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1970 DAT Pickup 1600 - 521


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Alright gentlemen,


Go easy on me .... please use Vaseline....


I am not superly mechanically inclined, however I do not fear and can figure things out pretty well.... that said:


I recently purchased a clean running 1971 521 Pickup.


1. Engine and trans are leaking - can someone please give me some direction on a good parts provider?


2. Suspension is original and drivable but completely shot - can someone please give me some direction on what parts I need and what suspension set up to go with so that I can upgrade. Do I need to completely replace the suspension with a new suspension? Or do I fix the old suspension and place new parts into it?


Thank you for all your help, I greatly appreciate it. I am not a car guy and don't know all car terms, therefore if you could dumb it down for me it would be all the better!

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Engine... power wash and take note of exactly where the oil or water is coming from... go from there. Inspect daily.


Transmission.... if at the back by the driveshaft the rear seal needs replacing about $5

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Awesome & thank you!  it does not look bad - and it does run great (:


I am more concerned with the front end suspension.  Any chance I can get a little more direction on where I can get parts list/setup directions for starting that.  I would like to move away from the original stuff.  If I get parts and some direction on as to what I am doing...I would like to do it myself, please help, thank you!

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make sure the trans is full of oil

grease the suspension up front KingPins also.

adjust the clutch fork arm


. buy a manual



read everything on olddatsuns.com the tech section



as for now keep everything stock. esp the ignition system. Learn how to adjust points. Do not buy a new coil for it unless its a stock type for that year.


take photo of the engine/truck ect.


next best it t upgrade to a electronic ignition conversion or a matchbox distributor.



as thinkgs break we can walk you thru this.

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Factory manuals here:



Depending on your fabrication abilities, you can do what you want with the front end.  I did this setup for a few people, but I wouldn't consider it cheap....and they're not going to be available for awhile.  I'm just posting it to give you some ideas.  I've also got a ton of info on this site and youtube about how to rebuild the kingpins is you stay stock.



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