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New '66 520 Owner, Alabama.


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I got pretty lucky finding this one. I posted a wanted ad on craigslist and had someone actually respond. He had it for around 4 months, but found an S10 to drool over. The previous owner also had a 720 with L20b that he wanted to offload for $800 that had some bed rust issues.


We took it on a test drive around the block, broke down, and spent an hour troubleshooting. The ground wire for the points had come loose, and his wife didn't know what a multi-function screwdriver looked like. Dark set in, and I did not feel comfortable driving back home in it.


PO brought it over last Friday. Haven't had time to do anything to it yet.













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  I'd recommend that you pick zed1's head for as much info as you can get on this little beast. 


He's done pretty much what the little orientals did at the factory half a century ago.


Build one from the ground up.


Suggestion:  Visit his threads on here.


Also visit this site:



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This thing has 60+ year old brake hoses. You know, the ones where the cotton braiding is now the outer protective layering? I figure that the hoses are going to be pre-Oct 66, so more akin to 320 hoses?

Your math is broken. Even if they were 320, still less than 60 years.

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Your math is broken. Even if they were 320, still less than 60 years.

Oops. I had confused my math as I was in the crux of calculating electric amp vs suction power while comparing all these neat hose attachments. I think I am getting a used, ancient Kirby.

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That's right. I have also discovered that buying used in that realm yields positive results. One time, I bought a new fleshlight with alleged lube only to find out he shipped the fucker with starch. Ain't no way I can lube up with a dry powder substance. Best to get things already broken in, as I tell it.

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