't agree politically..lol, datzenmike who answered all of my stupid questions and who is always so quick to offer advice and help anyway he can. Forum would not be the same without him. 👍
  2. Yep, that was the problem. Runs great now. I timed it again and set the idle to around 850. Pulled it out for the first time in 2 years. That shitty thing is that I still have no brake pedal after changing pads on front, wheel cylinders on the front, new springs, new hoses, new rear hose. Guess I have to try and bleed again...
  3. Youre right dude, I get ahead of myself sometimes. I am going to go home after work and switch those around and hope all goes well. Pissed off at myself for not seeing this sooner.
  4. I'm at work, so I can't verify yet. Is this diagram correct, because if it is I have my #2 and #3 hooked up backwards. I have the wires as 1,3,4,2 left to right. Is this causing my issue possibly?
  5. Ok Mike, I will try to do this later today and hope this is the problem. Does bad gas usually cause this issue? Now, I've got to get back to making these damn stators!! Lol
  6. Hey Wayno, the truck has been sitting since Sept. of '18. I started working on it May of this year. It probably had 2 gallons of gas in it all that time it sat. About June of this year I put about 4 gallons of non ethanol gas in it. Do I need to drain all that gas to verify that's not the problem? Does the tank have a drain? What should I drain it in? I'm still learning guys...lol Not giving up, I'm hearing it from my wife and kids..."youre never gonna get that truck to run"...lol
  7. Ok guys, really need some help/advice with this truck. This thing is popping/backfiring out of the carb. Starts up and runs and will intermittently backfire through carb, less when fully warm. Everytime I try to give gas it pops through the carb. Here is what I have done: New weber 32/36 installed with tall adapter, no vacuum leaks at base, I have checked and verified. Float adjusted and rechecked twice. Positive it is in spec. Fuel in bowl. Accelerator pump sprays strong stream in primary, fuel pump working at 3lbs, fuel line not kinked, fuel filter has clean gas. Primary and secondary jets cleaned. EGR blocked off with plate and sealant. New NGK plug wires, new NGK plugs, new rotor, new cap. Verified plug wires are hooked up correctly 1,3,4,2 counterclockwise. New Pertronix 1741 and Pertronix 3ohm coil installed with ballast bypassed. Prior to first start set engine to TDC and verified the mark by pulling spark plug #1 and feeling piston come up on compression stroke. Rotor was pointing at cylinder #1. Pulled distributor and verified tang was at 11:28. Got truck running and warm and popping was intermittent at idle and occurred less when fully warm. Was able to time engine at 12 degrees before TDC with light. Cannot give it any gas without loud popping through carb. I have seen this has been discussed many times when I search Ratsun. I have never checked valve lash and saw where that was the solution for one guy. I'm at a loss. Before I switched to the Pertronix I could not get the truck to start.
  8. Ok, thanks for all your help as usual 👍
  9. Ok Mike, so I leave everything as is on the + side and add the red wire from the pertronix also. Take the black wire to ballast and connect to other terminal on ballast. Then take the black wire that is on the old coil now, that goes to the points, and tuck it away? Then take the black wire from the pertronix and hook to the negative side on flamethrower. Correct? Thanks for your help.
  10. Hoping someone could help with a question I have about the install. I have the 3ohm flamethrower coil , so I can get rid of the ballast resistor. I am going to post a picture of what I have in the truck now. Whoever had the truck before me put black undercoating shit on everything so it is hard to make out color of wires. I just want to know what I need to connnect to the + side of the flamethrower along with the red wire off of the pertronix. Kind of confused as to what I need to do with what I have. Thanks
  11. I'm sorry dude, I really respect your work as I have looked through your build threads. I think you are a sharp guy, but you and I are on two different sides of the spectrum regarding politics. If it is from the Guardian or especially Southern Poverty Law Center I'm not interested.
  12. Enjoy it while you can. I don't drink or smoke and only beat my wife and children on holidays.....
  13. The loser part, I don't deny because that's what I feel like when I am forced to wear a face mask at work everyday or I see cities over run by BLM idiots in the faces of elderly people, or families, trying to enjoy a meal. Antifa looting and destroying businesses and killing people in the streets night after night and nothing is done by the Governors and democrats like Jerry Nadler deny that anything is going on. The whole thing is insanity that is driven by the radical left and the democrats. I have plenty to say when I see a statement like yours that says "Pure fascism was on display by President Trump on Tuesday night." Fascism??? Trump exalts the United States of America as a nation of and by the people, not over the people. Trump is the president of a democratic country, not a dictator in a autocratic government. The last part of fascism which concerns severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition cannot describe the radical left or the demoncrat party any better. Cancel culture, BLM, Antifa...all that shit is fascism.
  14. No. Enjoy your California shithole fuckface. 🐑
  15. Fuck wikki and every damn liberal news outlet that pops up when you google them. Herschel Walker could start a racially diverse group/militia that stood up for America and against BLM/Antifa terrorists and they would be labeled as "white supremacists" It's nothing but a leftist cry.....blaaaaaaaah white supremacy!!!
  16. You two are fucking insane libtards. The proud boys are not Trump's thugs, if anything they are Patriots. They are not white supremacists, they are a group of people, like many, who are sick of the BLM/Antifa bullshit that is burning and looting our cities. The same bunch of BLM/Antifa fuckers that would kill your dumbasses if they got a chance. White supremacy? That shit is a cop out of the left...shut that shit up.
  17. Ok Mike, here ya go.....this is why the bitch was evil, other than the demonic look that sat constantly on her face, this is what she devoted her life to to.....supporting, perpetuating, and facillitating this shit...If it sits well with your spirit then I don't know what to tell you.
  18. Evil bitch, today there is a little less "destruction" in America, but let's keep fawning and memorializing her all fuckin week.
  19. Red Dead Redemption II.....legendary fox hat...lol
  20. mic drop..... wayno, you keep nailing it in both threads man.....
  21. Fucking Bingo! My main problem with the BLM bullshit is that is was born and reborn with a lie and two fucking thug criminals.....Michael Brown and George Floyd.
  22. Five to one, babyOne in fiveNo one here gets out alive, nowYou get yours, babyI'll get mineGonna make it, babyIf we tryThe old get oldAnd the young get strongerMay take a weekAnd it may take longerThey got the gunsBut we got the numbersGonna win, yeahWe're takin' overCome on The fucktards keep taking to the streets burning, looting, threatening death to everyday people. They have guns, they have bricks, whatever.....a time is going to come where people better, by God, have their guns and show up to defend their cities and homes.
  23. This is getting back on page 3 now. Need more pictures and videos if you have any. Any interior shots?
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